(Motorsport-Total.com) – The thought sounds plausible: With an unlimited budget in the Formula 1 season 2020 produce many parts in stock to start from 2021 to save costs under the then new upper budget limit. This would also be possible in the coming year by using the current vehicles. But the World Automobile Federation (FIA) doesn’t want to make it that easy for the teams.

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The world association intervenes and wants to forbid the Formula 1 teams from “hamstering” zoom Get

On the Friday evening before the Tuscany Huge Prix in Mugello, the FIA ​​informed the teams in writing that such “hamstering” would not be tolerated. Appropriate measures will be taken.

That is why McLaren boss Zak Brown believes: “The world association has that under control. There will be rules that restrict you [jetzt] a lot of money for 2021 and 2021 For 2022. “

Make maximum use of the rules

He did not know whether a group from the Formula 1 paddock had already started with such storage. “But of course you will use the maximum possible”, says Brown.

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“The FIA ​​is looking at this closely . So I don’t think anyone is doing anything outside of the rules. “

If only not because the teams differ in relation to the Formula 1 season 2021 and are in constant dialogue with the FIA ​​and the racing series, says Brown.

Constant dialogue between teams and rule makers

He explains: “We ask a lot of questions. So you don’t work in silence, but ask: Are we allowed to do this? Is that allowed? That’s how the matter came on the table last night.”

“I haven’t read the entire document so far. It wasn’t a technical directive, but rather a comment on the subject. In the direction of: ‘Don’t get lost because there might still be changes.'”

Speaking of which s: The current Formula 1 cars will not be used entirely unchanged next year. Numerous adjustments have already been decided , but there are still a lot of identical parts. Only 2021 will follow completely new vehicles with the new Formula 1 regulations.

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