Fine meme however factually unfriendly.

2004, Schumacher champion

2005, Schumacher P3

2006, Schumacher P2

2007, Kimi champion

2008, Kimi P3, Masa P2

2009, some truth to this year with a P6 from Kimi and Masa easiest finishing half the season. Main to Kimi leaving.

2010, Alonso P2 (Up from P9 and P5 the years prior)

2011, Alonso P4

2012, Alonso P2

2013, Alonso P2

2014, the year of the Fiat. P6 for Alonso and a transfer to McLaren.

2015, Seb P3 (Up from P5 the year prior)

2016, Seb P4

2017, Seb P2

2018, Seb P2

2019, Seb P5 & Charles P4.

Coming into into 2020 used to be the first time in twenty years a driver had a contaminated season at Ferrari and stuck it out for a extra year. In twenty years of complete dominance by Crimson Bull and Mercades these are not contaminated outcomes for the Ferrari drivers and almost always beating the number 2 driver at Merc/RBR. Now if we want to head looking out at McLaren and look what they make with earlier world champions… Button… Alonso…

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