(Motorsport-Total.com) – McLaren has the first free practice at the Grand Prix of Tuscany ( Formula 1 2020 in the stay ticker! ) an experimental nose for the MCL 35 tried in Mercedes style. Carlos Sainz’s bolide was equipped with the experimental part for a Brief Trot.

McLaren MCL35, Nase

The new McLaren nose delivered good values ​​in the wind tunnel zoom Download

Its assemblage resembles the style introduced by Mercedes with a narrow main structure and only very small suspensions.

The changes to the nose have forced McLaren to a new crash test. Until 30. September the staff must have decided in which direction to go. Then central parts of the vehicles are frozen.

Photos: Big Prix of Tuscany

According to McLaren team boss Andreas Seidl, the new nose in the wind tunnel has delivered promising results. Now it has to be shown whether these results are also true on the route.

Do the values ​​from the Wind tunnel?

“We just want to collect some data, because according to the wind tunnel we have a really good direction struck, “he says. “But we only want to have that confirmed on the track. Then we can decide whether that is something we will want to build on the car in the further course of the season.”

Still the nose not ready for a full racing weekend. But Seidl says that the green light could still be given before the end of the European season, should it prove itself.

Photo series: Formula 1 technology: detailed photos at the Tuscany Big Prix 2020 in Mugello

“Today was a purely experimental test to collect some data, which we can then use compare the numbers from the wind tunnel before we make the final decision. If that’s positive, we can hopefully bring them into the next two or three races. Hopefully the progress is big enough that it becomes the new extra special. ”

McLaren is running an aggressive development program this year and has already experimented with the new underbody for the Formula 1 season 2021 performed. While large parts of the chassis will be frozen next year, the teams can still bring aerodynamic updates.

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