Transcript of the post-tournament press convention organised by the FIA for the 2020 Rally Estonia.

2020 WRC  - Rally Estonia - O. Tänak/M. Järveoja (photo DPPI)



Ott Tänak (EST), Hyundai Shell Mobis World Rally Team

Martin Järveoja (EST), Hyundai Shell Mobis World Rally Team

Craig Breen (IRL), Hyundai Shell Mobis World Rally Team

Sébastien Ogier (FRA), Toyota Gazoo Racing World Rally Team

Andrea Adamo (ITA), Hyundai Shell Mobis World Rally Team

Q: Ott, it is your first bewitch of the season. It’s miles a bewitch at home for you and it is your first with Hyundai. I’m able to’t imagine the vary of emotions that you have to be feeling honest in the present day. How are you feeling?

OT: I need to notify I feel happy to be right here. It used to be in actuality very demanding. Usually Estonian roads are barely fun to power nonetheless right here for the 2nd time, it began to be very demanding. The handiest thing I’m able to notify  is that it took barely a lot of focal point to basically manage all the pieces on that velocity? And unruffled, we had barely many surprises we didn’t set a query to, so it used to be bright. The stress used to be positively there. We knew that we need to take care of the aspects from this tournament and we need to bewitch. Clearly we had been in Estonia and I need to unruffled have some roughly a bonus right here. Yet every other thing is that we had by no methodology acquired with the Hyundai earlier than. This used to be also the placement where it could perchance doubtless well unruffled have came about. Then we played out wisely, nonetheless unruffled, to originate it by with out considerations nonetheless on the an identical time strive and be the quickest, it used to be barely a mountainous job to set this collectively.

Q: It looked like a mountainous self-discipline for each person accessible this weekend. It used to be highly bright. How did it feel this time for you, even supposing, because of this of you’ve acquired right here earlier than, nonetheless as you mentioned, the stress used to be diverse then. It wasn’t a WRC tournament, the aspects weren’t alive to, how mighty diverse used to be the feeling from competing final year?

OT: The stage used to be, first of all, fully diverse. All individuals used to be pushing for his or her most efficiency. That used to be the basic thing. Otherwise, I would notify, there used to be nothing from the earlier years. Gigantic substances of the stages had been new, the conditions had been one thing we’ve by no methodology faced earlier than. So it used to be a various tournament.

Q: You had a bit bif of a 2nd on the penultimate stage today. We would notify it used to be a 2nd, perchance you wouldn’t call it a 2nd, I don’t know. I would, having a glance at it. How did you search it beforehand that Lappi had made a mistake there?

OT: For trek, I knew, yes, after which I went slower in that location and unruffled the motorway set me a bit to the perimeter of the motorway. Let’s notify all the draw by these two days, I positively had extra spectacular surprises or moments than this one. However obviously, this one used to be in TV, so let’s call it a 2nd.

Q: You paid tribute to the team on the halt of the tournament. You said you’ve spent barely a lot of time in your sofa nonetheless they had been doing barely a lot of work within the assist of the scenes. You’ve completed the hard work your self, obviously, this weekend. What cease you would possibly want to notify about the team at this point?

OT: Initially, I need to notify, the time we had after Mexico, we positively tried to make utilize of daily of it, each minute of it to originate the handiest out of it so that as soon as we come assist, we are better than we had been earlier than. This excessive profile tournament proved that if we had been missing one thing earlier than, right here positively we had been up there and performing. I was in actuality happy this weekend, the automobile used to be doing what I wished and the step forward has been spectacular within the length in-between. Now all yet again we dash to diverse rallies. Rally Estonia used to be very specific and we delivery a new self-discipline.

Q: Now not many rallies are final this year due to very particular circumstances in 2020. It’s going to be a heck of a battle for the title this year.

OT: It’s going to be a bound to the enact. Confidently all the pieces will dash per the opinion. The lifestyles accessible is unruffled barely bright, so we want to peep what’s going to happen. Anyway, when it’s our 2nd to total the job, in any case, we strive and total our handiest.

Q: Martin, it is a bewitch at home which need to feel barely particular. A monumental weekend on the return of the FIA WRC. What are your emotions honest in the present day?

MJ: A diverse roughly adrenaline than within the final six months. It used to be an correct weekend. Love Ott said, it used to be a barely bright one. It used to be correct to compete right here at home, because of this of we saw hundreds spectators. I didn’t search them on the stages nonetheless there used to be a lot on the motorway sections. There used to be barely a lot of pink meat up.

Q: Through doing your job as a co-driver, in, what’s now a reasonably diverse working atmosphere, how used to be that this weekend?

MJ: This time-card thing I mediate, in actuality might doubtless well even furthermore be the long breeze, even with out this COVID-19 utter. However overall, I mediate there used to be no mountainous difference.

Q: We’ve considered Rally Estonia within the past years and hundreds WRC drivers have come to this tournament over the years. However to peep it as a WRC tournament and your total opponents, chums coming right here to compete in your location nation, hat did that feel like? Attain it is doubtless you’ll doubtless well additionally doubtless be feeling the rally in actuality delivered this weekend?

MJ: When we had a regroup in Elva, my fatherland, it used to be a terribly particular 2nd. I was born on this metropolis and now we had been standing within the parking there with the WRC automobile in a WRC tournament. It used to be in actuality, in actuality one thing particular, I need to notify.

Q: Craig, 2nd situation, with Hyundai. Or no longer it is your first podium with the team and a basic efficiency this weekend. I did notify within the pre-tournament press convention you would be one to investigate cross-check alongside with your skills right here in Estonia, nonetheless did you imagine the halt result would be this correct?

CB: No, I didn’t. I didn’t imagine it could perchance doubtless well be so correct, to be correct. However honestly, since I did the basic runs within the calendar within the pre-tournament tests, it form of blew me away a bit bit. And I had some inkling interior that, you know, if issues had been in an correct ability and I might doubtless well even get into a rhythm rapid, after being within the R5 automobile for this form of very long time; if I might doubtless well even swap myself onto the velocity, we might doubtless well even be right here thereabout. And your total Saturday morning, it all factual perceived to roughly come collectively and yes, as the weekend progressed, we factual got gradually extra confident and extra happy with all the pieces. And to enact on the rostrum is one thing implausible – and this form of solid podium! There are seven world championships amongst all of us right here, I receive none of them nonetheless, it be a basic feeling.

Q: (laughing) I’m trek it is. How rapid-paced used to be it and how mighty of a self-discipline used to be it? I mean, we watched and we’re in apprehension of the velocity you guys can get as a lot as on these stages… However it looked like such of a self-discipline with the combine of the like a flash stuff, the narrow stuff, the extra technical – it perceived to take changing your total time, maintaining you in your toes?

CB: Yes, I in actuality need to notify that the basic passes had been, in overall talking, in actuality delectable and you would also in actuality push flat out. And the day prior to this, in specific within the morning, it used to be in actuality fantastic. And I in actuality need to notify, yes it used to be a bit bit extra tricky on the 2nd bound. Love Ott said: in some areas, there had been some barely mountainous surprises and the be concerned right here with – you know, the speeds are so excessive in some areas – you’re arriving on the nook at 180-190 kilometers per an hour. If there’s one thing there, a rock or a hole or one thing that has looked in between the 2 runs, you know, it will in actuality consume you . That aspect is a bit bit extra tricky and it makes it perchance a bit bit much less delectable because of this of it is doubtless you’ll doubtless well additionally doubtless be constantly having to computer screen for issues that are already are out of your control. However unruffled extremely delectable. Or no longer it is a privilege factual so that you can power these machines, they’re one thing barely particular.

Q: The boldness, obviously, used to be constructing stage by stage, nonetheless you came into the final day with a a variety of World Champion factual within the assist of you. Had been you feeling the stress from Mr. Ogier?

CB: He wasn’t giving me stress at all, nonetheless it absolutely used to be… this one which used to be giving me stress (pointing to Andrea Adamo). That used to be giving me extra stress. I awoke a bit bit early this morning, the terror didn’t wake me up, I was unsleeping earlier than it, and I would have, you know, let on that the stress wasn’t getting to me. However, you know, on the halt of the day, we exclusively had to carry a result on this present day and I knew it used to be very indispensable both for myself and Paul going forward that we impress and seal. We couldn’t factual tumble on the final hurdle, so there had been bright moments all the draw by the day nonetheless luckily ample, we managed to take the rhythm excessive ample. And then, on the final stage, obviously, I didn’t take care of any dangers. I would have perchance cherished to regulate it a bit bit better, no longer give him so many heart assaults, nonetheless it absolutely all worked out within the halt.

Q: Effectively, perchance it is doubtless you’ll doubtless well additionally turn the tables and set some stress on him now: when are we going to peep him subsequent? (To Andrea Adamo)

AA: Or no longer it is miles no longer that roughly issues that are striking stress on me.

Q: I’m undecided precisely.. When would you take to be assist, Craig, riding all yet again in precisely a week and a half of?

CB: The next day. Straight away. Clearly me and Paul would fancy to be assist within the automobile at any time when we are able to, nonetheless we factual need to abet and search. I mediate we have completed the handiest that we are able to cease this weekend. I mediate one thing extra than this result used to be out of our arms or unrealistic. I’m factual proud and happy… and, yes, a monumental as a result of team that has worked extremely hard all the draw by months which had been bright for all sorts of diverse reasons. They worked their butts off and it exclusively paid off!

Q: Let’s turn now to Sébastien Ogier. You’re continuing to manual the championship after this tournament. It’s an correct bowl of aspects for you. How are you feeling on the halt of Rally Estonia, Seb?

SO: Usually I’m happy nonetheless there is a bit of blended emotions. Being on the rostrum is constantly an correct thing for the championship. However although I delivery to have a bit bit of skills in rallies around the arena, it used to be unruffled my first time in Estonia and combating at this stage is constantly bright, against guys who have completed the rally earlier than. I knew combating for victory would be a difficult job this weekend and in actuality bright to realize against Ott. The goal used to be to battle for the rostrum and we are there on the rostrum. It’s unruffled very correct aspects for the championship. These blended emotions unruffled come from the truth that, doubtless the victory would had been bright to realize nonetheless to set extra stress on Ott used to be positively doubtless. And 2nd location used to be also positively in our attain. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to originate your total issues come collectively on this weekend. We had some dinky considerations the day prior to this afternoon with tyres. We didn’t play it honest right with the setup there and there. Yes, I mediate it’s unruffled correct if you come out from no longer such an correct weekend with lastly 17 aspects, so I’m having a glance forward already to the next one.

Q: Tommi Mäkinen has said that, if you tested for this tournament, perchance you tested on too sooner roads as a replacement of blending it up with perchance some slower or technical sections. He said perchance that used to be the downfall on this weekend. Would you compromise?

SO: Effectively, take a look at it prefer it is. You by no methodology bewitch the conditions you get and in any case, it’s constantly going to be diverse all the draw by the rally. We weren’t artful ample this weekend to basically search that the rally conditions right here weren’t the an identical as within the take a look at. And we need to unruffled have made some earlier changes within the setup. We realized it too uninteresting. That’s the ability it is. It unruffled occurs after many, many years within the sport. It’s no longer a mountainous drama on the halt. We are unruffled there. We vastly elevated our lead within the championship by one point (he laughs). Let’s search what’s coming within the next one. At the very least we’ve worked a lot also no longer too long within the past to bolster the automobile and I’m very confident. We’ve made some correct steps on the tough conditions, so I recognize ahead to seeing over time if it’s ample or no longer. You might doubtless well doubtless by no methodology notify nonetheless it absolutely’s going forward. Every thing is pushing hard, they’ve been making improvements to a lot in these conditions. However let’s search in two weeks if we had been in a situation to total the an identical.

Q: That one point might doubtless well even be very indispensable on the halt of the season, Seb!

SO: Every point is required. Clearly I would have cherished extra. The Energy Stage used to be the roughest stage of the weekend. I’ve completed all my profession with these conditions and no longer so often I’m in a situation to basically dash for it when It’s like this. There’s constantly a bit of a trade that you would possibly want to stay to convey the story this roughness. It’s correct to peep that the automobile used to be in a situation to be very rapid on this conditions. Kalle did a basic time. There might be about a fanciful out of this weekend.

Q: Now turning to Andrea Adamo: congratulations on the 1-2 this weekend. Ahead of we talk about the fantastic performances, can we factual talk about Thierry Neuville on the Energy Stage. We had been looking out at for to peep a payment after he’s completed such an correct job of conserving all the pieces in your total day. However it didn’t come… What precisely used to be inappropriate?

AA: What precisely, we unruffled don’t know. Let me notify any person need to gift at home.

Q: Can we have any belief at all?

AA: Yes I in actuality have.

Q: Attain you would possibly want to portion that with us?

AA: Now not this time.

Q: OK, let’s talk about the positives because it’s a monumental result for Ott, Martin, Craig and Paul, in any case. What cease you suspect about their performances on this weekend?

AA: Whatever I notify would be a bit… what can I notify? They obviously did well. I mediate that also Thierry used to be doing thoroughly and I in actuality need to notify, that in my peep it showed what correct crews we have. Abet from the basic day after I began to work within the location I in actuality have now, each journalist – I don’t know if it used to be a form of lobby or settlement – used to be asking me why Hyundai is never any longer rapid in Finland. A pair of of them had been also questioning the drivers and it used to be one thing that used to be upsetting me barely a bit because of this of I knew that they’re working hard, they’re combating hard and I knew that their restrict used to be the automobile. I mediate that the day prior to this noon, it used to be an correct thing to gift to each person who ever doubted that the drivers, the crews are very aggressive, Thierry as well because of this of he used to be rapid and it used to be factual a shrimp mistake. When they’re running with this velocity, perchance factual about a centimeters can trade your lifestyles. It’s known as motor sport on the varied hand. After all I’m happy by the efficiency of the crews and this has showed what unbelievable job my team has completed in these months. We had been collectively in Mexico, all of us know the draw rapid the resolution used to be completed to come assist assist because of this of it used to be unclear what used to be the difficulty in Europe.

We came assist in a breeze and the total unexpected I had to admire learn the approach to regulate 254 other folks coming from diverse countries with families, no longer each person being in Germany. Of us had been asking me what to total so I had to be aware of generally on the space to whine them to dash home, to regulate their issues, learn the approach to admire to take care of each person, to whine them what to total. We had to make certain the job to each person. Let me notify… March has been barely a considerable month. I factual tried to be fantastic and peaceable and tried to regulate the difficulty.

I took responsibility as in my role I in actuality need to have. Additionally deciding then after to delivery out work in so-known as home-location of work. After all all mechanics doing home-location of work is a bit tricky to gift. However we kept each person paid. I in actuality need to notify, Hyundai, thanks! I’m proud to work for Hyundai because of this of each person has been paid 100%, or being given pink meat up. With HR, that is how we managed your total ways to total it. They began to work in diverse ways. After all, it’s a new ability to work. They’ve completed a basic job, honestly. Then we made up our minds to dash ahead. We took responsibility; that is my role to take care of. After all, one search info from of came from Korea, if it is in actuality wanted and wanted to utilize money to dash ahead, nonetheless I constantly notify: yes, no be concerned at all. Catch fantastic that all the pieces is taking place. The replacement of sleepless nights are identified handiest by my pillow. However that’s fragment of the job. To peep all of my other folks down there waving the flag has been emotional for me.

Q: I’m trek it has. Properly set, Andrea. Thanks, search you in Turkey and optimistically search you quickly, Craig!

AA: I mediate it’s extra indispensable to peep him subsequent year than in Turkey!


L’Equipe, Jérôme Bourret (FRA), to Sébastien Ogier:

Q: The Yaris has by no methodology been so dominant neither in Turkey nor in Sardegna. Is it a anguish for you?

SO: If reality be told, these are no longer the roughly issues that originate me anguish anymore. At this point in my profession you would need a lot to basically anguish about one thing, to be correct. However honestly I’m in actuality happy with the take a look at we’ve completed final week in Greece. I mediate our engineers also worn this smash with some correct job, and came on the take a look at with very correct solutions. We might doubtless well even verify it within the take a look at. It’s already thrilling to peep that the issues are going forward. After all, opening the motorway in Greece will be bright all over all yet again. However on this rally, barely a lot of issues can happen. Bustle will be indispensable, being artful… mighty extra.



Mads Østberg (NOR), PH Sport

Q: Mads, you and Martin, you had been both right here on the pre-tournament FIA Press Conference. Now it is doubtless you’ll doubtless well additionally doubtless be right here on the halt. Rally Estonia, completed and dusted, and total the bewitch in FIA WRC2 for you, Mads, how are you feeling on the halt of the weekend?

MO: Yes, it feels very correct to be on the halt now, to be correct. The day prior to this it felt like a fleshy rally in its receive, when we had been on the final stage. I couldn’t even endure in solutions the basic stage of the day, so it used to be a protracted day the day prior to this, nonetheless today as well, to be correct, used to be a bit bit longer than we are worn to for a Sunday. However I’m so cheerful to be on the halt with out any valid mountainous considerations. We had a puncture on the basic day which used to be obviously a mountainous time loss for us, round half of a minute, nonetheless diverse than that, some shrimp considerations. However we had been in a situation to regulate it at some stage within the weekend and stayed in actuality focused, in any case, on our championship, which is having a glance in actuality correct now. So, yes, I mediate we have loved to be right here. I mediate the largest stress used to be coming by cellular phone from France nonetheless the team right here in Estonia, we have had an correct time.

Q: Effectively, it undoubtedly looked as within the occasion you did out on the stages, plus you said, it used to be a in actuality long day the day prior to this, nonetheless an correct day brooding about we had been out of WRC action for six months. We wanted all of that, I mediate. Throughout the matter the rally gave to you, Mads, I know you’ve been right here twice earlier than, you’ve acquired it outright twice earlier than. Diversified from assist then, extra of a self-discipline now?

MO: Yes, obviously, I mean, it be positively a rally where skills in actuality counts, mighty extra than any diverse rally within the arena, I mediate, because of this of right here there’s so many “perchance” issues on this tournament, is this jump flat or this crest flat and this nook this and that. And some narrow sections, about a of them are getting in actuality rotten and rapid and others aren’t, so I would fancy the tournament to be an identical to 2012, nonetheless it absolutely wasn’t. However it used to be unruffled a in actuality fantastic tournament, nonetheless I mediate all of my earlier skills from this rally didn’t abet me at all. I endure in solutions one jump from assist then and that’s the reason all. So, to be correct, we had to learn and glance all the pieces all yet again and obviously, it used to be a bit bit diverse than we expected. I mediate our testing used to be completed on fully diverse ground and we did not have the skills to remember that it could perchance doubtless well be like this, so some mistakes used to be completed obviously nonetheless overall I mediate we need to unruffled be happy, we made changes by the tournament to adapt to the bright conditions. I mediate we did largely correct picks by the rally.

Q: There is been vogue work taking place on the automobile, and you talked within the pre-tournament press convention, in bright times that we’re dwelling in now, vogue is unruffled ongoing, it’s pretty diverse perchance than it worn to be. Are you feeling that the automobile is making improvements to in fantastic areas?

MO: Yes, obviously, we have made steps and I mediate factual having a glance assist two weeks to the ERC tournament, we weren’t as rapid as we had been on this rally. So, obviously, we have made steps already and all of us know that we have new steps coming with the automobile and sadly they don’t appear like ready for this weekend and they doubtless acquired’t be for the next couple of rallies both. However obviously, it’s fantastic to remember that we are already barely on the tempo where we are desirous to be. And we unruffled have some mountainous issues coming for the automobile, so that’s constantly fantastic.



Oliver Solberg (SWE)

Q: Winner of FIA WRC3, winner outright at school of Rally2 autos, into the WRC aspects as well, what a weekend you’ve had right here in Estonia, Oliver. We saw you compete right here final year with monumental success and you’ve got onto to even better now this time. How are you feeling?

OS: It’s implausible! It has been factual a basic weekend. Every thing has been very correct. The day prior to this after carrier cease, it used to be long loops and it used to be bright for the automobile, I had punctures on the an identical stage twice. I didn’t like that stage at all nonetheless it absolutely used to be delectable anyway. I misplaced some time nonetheless that’s how it is and fortuitously, I took time on the varied stages so that you can take the lead. It used to be implausible. The roads are unbelievable. I in actuality cherished the twisty sections, it used to be one thing new when put next with what we are generally worn to. It’s fantastic to have one thing new your total time. It used to be very tough nonetheless unruffled barely delectable if you would possibly want to set up the automobile. It used to be bright nonetheless I like when it’s bright, so it has been a in actuality correct weekend.

Q: We did search a basic tempo from you. Had been you exclusively in your restrict in all areas or did you assist off today if you knew you had a bigger hole?

OS: After all you have to be artful and it’s puncture risk and in actuality tough, you have to be orderly where you would possibly want to push or no longer. However if you power against a driver like Mads, it’s constantly pushing in all areas and your total time. He has so mighty skills of driving and he knows where to push and no longer. It’s bright, especially the day prior to this when it used to be barely cease within the starting, it’s hard to understand if he’s going to push flat out or no longer. Or no longer it is a need to to constantly read the times a bit early and it’s like, ah, he’s been pushing or oh, he’s no longer been pushing! It’s barely droll!

MO: I didn’t know you set up so mighty energy into that, because of this of for me it’s factual driving!

OS: He’s pushing in all areas. It’s correct. You largely need to unruffled be in your high game. It used to be a bright weekend managing because of this of I constantly fancy to push flat out your total time. However this time, I wished to be orderly and assist off where I wished to. It worked out and it’s a edifying skills for me.

Q: Right here we have considered this very like a flash upward trajectory from you in phrases of  efficiency. You’re attaining so mighty success straight. Usually it takes drivers about a years to get that success that you’ve already had in your profession so early on. Oliver, I in actuality need to request you, where are you seeing your self subsequent year already?

OS: It’s hard to notify. I in actuality have handiest acquired one rally to date. I unruffled need to work a lot. Every rally is so diverse and I’ve to get skills from each rally. In Mexico, I retired already within the basic stage with a broken sump. That’s what I like, I’m constantly finding out one thing new daily. It’s all about the skills. Next year, I’m no longer in actuality trek what is going to happen, I’ll power doubtless R5 all yet again and factual learn as mighty as doubtless all yet again each breeze. Now I in actuality have the tempo-notes from Mexico. Continually coming to new areas your total time after which I’ll have skills for the next year. Then you definately’ve a new space of tempo-notes and you know a bit bit extra what you’re doing. It’s all about the skills and gaining velocity your total time.



Martins Sesks (LVA)

Q: Martin, the Junior WRC winner in Estonia. How are you feeling on the halt of the tournament because of this of we’ve considered some monumental battles in JWRC this weekend?

MS: This weekend used to be barely a basic job for each person. The stages had been in actuality, in actuality tough, and likewise the fellows in R5 (Rally2) said it used to be tough, so I imagine how it is with the front-wheel power autos. You wanted to be very tactical your total time to peep where you would possibly want to power sooner and where you would possibly want to set up your automobile and originate it to the enact. Loads of rapid guys overpushed in some areas on the basic day, so that they retired straight. Afterwards I was seeing that it’s now time to play the tactical game.

Q: We saw if you had been right here on Thursday for the pre-tournament FIA Press Conference, the opponents between you and the Estonian driver Ken Torn. We had been desirous to peep how you would against each diverse this weekend. You mentioned tactical driving, artful driving accessible. However when at your efficiency in phrases of the tempo that you delivered, are you happy with that?

MS: After all, I’m in actuality happy. We started on the protected facet the day prior to this after which began to originate the velocity. Ken started flat out starting from the basic stage. He used to be in actuality rapid, I would notify he used to be even sooner. It used to be also the rally of skills. He has it right here and he in actuality knew where to jump and where no longer to jump, and where it could perchance doubtless well be tough, and where no longer.

Q: Have to be very edifying, even supposing, to take care of the general bewitch within the Junior class, yes?

MS: After all, the basic time is the basic time. It’s in actuality a basic feeling now!

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