I issue like persons are making the most uncharitable be taught of Checo’s model. Rather sure he’s no longer saying he in no design suspected he might maybe perchance perchance be changed by Vettel, contrivance on, we all did. He is saying there became as soon as no dialog with him no longer too lengthy ago concerning this yelp, which made him issue he might maybe perchance perchance basically be stable, until he became as soon as all correct now informed it became as soon as already a done deal and he became as soon as long previous. His frustration appears to be like understandable to me.

Additionally, no, you put no longer need to negotiate with Checo’s attorneys an already signed clause that enables your exit. You would moral trigger it. That is the total level of them…

What RP did is amazingly traditional in F1 and I manufacture no longer issue it be in particular dirty, nonetheless to make tell of it towards Perez is entirely too worthy. Of us are clearly taking part in favorites here.

Edit: Proper, literal nonsense being talked in this thread about contract clauses. Drivers were gash unilaterally since forever, from one day to the next, no negotiations fervent as lengthy as you’ve got a clause that enables it. The identical goes for commence clauses in soccer (Messi notwithstanding), etc. The final level of them is to catch away from negotiations. You fulfill the stipulations/compensation? Long gone.

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