FIA System 2: Hi there and welcome to the click conference with the stay three finishers in this present day’s FIA System 2 Plod Speed here at Monza. We are joined by flee winner Dan Ticktum for DAMS, in 2nd space is Callum Ilott for UNI-Virtuosi, and third is Christian Lundgaard for ART Huge Prix. Dan, your 2nd buy of the season, and your 2nd Plod Speed victory. You controlled that one from the front with relative ease it looked treasure. Turned into all of it in keeping with the starting up?

Dan Ticktum: Yeah, largely. The first five laps had been very tense, resulting from as rapidly as you shatter the DRS the possibilities of you a hit hotfoot up moderately quite a bit. I was moderately flat out in the precious five laps to be perfect. I was a puny nervous that I was going to glean deg on the tip of the flee resulting from of that, however it surely’s by no technique a uninteresting 2nd. After Lap 7 or 8, and I heard in that in the Sectors I was starting to edge away a puny bit, then I was ready to take a seat down again a puny bit more. , abet an peer on my temperatures and merely abet an eye on the flee in overall. I produce not know what the topic used to be as I crossed the motorway, obviously I carried out. We are going to deserve to non-public a uncover about at that after, I produce not know. I surely non-public my tips, however I’m not going to yelp anything for the time being. It form of ruined the 2nd a puny bit, I’m not going to lie. It is miles what it’s. I crossed the motorway first, so whatever happens, in my tips I acquired. There we hotfoot.

FIA System 2: I was going to yelp, ice climbing out of the scientific automobile in the P1 slot in parc fermé… Is that a new one for you?

Dan: I believed that used to be moderately honest when he parked in the P1 do. I cherished that. It used to be moderately silly. I loved the lap in that. It sounds honest! All I’m capable of yelp surely is that now we non-public had a troublesome season so far, however I finally factor in that after heaps of constant work, we’re starting to glean our head around every thing a puny bit more from notice to trace. We’re repeatedly going forward surely, so I surely deserve to thank the personnel quite a bit for that, resulting from they’ve worked their, you appreciate, behinds off, and I’ve tried to attend them as easiest I’m capable of obviously. Esteem I mentioned, I suspect treasure we’re roughly in the window now, it be a puny late in the season unfortunately, I speak going for the Championship buy is out of the window, however I’m capable of peaceable glean some stable ends in the outdated few rounds and seemingly hit the ground operating subsequent season if I am peaceable here.

FIA System 2: Smartly done this present day, thanks very mighty. Callum, appealing on to you. Relieve into the Championship lead with that result – a stable 2nd space. Live you have confidence you studied you had the tempo to danger Dan for the buy in the occasion you’ve got cleared Louis (Delétraz) a puny earlier? Or used to be that lacking a puny this present day?

Callum Ilott: I tried to administer the tempo moderately early on to Louis, however then Dan and Louis pushed moderately hard on the starting up. Then Mick used to be striking me under moderately a puny of rigidity, so I aged a puny

more of the tyres than I surely fundamental to after that stage. Potentially, if I might perhaps had been in a puny little bit of a clear topic, I per chance would non-public caught Dan a puny bit, however he had honest tempo. I am definite he used to be managing moreover, so not uncomplicated. We held off on the tip, and in the guts I did non-public honest tempo. Particularly over Louis for the time being. I was looking at for the merely 2nd, for him to maintain a puny mistake, after which I went previous. A honest flee from my side. Nearly a stable weekend, with out the day previous, however these issues occur. It is honest to be lend a hand into the lead, and we will see what we’re going to affect.

FIA System 2: That leads me on to the 2nd query. You looked in relative abet an eye on of the day previous’s flee before that pit stop danger. From that point on, are you contented with the points return you’ve got got managed to get up?

Callum: Yeah, I suggest I came out P21. I was the final automobile on the notice. I was very annoyed, to yelp the least. I glean frustrated, and I glean annoyed, however I produce not disclose anything and I merely hotfoot. I do on some honest moves, killed my tyres, had moderately a puny of fun, and merely loved the 2nd I speak! We had surely stable tempo the day previous. It used to be one more missed alternative this twelve months, however I produce not know what to yelp surely, assorted than that. It used to be a wide flee, and it be a shame. It is repeatedly spectacular, however it surely by no technique surely goes entirely my map in the tip.

FIA System 2: Smartly done this present day, lend a hand on the podium. Christian, same for you. Relieve-to-lend a hand podiums. Did you have confidence you studied 2nd space might merely be on the playing cards after that VSC?

Christian Lundgaard: Yes and no. I was hoping, however I produce not assume we surely had the tempo to surely hotfoot for it. Louis (Delétraz) had a extremely honest VSC restart, and I was a puny nervous to drop in the lend a hand of him at that point. I managed to discontinuance forward, after which used to be making an strive to assault Callum, however I didn’t seem to moderately non-public the tempo. In the tip, you wish produce P1 or P2 positively, however bearing in tips our outdated races, I am pleased to non-public lend a hand-to-lend a hand podiums. We non-public scored more points this weekend than now we non-public in the final three or four weekends, so I am moderately pleased with this weekend.

FIA System 2: You mentioned you’d made some enhancements with the auto. Live these two outcomes improve that, or affect you have confidence you studied it be a puny circuit narrate?

Christian: I peaceable assume now we non-public one thing to seek out, positively. I speak everyone does. All people desires to seek out more. Nonetheless bearing in tips the do now we had been on the final two flee weekends, we did acquire one thing which obviously worked. There is more to seek out and we’d merely not stop working. We non-public bought one more flee all all over again subsequent week, after which now we non-public bought the final three flee weekends after that. The fight is peaceable on. We non-public caught up to the leaders in the Championship, with a puny of good fortune moreover, however you need that on occasion. I speak this used to be our weekend.

FIA System 2: Smartly done this present day. Dan, returning to you. You mentioned it before about the Championship image, however there might be peaceable four rounds final. What’s the goal going to be over these eight races?

Dan: It is by no technique over. There are big points in the Feature Speed in the occasion you purchase. Two or three weekends of scoring 25 points, and it adjustments every thing moderately quite a bit. Obviously, referring lend a hand to what I mentioned earlier, I’m not giving up on the Championship, however it surely’s not seemingly that I will also be in a single in every of the stay places with the opening that I’ve bought for the time being. I am more looking in opposition to subsequent twelve months. Nothing’s confirmed, so I produce not know, however if we hit the ground operating with the rough tempo that now we non-public on the starting up of subsequent twelve months, then I could be one in every of the contenders thru the twelve months I speak. It is merely a shame that we took a puny little bit of a while to glean aged to it. It is miles a puny in me moreover. It is positively not the total personnel. There is positively lessons I’ve learned, and I’ve improved. It is your total equipment. Nonetheless there we’re. They’d been honest in Bahrain in most modern years, so it be tremendous to non-public two races there. I produce not know what’s going to occur on the oval, however I am moderately eager for that to be perfect.

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