(Motorsport-Total.com) – AlphaTauri team boss Franz Tost was happy for a few minutes last Sunday about Pierre Gasly’s sensational victory in Monza. Then the Austrian thought straight back to work. When asked whether a big birthday celebration is coming up, he replies at ‘Sky’ : “Not much will happen there. They should see that they pack up . “

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According to Franz Tost, cheers were only allowed for a short time on Sunday zoom Download

“Mugello is coming up. Nothing else happens. The [Mechaniker] will now shout a little and celebrate a little, but otherwise – Work is hip for the next weekend! “, Says Tost in his well-known Art work. Still, he can’t help smiling when asked how Crimson Bull boss Dietrich Mateschitz reacted to the win.

“He was very happy for AlphaTauri , because we [am Samstag] had a big tournament in Milan. There the new winter fashion from AlphaTauri was presented. It all fits perfectly into the picture now. Optimal timing, “he grins. From a marketing perspective, the moreover race was a complete success for Crimson Bull and AlphaTauri. And the victory also had an emotional aspect.

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For Pierre Gasly it was his first Formula 1 success. And that about a year after his close friend and Formula 2 driver Anthoine Hubert had a fatal accident in Spa. “This fatal accident last year in Formula 2 was very tough on him. It was a very close friend of his,” reveals Tost, who was at his driver’s side at the time.

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“I then said to him: ‘Pierre, motorsport is a wonderful sport, but it also has its downsides. Unfortunately, that was a battle. But you have to get over it look the other way and you have to concentrate on the job, you can’t let yourself be distracted. ‘ He did that very well and then also showed a good performance in Spa, “he remembers.

By the way, it is not known whether Gasly and Co. will Not having celebrated victory in Monza properly. Then possibly without the knowledge of the team boss …

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