1 – Pierre GASLY (AlphaTauri)

2 – Carlos SAINZ (McLaren)

3 – Lance STROLL (Racing Point)



(Conducted by Jenson Button) 


Q: Lance, improbable podium raise out. Are you chuffed with that P3?   

Lance STROLL: I’m. It’s been a couple of years since I stood on a podium. It feels real to be relief. It changed into this form of crazy ride. I’m so chuffed for Pierre. He with out a doubt deserved it. He had an infinite start up and he lawful stayed consistent the whole manner all the method thru the ride. It’s moderately of a bummer as I contemplate it changed into mine to lose, starting from 2d. However I lawful had no grip within the starting up up and I had a ton of wheel toddle and all people flew by me. I had a real scrap with Carlos there within the main couple of laps. I overtook him round the outside after which he got me again into Flip 1. We possess been combating available within the market and I’m chuffed to convey up third. I contemplate the raise slipped away from us this present day but third is huge.


Q: It’s an stunning outcome. It’s this form of younger podium. The younger weapons on the rostrum is improbable to trace. How uncommon is it starting a ride again half manner thru?

LS: It’s extraordinary. You’ve got to reset. We’re no longer used to that intermission half manner thru a ride, but huge to raise out third.


Q: Carlos, what a force. You’ve been getting the maximum out of the auto for thus many races. I’m sure it’s interesting and it’s huge to salvage a P2 but you possess been so conclude. You pushed him so onerous at the head.

Carlos SAINZ: Yeah, it’s improbable. I’m half manner upset with P2 . I wouldn’t possess believed that I would possess got a raffle to battle for victory this present day, we possess been very, very conclude. The truth is, with a customary ride I contemplate I would possess got P2 within the relief of Lewis because we had with out a doubt, with out a doubt real tempo. So I contemplate it’s what we deserve. However with Pierre there in entrance is love, ‘wow, how may maybe well well that happen?’ I bet moderately of depraved success with the protection car but then we did a real job to get better it and with the red flag also. Very chuffed with P2, we’ve been tidy-rapidly all weekend and I felt love I’ll maybe well well dominate the midfield very most attention-grabbing with out grief this present day, so I’ve got to be chuffed with that.


Q: This isn’t a fortunate P2. You didn’t success in with the protection car or approach. You guys possess lawful been rapidly all weekend?

CS: I changed into faking it! No, particularly getting back from P6 to P2 after which chasing Pierre and managing to raise out three or four tenths within the relief of him at the flag, we must be happy with that, we must be happy with the tempo of the auto after which that red flag I contemplate I would possess accomplished within the relief of Lewis this present day, but it is what it is.


Q: Pierre! Pierre, I mean sensational. For your quick interval in Formula 1 you’ve been thru so unparalleled, so many emotions, highs, lows… Right here’s out of the ordinary. It must with out a doubt feel very special?

Pierre GASLY: The truth is, it’s improbable. I’m no longer realising what’s going down steady now, . It changed into this form of crazy ride. We capitalised on the red flag. The auto changed into rapidly. We had a actually most attention-grabbing rapidly car within the relief of us. As you talked about, I’ve been thru so unparalleled within the home of 18 months. My first podium final year, I changed into already love ‘wow, with AlphaTauri and now my first raise in Formula 1, in Monza, I battle to realise.


Q: The emotion for your group. In Italy, they obtained as an Italian group. You would come all the method thru what it manner to them and it ought to restful be so fine celebrating with them?

PG: I’ve got no phrases. This group possess achieved so unparalleled for me. They gave me my first opportunity in F1. They gave me my first podium and now they are giving me my first raise. It’s crazy, if truth be told, it’s lawful crazy and I’m so chuffed, I will’t thank them ample. All people from AlphaTauri, to Honda. I mean, it’s a vitality aloof note and we obtained the ride ahead of the whole Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault vehicles, so lawful an very excellent day.


Q: I’m no longer sure I’m 100 per cent licensed but I contemplate you may maybe well well presumably also very correctly be the main French winner since 1996.

PG: That’s steady. Olivier Panis changed into the final one. I’ve continuously talked about coming in F1 that’s one thing we now possess got to alternate because it’s been see you later but I by no manner expected that it may maybe well in point of fact maybe well happen to us with AlphaTauri and we lawful kept focusing on ourselves since final year, working, bettering grade by grade. It’s crazy. I’m lawful so chuffed.




Q: Pierre, this form of chuffed podium this present day. Exiguous doubt you’ve dreamt of this moment. How does the actuality evaluate to the dream?

PG: It’s very excellent. The truth is, I’m misplaced for phrases steady now. I’m restful struggling to realise what’s took issue for us. My first raise in Formula 1… Just a few months ago I got my first podium in Brazil after which this present day it’s my first raise, in Monza with AlphaTauri, which is an Italian group. It couldn’t possess been greater and we worked so onerous, day-to-day, ride after ride, after all the issues that took issue to me within the final 18 months, I’ll maybe well no longer possess hoped for an even bigger manner to salvage my first raise.


Q: And it appears to be like you with out a doubt did desire to raise in that podium. You didn’t desire to switch away?

PG: I didn’t desire to switch away, because these kinds of moments… You by no manner know how many times you’re going so that you may maybe well revel in a single and all in all these times. I desire lets possess had the whole tifosi and the whole grandstands pudgy of oldsters, because it’s presumably one in all the most easy races to be on the rostrum, steady up there. Obviously 2020 model is reasonably utterly different but on the other hand I lawful wished to take a seat down down and lift a moment for myself to wade thru the thoughts that possess been crossing my mind and lawful revel in that moment.


Q: And lawful about the ride: the timing of your pit end changed into perfect but in addition those final few laps when Carlos Sainz changed into closing in on you, how unparalleled rigidity possess been you below?

PG: After the restart I contemplate we had 28 laps to switch. I managed to pass Lance into Flip 1 and I contemplate this with out a doubt helped me for the the rest of the ride. Lewis pitted, I contemplate on lap one, after which after that I changed into on my possess. It reminded me of my Formula 2 days while you happen to can also very correctly be leading the ride and lawful focusing to your possess using, nook by nook. I pushed so onerous within the starting up up because I wished to interrupt the tow from the fellows within the relief of and I didn’t possess anyone in entrance on me so I knew I needed to present the time within the corners and the final 5 laps possess been with out a doubt onerous and my tyres possess been fully long previous. I changed into sideways in every nook and I’ll maybe well well come all the method thru Carlos slowly closing the gap and I know myself I would possess been so pissed with myself if I would possess misplaced that raise within the final few laps. I lawful gave all the issues I had and I’m so chuffed I managed to salvage my first ride raise in Formula 1.


Q: Carlos, coming to you, enticing to truly come all the method thru you on the rostrum this time, no longer like in Brazil where you purchased promoted after the ride. Pierre has already prompt us that his tyres possess been shot at the head of the ride. What stipulations possess been yours in?

CS: Well, my tyres possess been four laps older and clearly I changed into struggling also. However the tempo we had this present day changed into improbable. The truth is, the gap that I managed to open with the the rest of the midfield within the main stint and after that, managing to wade thru the whole 5 vehicles I had in entrance to stay up chasing Pierre. Undoubtedly felt with out a doubt fine and felt love I had a real shot for victory. Then when I got to 1.5s I got stuck. The tow, as we come all the method thru with these vehicles and the dirty air, begins affecting you rather a lot in traction, in braking. Mini lock-ups, oversteers and I contemplate we possess been both moderately rallying for a minute because we possess been both combating tyres. However yeah, chuffed. Overjoyed to raise out in P2. Obviously upset to no longer salvage the raise because this present day we had quite rather a lot of tempo and we felt that with out that red flag it may maybe well in point of fact maybe well possess been a utterly different narrative because I know I changed into the virtual ride leader with Hamilton’s penalty. However that red flag came, and I managed to get better my positions and made it nearly to Pierre – which would possess been fine but I contemplate he deserves it and congrats.


Q: As you convey, you possess been running P2 on merit. Are you shocked by the tempo of the McLaren this weekend?

CS: Yeah, moderately shocked, pointless to instruct – because we didn’t query to be that real. Especially what I didn’t query is for all people within the relief of us to no longer be in a position to overtake us and to open that 5-2d gap that gave me that buffer earlier than the main end, then the Security Automobile came out and I knew I had misplaced all that onerous work earned. After which I in a handy e-book a rough time realised that Lewis changed into going to salvage a penalty and I would possess been the virtual ride leader on the extra energizing tyres, and I lawful needed to wade thru the subject and salvage myself to P1 and push love mad – but the red flag came out. It changed into a rollercoaster of emotions because I changed into then lying in P6 with the same tyres as all people in entrance of me. Even on a used tyre for me from the Security Automobile, and I changed into moderately offended – and moderately upset, to instruct the least. However I managed to get better, and nearly made it. I contemplate we are in a position to also be proud because this present day I left nothing on the table in Monza. So I’m going to bed restful that I know that I didn’t jog away one single tenth available within the market.


Q: Many congratulations, correctly achieved Carlos – and heaps congratulations to you too Lance. First podium since Baku in 2017. How sweet does this with out a doubt feel?

LS: Yeah, it’s been a actually very prolonged time coming. A piece of me is a small bit bit annoyed. I had a dreadful restart after the red flag. I fell relief to P6 and had a real battle with Carlos within the main lap after the restart but misplaced out to him after which I made my manner relief to third. Yeah, I gave it all the issues I’ll maybe well well – but I’m very chuffed for Pierre and I contemplate all people drove an infinite ride on this room. It changed into an infinite ride and I’m with out a doubt chuffed to be relief on the rostrum.


Q: We’ve viewed huge tempo from you and the RP20 this weekend. Is it gorgeous to instruct there’s been moderately of a step forward in performance with the auto?

LS: Yeah, we made a wide step from Friday to Saturday. I didn’t possess the most easy day yesterday, to be steady, so I changed into bit on the backfoot coming into this present day but, y’know, this game, a wide piece of it is success and timing and staying out on the Delicate tyre for that prolonged gave us an opportunity to suit a weird space below the red flag and produce up some positions. We gave it all the issues this present day and I’m lawful with out a doubt chuffed for the group to salvage this huge outcome.




Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) Query to both Pierre and Carlos please. What possess been you pondering with regards to ways when the gap changed into coming down steady at the head. Pierre, at one stage we saw you weaving to take a look at out to interrupt the tow. Carlos, you mention sliding and both of you rallying at one level. What possess been you enthusiastic in? The build to assault and where you possess been stronger or weaker as in contrast to every other.

PG: I knew the closer Carlos changed into getting, the extra slipstream he would salvage, so I knew he began round four seconds after which at three seconds which changed into presumably the root gap for the slipstream. So he changed into going to salvage closer and closer. I attempted to push as onerous as I’ll maybe well well within the corners on the tyres, which clearly manner you can possess extra degradation but it changed into my only manner to present lap time. The final few laps I had wide, wide moments thru the Lesmos, thru Ascari, lawful making an try to give all the issues because I’ll maybe well well come all the method thru him changing into bigger and bigger in my mirrors. I knew I changed into combating traction rather a lot in Flip One. So, there changed into one issue he may maybe well well are trying changed into either DRS the main chicane or the 2d chicane but I attempted to… yeah I saw he wasn’t getting closer and closer and as soon as he got to 1.5s, with the exception of for that final lap, I managed to build the energy, lawful so that you may maybe well protect in case he would are trying something. And yeah, we kept him within the relief of but fortunate the ride wasn’t for rather a lot longer because with this Medium tyre I contemplate I didn’t possess any rubber left at the head. So, it changed into the steady time to raise out the ride.



CS: Difficult to level to all the issues that changed into occurring but I bet since the moment I started catching Pierre, my main method changed into to salvage within DRS after which brilliant that he would possess to protect and convey the battery to protect. The truth is, we’ve been very real here on the straights this weekend, we’ve been very, very rapidly all weekend on the straights and the single thing I haven’t achieved this weekend is to salvage a tow – because I know that our car would no longer work thoroughly on the tow, we are very laid low with the dirty air. So, as at this time as I got to within 1.5s I started feeling that dirty air; I started feeling the auto rather a lot extra unfastened, rather a lot extra sophisticated to salvage the lap time and the grip within the corners. So, I changed into making an try to maximise the tow, maximise all the issues I’ll maybe well well but the auto changed into starting up to battle moderately within the relief of Pierre. Then hasty within the final lap and a half I saw him start up doing the small mistakes that allowed me to salvage into the DRS after which I crossed the start up raise out four-tenths, which would possess given me a real ride into Flip One if it changed into one lap extra. However, sadly it wasn’t one lap extra and it is what it is. He did a tidy job defending and I’m no longer going to instruct anything. I know I left nothing on the table. I contemplate those four-tenths contemplate thoroughly what we both did and I contemplate it’s a real raise out to the ride.


Q: (Julien Billiotte – Auto Hebdo) Query to Pierre. Initially, many congratulations. It’s gorgeous to instruct French followers possess been no longer with out a doubt emotionally ready for a day love this. Are you aware of how wide here’s on the scene of French motorsports? And in addition, what went thru your mind at the head on the rostrum when we saw you sitting in a reflective mood?

PG: How wide it is? In my idea I know how critical it changed into for me to salvage my first ride raise in Formula 1 and within the head it’s only my third season in F1, despite the indisputable truth that I’ve been thru rather a lot within the final two years, I restful with out a doubt feel I’m reasonably unusual to this world and bettering year after year and lawful convalescing the whole time. So, I would possess by no manner expected that a year ago when I got relief to Toro Rosso. The podium changed into already unexpected and a wide, wide highlight final year. After which I wasn’t ready for that raise this present day, even while you happen to largely strive to imagine the most easy scenario, the most easy car, the most easy ride, all the issues the most easy manner. We know that it took issue only as soon as within the whole historical previous of Toro Rosso in Formula 1. Franz with out a doubt prompt me, “ we’ve achieved it within the wet, I’m with out a doubt happy with you because this present day we’ve achieved it within the dry now.” Yeah, it changed into very sophisticated but I’m lawful chuffed to demonstrate my tempo. I’ve worked on myself day after day, ride after ride since final year and lawful making an try to salvage stronger the whole time. I’m with out a doubt chuffed that this present day I salvage the reward for the whole onerous work that we’ve achieved with AlphaTauri and likewise with Honda.


And all that changed into going thru your mind on the rostrum?

PG: Yeah, exactly. I sat down and had quite rather a lot of issues crossing my mind. Initially, I thru of my household, my traffic, my brothers and all these folk who supported me and lawful kept pushing me the whole time, and likewise you lawful raise in mind all the issues you’ve been thru. I changed into lawful making an try to imagine all of these folk down from the rostrum, the whole tifosi that ought to be there. It changed into a extremely special moment. As I talked about, being a crazy lope within the final few months and it’s lawful improbable. I’m restful struggling to realise what we’ve lawful achieved.


Q: (Alan 1st earl baldwin of bewdley – Reuters) Pierre, the single guy to possess obtained a ride for your group changed into also at Monza and he changed into rapidly-tracked as a lot as Crimson Bull very most attention-grabbing rapidly. I lawful puzzled is that a switch you’d love next season, is it a real switch, and are you ready for it?

PG: I contemplate I’m ready but as I talked about, it’s decrease than me to present that call. The easiest thing I’ve achieved since they moved me relief to Toro Rosso has been lawful to model out myself and lawful demonstrate what I will produce. When I salvage the steady tools in my hand I’m with out a doubt chuffed that the performance we’ve proven – and I’m no longer only talking about Brazil but I contemplate customarily, we’ve been very most attention-grabbing real as a rule. We’ve had some with out a doubt real qualifyings, with out a doubt real races since. We’ll come all the method thru what occurs but I contemplate there possess been many, many real drivers in Toro Rosso. I’m with out a doubt chuffed to be one in all the two that possess managed to salvage a raise for this group. Obviously I bet the true results ought to restful be rewarded with something but we are in a position to come all the method thru what occurs. For the time being it’s no longer something I with out a doubt favor to contemplate about. I lawful desire to revel on this moment, because it’s my first raise in F1 and I will possess time to contemplate about this later.


Q: (Abhishek Takle – Midday) Carlos, as a future Ferrari driver, what wouldn’t it possess meant so that you can raise at Monza this present day? Not successful, no longer withstanding, what changed into it love to face on the Monza podium? I know there weren’t any followers this present day but while you happen to may maybe well well tell that, particularly as a future Ferrari driver.

CS: Well, what I’m sure is this present day, if there would possess been tifosi there, they’d possess been very most attention-grabbing chuffed and proud and that makes me serious about the future and moderately gutted that there changed into no one this present day down there, apart clearly from my group and all people concerned with Formula 1, but it makes me excited and makes me search ahead to the future and with any luck it’s my first podium in Monza, no longer my final and with any luck many will attain with Ferrari. I’m ready for it, I will be able to’t await it to happen and I lawful can’t imagine what it may maybe well in point of fact maybe well possess been with 100,000 folk. We salvage to raise out on the rostrum within the excellent ride of the season and no one is there to trace us. Optimistically we are in a position to salvage it within the waste. I contemplate all of us possess the doable to present it again so let’s come all the method thru.


Q: (Edd Straw – The Speed) Pierre, clearly the important thing changed into the timing of the main pit end but what possess been you pondering at the time that took issue, because it may maybe well in point of fact maybe well possess long previous quite rather a lot of utterly other ways and it also looked that perhaps the early timing changed into partly motivated by having to free up your teammate on the opposite side, within the relief of you, so possess been you pondering that will maybe possess with out a doubt been a depraved switch at the time, despite the indisputable truth that it turned out, the manner the ride took issue to be the making of it?

PG: Yeah, to be gorgeous, as soon as we pitted and I lawful exited the pit lane I saw security car, I came on the radio and I changed into love ‘is that a silly narrative? We lawful pitted love exactly at the worst time conceivable.’ They lawful prompt me ‘OK, the pit entry is closed’ so that’s what took issue, and within the head it turned out to be a extremely fortunate switch. There changed into no manner lets possess planned this. I contemplate this present day we’ve had a small bit star with us, a small bit angel, let’s convey, caring for us and clearly we’ve got very most attention-grabbing fortunate on that one and after clearly there changed into restful thirty laps to present which possess been very sophisticated but that changed into clearly a turning level.


Q: (Laurence Edmondson – ESPN) My query is about the red flag interval because at that level we knew that Lewis changed into going to possess to raise that penalty, so you possess been all in competition for the raise so for every of you, what changed into going thru your head in that moment, how unparalleled possess been you talking to your engineers and how did you salvage yourself within the mind-space to switch and with out a doubt ride again?

LS: Yeah, it positively threw a curveball at us. We’re no longer used to getting out of the auto halfway thru the ride. I contemplate it changed into lawful critical to re-space and salvage relief into it. It changed into an very excellent opportunity within the ride to start up from 2d, brilliant that Lewis had a ten 2d time penalty. I wasn’t with out a doubt aware of the end and jog, I lawful thought it changed into a ten 2d time (penalty). It changed into unexpected but it created quite rather a lot of enjoyment within the ride, that’s pointless to instruct.

PG: Yeah, to be gorgeous, they prompt that to me when we had the red flag and I changed into love, lawful no longer alive to on Lewis because he changed into lawful going to pit and attain relief thru the subject and lift out 20 seconds ahead of us to I changed into love let’s produce our possess ride, model out the fellows round. I contemplate for us it changed into a tricky call between the onerous tyre and the medium tyre at the time because we didn’t know if it changed into a rolling start up or a standing start up. We opted for the medium, which changed into greater for the ride start up and yeah, he boxed on lap one and to be gorgeous, I expected him to return relief thru the subject and the same with Valtteri. I thought these two guys would lawful coming flying previous us but it wasn’t the case but yeah, the group knew, it appears to be like, that it wasn’t going to be that uncomplicated for them to take care of us and yeah, it appears to be like it changed into the case.

CS: Yeah, a roller coaster of emotions with out a doubt. As you may maybe well well presumably also imagine, I changed into very, very upset with the red flag and offended and I had rage in myself and again, I changed into again interested by the depraved success and this season and all the issues and we needed to re-start up on four lap archaic medium tyres which is not very easy and I knew that the two Alfas in entrance of me had unusual softs, one in all them needed to pit, Hamilton to pit so perhaps I changed into in competition for a podium but perhaps the raise with Pierre brilliant how rapidly they’d been all weekend, I knew it changed into going to be tricky if Pierre and Lance got a real start up. So upset because I knew it changed into going to be a ride with them and in all chance I’ll maybe well well produce it to third but if truth be told, since the restart, I lawful build my head down, tried to present all the issues I’ll maybe well well to model out catching them both and had an infinite battle with Lance on lap one after which from there on, with that medium tyre that didn’t with out a doubt feel huge, I lawful pushed as onerous as I’ll maybe well well, to take a look at out and making it to Pierre and I nearly did but at the level of the red flag I changed into destructive and I changed into upset and I thought I had misplaced the chance of a raise and potentially of a podium also, which would possess been fine. However we recovered effectively and we didn’t produce it.


Q: (Andrew Benson – BBC Sport) Pierre, you’ve clearly been thru rather a lot within the final year. Can you expose us how you’ve managed to take care of real to your self-perception after your demotion relief to Toro Rosso final year after which pointless to instruct you misplaced Anthoine Hubert as correctly and how you rebuilt yourself to this issue, to salvage this raise and the method it feels to raise out this?

PG: That changed into a purely a difficult moment final year. I grew up with four brothers and I contemplate, love for my half, as a child, I needed to work thru reasonably sophisticated moments, which built me a actually most attention-grabbing real personality and I continuously needed to battle for all the issues I wished. I continuously, in some manner, managed to flip that destructive energy into something obvious and I knew final year what took issue, deep inner me, clearly I felt anxiety and I didn’t with out a doubt feel it changed into gorgeous to myself and I with out a doubt wished to present a determined level in that moment but search, I know I’m rapidly, I know what I will produce, I know I will contemplate, I’ve been combating for victories, for pole, championships in my early years, in my career and that’s what I desire in F1. I with out a doubt worked very onerous with the group and I knew that with them I had all the issues in my hands to demonstrate my doable. After, I lawful tried to model out my possess performance, no longer with out a doubt taking a requirement at the others, taking ride after ride, taking a requirement at what I will improved on my side, what I will fortify with the group, with my engineers, lawful to extract extra from myself and extra from that bundle and combination and yeah, if truth be told I will’t be happier with the group I possess within the meanwhile. They’re doing an very excellent job; they are giving me all the issues I must be aggressive every single weekend. As soon as at this time we are rapidly ample for the head eight, as soon as at this time for prime ten, as soon as at this time high twelve but at the head of the day, they if truth be told build the whole energy for my possess performance which I with out a doubt relish and I’m with out a doubt thankful for because thanks to that, this present day gave us my first ride raise in Formula 1.



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