I reformatted it to receive paragraphs. Did it 50% for being priceless, 50% because i needed to read it with out traces beginning to flicker and dropping the region… Too many traces and likewise you originate to receive lost and an increasing number of brain strength is old to appropriate to retain your eyes following the impartial a part of textual train. Paragraphs give mental breaks and provides nice packets of records that you would possibly maybe well be ready to retailer and course of in the end of these mini breaks. It’s a long way in most cases a impartial region to come to a decision a breather, sip coffee and then follow it with the studying. Too lengthy paragraphs will utilize the reader quick, too fast will splinter it and likewise you lose coherency.

… Also Seb, I receive on essentially effectively with Seb and he has been a impartial encourage for me after my GP2 title

(– Tom asks how Seb helped him after GP2)

So I appropriate went to seem for him after GP2, needless to narrate, it become as soon as graceful complicated you appreciate for me honorable GP2 championship and not getting the likelihood straight in F1 and being in a impartial region at irascible time and appropriate went to seem for him and what you judge my ache and how attain you attain these issues and what extra or less recommendation he would give me we sat down collectively in Mexico after the drivers briefing and he become as soon as appropriate mountainous friendly and mountainous nice from himself to express his ride in Red Bull, what he thinks and what I must tranquil attain and the recommendation that an world champion would possibly presumably give to a youthful driver.

(–Tom asks if he suggested him to head to Gargantuan Formula)

Yeah, he urged me that for him it become as soon as a mountainous likelihood to head in a foreign nation and to retain pushing and to direct them (Red Bull) that you don’t quit because they retain checking out you, because Red Bull is a program the attach they retain checking out you on a typical foundation to seem for how stable you are mentally

(–Tom asks are they like that even in F1 now in the direction of him)

Yeah, they continuously are, inch less in F1 nonetheless they continuously extra or less take a look at you and Helmut(Marko) is like this and it develop of his game and so if you receive it, you appreciate how tackle with these issues nonetheless that is rather how they’re with their drivers nonetheless in actual fact it become as soon as mountainous to take up with him and even now with the region I’m in and going to be (soon entertaining to Red Bull), I spoke with Seb rather and for me he’s essentially on the pause of the day he’s one among my idol if this sounds recurring nonetheless become as soon as any individual I looked as a lot as in karting it’s mountainous to be in F1 with him now and we’re going to fight subsequent yr nonetheless he’s essentially any individual that I appreciate loads, that is spectacular as an particular person, he’s essentially glorious and essentially humble as effectively and essentially loved to take up with this extra or less man and continuously be taught from the skilled …

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