1 – Lewis HAMILTON (Mercedes)

2 – Valtteri BOTTAS (Mercedes)

3 – Max VERSTAPPEN (Crimson Bull)


(Conducted by Jenson Button) 

Q: Max, we belief you’re going to be tough the Mercedes in qualifying. Q1 and Q2 regarded if truth be told factual but it factual fell away there in Q3?

Max VERSTAPPEN: Yeah, I in my belief underneath no circumstances anticipated to if truth be told fight them in qualifying but I comprise overall so a long way this weekend it has been if truth be told promising and I comprise we bounced help effectively from Monza where it became as soon as refined. So on the quit to be third here in qualifying, we could presumably furthermore be very chuffed with that.

Q: While you stand here, you basically feel the wind and that’s factual stood here in the pit lane but at the same time as you’re up in the hills at the same time as you are going thru Turns 3 and 4 and out the help attain you basically feel the wind?

MV: Yeah, to be true, I comprise it picked up reasonably of bit in Q3, because my first bustle became as soon as no longer unbelievable but then the second bustle I comprise laptime-wise it became as soon as reasonably of bit better but I comprise the notice became as soon as no longer the identical thanks to the wind. But it is what it is. It’s if truth be told refined anyway these vehicles with the wind. However the notice is unbelievable to power. In qualifying it became as soon as if truth be told something special.

Q: Congratulations Lewis, you continuously seem with the arrangement to, as each person knows, pull it out when need be. That became as soon as very impressive.

Lewis HAMILTON: Thanks. It’s been a terribly, if truth be told refined weekend if I am if truth be told true. Before the total lot, this notice is extraordinary. Dangle you ever pushed it?

Q: Yes, 2005, a long, long time ago.

LH: Oh jeez, that is also a long, long time.

Q: Thanks.

LH: It’s a terribly tough circuit and as you saw Valtteri became as soon as faster than me all day the day gone by and even this morning, and even in Q1. I’ve been working so onerous in the background to if truth be told strive to bolster on my strains, enhance on my set-up and with the engineers we did this form of massive job. The mechanics as continuously did an implausible job. I finally got the lap I wished. On the quit there I comprise the wind picked up so I wasn’t ready to pass any faster but nonetheless it became as soon as a job performed.

Q: It must feel extraordinary when it is crucial to push your self that onerous, or Valtteri is pushing you that onerous, and on this form of special circuit?

LH: It’s crazy. I don’t know if other folks are seeing, I’m sure they are on TV, but you’re going thru Turns 6, 7, 8, 9 at delight in 170-180 mph, and the G-power we’re pulling thru there is factual insane. It factual gets an increasing selection of as you get thru 8 and then thru 9. Ten and 1 and a pair of were the areas I wished to bolster and I managed to select it up when I got into qualifying. Valtteri did a massive job in pushing me but I’m chuffed to be here.

Q: Valtteri, you’ve been real from FP1 shapely worthy the total draw thru to Q3. Attain you believe you studied that yellow flag hampered you in that final bustle?

Valtteri BOTTAS: Undoubtedly. Undoubtedly. I composed had more, more time in there. I became as soon as factual looking ahead to the time to get it all correct. Bustle one became as soon as OK but no longer ideal and I became as soon as factual having a be taught about forward to it but I factual didn’t get the different. For sure it’s disappointing for the reason that bustle has been factual all weekend.

Q: We’ve viewed. Tomorrow, each person is thinking here goes to be a procession this fling. I attain disagree with that. Looking on the junior formula there could be very masses of overtaking into turn one. Attain you believe you studied this could presumably that you’re going to also comprise of the next day and you’re going to truly indulge in a simply fling with Lewis?

VB: Undoubtedly, coming into the weekend we even though it became as soon as going to be almost about no longer doable but what we skilled in the notice session, basically the notice is so wide and there are this form of ramification of diversified strains you’re going to also absorb the corners so you’re going to also steer obvious of the [inaudible] in the corner, so per chance. I if truth be told hope so. There’s a long bustle into Turn 1 and I am hoping the headwind stays for the fling delivery because that could presumably be a fine profit.


Q: Lewis, many congratulations, what a qualifying session. It’s been so shut between you and Valtteri this weekend. How onerous became as soon because it to beat him on the present time?

LH: It’s continuously extremely onerous to beat Valtteri and he’s consistently enhancing and pushing to the restrict. Straight from the get-scuttle this weekend Valtteri has had the upper hand. It became as soon as refined before the total lot to know where we stood, it regarded delight in the Crimson Bulls, Max, became as soon as nearer to us than per chance the final fling and yeah, Valtteri became as soon as faster all day the day gone by, faster this morning, faster into Q1. It became as soon as delight in nothing I did, I became as soon as making all these adjustments, I changed loads in the set-up and all as soon as more factual if truth be told studying the kerbs and attempting to be certain I improved in the total areas I became as soon as feeble. And I went out in Q1 and I composed wasn’t rapid ample. But I delight in that instruct and I if truth be told expertise the warfare with Valtteri. When I got to Q2 I got reasonably a factual lap and my Q3, bustle one, became as soon as a decent lap. I comprise there became as soon as composed reasonably of little bit of time left on the table so I hoped to get that for the final one. But I comprise the wind picked up. I will also if truth be told feel it reasonably of bit more gusty down the straight up into Turn 1 and the automotive became as soon as sliding spherical worthy more on that lap. So I stopped up being reasonably down. But nonetheless I if truth be told, if truth be told loved qualifying on the present time, this notice is unbelievable. Max became as soon as announcing we ought to arrangement here all as soon as more. Plus, we’re in Tuscany, it’s a tremendous spot to be.

Q: And having a be taught about ahead to the fling the next day, attain you believe you studied we will belief overtaking, what number of pit stops that form of thing?

LH: I truthfully don’t know. I’m no longer reasonably sure: hopefully a couple of. And in terms of following, it’s a medium-, high-bustle circuit, it’s no longer going to be easy to appear at, severely thru that heart sector. But per chance tyre temps, notice temp could presumably mean there’s more degradation per chance. The corners are very long and you’re going to also pick a couple of strains, which I delight in. Adore thru Turn 12 you’re going to also pick a special line thru there. You would possibly want to presumably pick a special line thru the final corner and even the predominant corner. So I’m hopeful that which suggests reasonably of little bit of racing.

Q: Valtteri, approaching to you. You have to indulge in fancied your potentialities of pole role on the present time?

VB: Sorry I don’t realize you?

Q: Did you believe you studied you were going to get pole role on the present time? You were having a be taught about so factual, so confident coming into the session?

VB: Yeah, for sure. It’s been a factual delivery to the weekend and factual notice sessions, including on the present time and after notice three I became as soon as composed having a be taught about on the total things that wanted to be improved for qualifying. Every little thing became as soon as going fine and light, Q1, Q2. The Q3 first lap wasn’t reasonably factual ample so I also felt there’s indubitably time composed to be realized. I became as soon as confident of myself doing it, but obviously there became as soon as no chance with the double yellows in the second bustle. Within the quit I ought to indulge in factual performed a bigger job in the predominant bustle. Lewis managed to earn the crawl ands his first bustle became as soon as better than mine and that’s it.

Q: But you crawl in Friday became as soon as factual. Are you confident going into the fling the next day?

VB: I am, yeah. The long runs were factual so it’s composed all to play for. For sure it might perhaps perhaps presumably be nicer to begin from pole but it’s one among the longest runs of this season into Turn 1 and if the headwind stays the towing goes to be reasonably powerful into Turn 1, so strive to turn my suggestions into the fling.

Q: Max, factual to belief Crimson Bull help up there all as soon as more this weekend. Correct how competitive became as soon as the automotive? How refined became as soon because it to dial it into this fling notice?

MV: Fortuitously from the initiating I comprise the automotive became as soon as in a factual window. Evening and day contrast in comparison with Monza, but obviously at Monza downforce levels and the total lot is terribly diversified. So I felt very chuffed in the automotive. It became as soon as all about involving-tuning things and, obviously, attempting to attain things better – but overall it’s been a truly obvious weekend so a long way. We were reasonably shut to them now, in qualifying so yeah, could presumably furthermore be chuffed with that. Q3, I anticipated reasonably of bit more from Q3 but my first bustle wasn’t, let’s disclose, the most attention-grabbing lap of my existence. It wasn’t infamous – but it wasn’t the most attention-grabbing. And then yeah, I wished to push reasonably more in the second bustle. Even after I became as soon as shut to Lewis, so bit more in a tow but, delight in Lewis acknowledged, I comprise the wind picked up, so yeah, I comprise the notice became as soon as factual reasonably slower. I composed managed to bolster reasonably of bit, so it intended, I comprise, there became as soon as composed reasonably of bit more in it – but no longer four-tenths, I comprise it became as soon as, or no matter. Anyway, I didn’t save a query to to beat them in qualifying but I’m chuffed that we’re help in third in qualifying and basically yeah, no longer too a long way away.

Q: Didn’t save a query to to beat them in qualifying but attain you save a query to to be nearer in the fling?

MV: Successfully, for as soon as we indulge in reasonably decent prime bustle now this year, so I comprise that’s reasonably factual spherical here – but it won’t be easy to scuttle but as a minimum the notice, the outdated few corners, they are reasonably wide and long so you’re going to also attain a couple of diversified strains – but it’s all going to depend, anyway, first of all on at the same time as you’re going to also indulge in the crawl to appear at, and second of all, obviously tyre degradation.


Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) Request to all three drivers. Daniel Ricciardo spoke of being out of breath after one among his laps in qualifying. I became as soon as factual wondering, did you’re going to truly indulge in a identical expertise going spherical. How became as soon because it bodily for you obtainable on the present time?

MV: I don’t know, per chance he’s been dancing reasonably too worthy. Or something. Honestly, I anticipated it to be worse before I came here, factual utilizing-wise. It has been involving. It’s factual very gorgeous to power here. It’s very flowing. OK, the g-forces are high but in Silverstone, for instance, they’re high as effectively. I factual if truth be told expertise sitting in the automotive, having those lickety-split, long corners. Anyway, in qualifying, at the same time as you’re on the restrict, pushing, you’re continuously respiratory reasonably heavier, I say than in a popular lap – but nothing crazy, to be true.

LH: We’re continuously requested these questions and eventually we’re all athletes. So educate and we’re mature to the must haves that we’re confronted with – but on the quit of the day it’s extremely physical, I comprise, this notice, being that it’s medium and high-bustle. It’s tough at all, bodily, severely thru that lickety-split allotment – but delight in Max says, it’s delight in Silverstone and folks others. You’re indubitably no longer ending the lap with a low coronary heart-rate. I indubitably comprise that I’m respiratory heavier, for sure, severely on the quit of the lap, because there’s so worthy focal level. There’s no room for error, you’re totally tensed: all of your physique is totally traumatic the total lap. You’re totally engaged in every muscle throughout the lap, and it’s bumpier than ever, and it’s understandable.

VB: For sure one among the most physical tracks – but as these two, I delight in it here. That’s how it wishes to be. I delight in reasonably of hysteria! It’s continuously factual fun but yeah, in the quit, on the qualifying lap, it became as soon as so focussed that you don’t if truth be told feel any nervousness. You absolutely ogle after the lap that you’ve performed something.

LH: They must pick away the majority of the steering help. I comprise we need heavier steering.

MV: Perchance they can amplify the weight restrict reasonably – that could presumably be fine for the drivers. Otherwise I’d need some points.

Q: (Scott Mitchell – The Speed) Lewis, you were reasonably true after notice the day gone by, announcing this became as soon as a severe notice that you hadn’t reasonably mastered but and you had reasonably of homework to attain. So how gratifying is it to arrangement out on the present time and keep the job that you’ve performed in qualifying. Is it more gratifying that a routine qualifying session? And how intense is that strategy of attempting to grasp a novel circuit delight in this?

LH: Customarily, I are inclined to comprise in my past, I felt that one among my strengths became as soon as studying a circuit reasonably snappily, and for this one, we went on the simulator, which I underneath no circumstances attain, and don’t feel delight in I’ve benefitted severely, but then getting here there became as soon as masses of labor that… the stress became as soon as extremely high. Because, as I acknowledged, y’know, I’m going obtainable and doing laps and struggling to get to the restrict, earn the restrict in obvious sectors and Valtteri became as soon as miles ahead in a couple of of those areas. So, obviously the stress became as soon as higher than ever – because if I hadn’t performed the work then I wouldn’t had got the quit consequence that we got on the quit. So, there’s an implausible quantity of ingredient that it is crucial to pass into. Final evening, dissecting every single corner typically, and sector and if truth be told attempting to involving-tune that set-up. And, as a racing driver, there’s an exact involving line between shining whether or no longer you’ve got understeer or oversteer and whether or no longer you’re on the restrict or no longer in obvious areas – because you’re going to also furthermore be on the restrict thru one corner but no longer thru the comfort of the corners, for instance. Or it ought to also furthermore be the predominant one and no longer the second one and then the third one you are. So if truth be told working out whether or no longer you’ve got the balance correct, interior your self, and then shining what to ask of for at the same time as you attain pass against the restrict, what that you must. Since it is crucial to pre-empt what the automotive goes to attain. It’s an exact science to it. That’s why I even indulge in so worthy admire for all these drivers because it’s no longer most attention-grabbing the flexibility to power but to procure those things and to be engineers on the quit of the day. We now must work with these geniuses that could presumably balance numbers delight in no one else – but we ought to be ready to attain that on the notice.

Q: (Christian Menath – Motorsportmagazin.com) Two questions: first one for all three, became as soon as reasonably hideous that no one opted for the medium tyre, so why did you scuttle along with the cushy? Became as soon as the delta lap time too fine? And second save a query to for Max: looks akin to you were shapely lickety-split in the final sector; does it originate you worthy more confident that you’re going to also indulge in an overtaking chance at the same time as you’re going to also help up a correspondence in the final sector?

VB: Clearly the softer tyre is continuously reasonably a profit on the fling delivery and it is a long bustle into turn one. That’s continuously one cause and obviously we continuously be taught about ahead for the fling strategy with the tyre desire and we comprise we’re on the most attention-grabbing tyre for our automotive and it regarded delight in the total other groups opted for the identical selection.

LH: I wished to spend the medium tyre but there is a loss on the initiating. I don’t know if they attain that prognosis for the viewers but obviously we indulge in a truly long bustle uphill to turn one and at the same time as in the predominant stint a medium tyre would per chance be better in terms of crawl and length, you lose meters factual from the compound up into turn one so we didn’t are in search of to select that threat.

MV: Adore Lewis and Valtteri acknowledged, on the initiating, obviously, it’s no longer ideal but infrequently in the outdated races I didn’t mind taking that threat, factual attempting also something diversified, but this time I became as soon as very chuffed on the softs so there became as soon as no cause to pass on the medium.

Q: And the second allotment of that save a query to: crawl in the final sector?

MV: Yeah, all weekend we indulge in been shapely factual there. It’s typically most attention-grabbing two corners so 12 and 15, I comprise, so the automotive became as soon as no longer too infamous and then the straights in between, we bustle reasonably much less drift in comparison with any other vehicles, I comprise, and it provides me reasonably of an profit. We managed to stabilise the automotive spherical it so yeah, I factual hope that I will notice them in the different sectors, that goes to be the predominant, with the arrangement to overtake, but let’s belief the next day.

Q: (Abhishek Takle – Noon) Lewis, why became as soon because it to tough for you to get into the groove spherical this circuit? And Max and Valtteri, did you peer it equally tough to become familiar with this notice?

LH: I’m no longer if truth be told sure. I don’t if truth be told indulge in a massive acknowledge for that, to be true. I came here with the identical psychological draw. As I acknowledged, I willing… the notice, to attain extra work in the sense of doing the simulator. I comprise that the predominant couple of laps in notice one regarded factual and then they factual pulled away in terms of how worthy enchancment each person became as soon as making. For me, a couple of of it became as soon as balance – I became as soon as if truth be told combating the balance of the automotive so on the quit of the day it’s self assurance here because it is crucial to if truth be told must carry masses of bustle into these corners. Naturally it’s a high bustle circuit, so no longer desirous to avoid losing a foot execrable and at the same time as you’re depressed with the balance of the rear of the automotive then you factual pull help and then you’re factual too late on the apex and exit of these kinds of corners so I comprise it became as soon as that but I comprise on the quit I got, as I acknowledged, masses of labor went into… did masses of labor with the engineers to get the set-up where I wished it and I became as soon as if truth be told chuffed… all as soon as more, going into qualifying, I made a quite fine commerce and it labored out if truth be told effectively so that’s our precise energy, the work that we attain in the help of the scenes and consistently attempting to conform that.

Q: Valtteri, how worthy of an profit were those laps you presumably did here help in 2012?

VB: Successfully, that became as soon as in the wet so I don’t comprise they truthfully made a massive contrast and it’s reasonably some time ago. But I if truth be told expertise the total strategy of studying a novel notice, form of, for the reason that vehicles are so diversified and factual finding, minute by minute, the bounds and the itsy-bitsy secrets and tactics of the notice. I’ve continuously liked that. There’s no fine points but even supposing it regarded correct on the quit I became as soon as on the crawl but there became as soon as continuously fine chunks where I will also indulge in performed better and basically the rate of enchancment from notice to the second and third and qualifying became as soon as shapely fine.

MV: So I’ve been here a couple of weeks ago. For sure it became as soon as no longer a Contrivance 1 automotive but it does come up with, I comprise, a bigger belief than utilizing on the simulator. OK, I grew up utilizing on a simulator but I composed earn it a arrangement better to be here in an exact live automotive, it provides you more of a belief of what strains it is crucial to select, because on the quit of the day it doesn’t matter what automotive you’re utilizing, you’re riding at more or much less the identical. So I comprise that helped me reasonably, to begin but no longer most attention-grabbing that, also to determine the automotive thanks to course after I arrangement here, I’m no longer factual cruising spherical, I’m also working on the set-up and attempting to originate that automotive lickety-split as effectively, so it gave me a belief of solutions to begin with the drift stage and roll stiffness of the automotive and stuff delight in this, so as soon as we started, I comprise the automotive became as soon as already in a truly factual window, I knew the notice from a couple of weeks ago in desire to a couple of years ago – I comprise that continuously helps because for instance, going to Imola, I’ve been there delight in a couple of years ago, the total lot, delight in kerbs, they’ve changed over the years so this could presumably also be reasonably more refined than let’s disclose what took place here and so that indubitably helped to factual kick delivery the predominant notice.

Q: (Phil Duncan – PA) Lewis, you’ve spoken about the high speeds at which you pick all these corners, attain you believe you studied fatigue is also a ingredient in the next day’s fling?

LH: Physical fatigue? I am hoping no longer, that’s what we educate to steer obvious of. I’d disclose eight and 9 are reasonably of bit delight in Turkey, the double left-hander, per chance no longer as intense in terms of the rate. I comprise it ought to even be faster thru those… I will’t take note. This is the strongest facet for most of the drivers so I comprise so.

Q: (Andrew Benson – BBC Sport) Max, I comprise here is the closest margin you’ve been to pole all year. Attain you’re going to also indulge in an clarification as to why Crimson Bull’s quite more competitive and keep you’re going to also indulge in any feeling what that could presumably mean for the fling?

MV: From our facet, I will disclose that we did a truly factual job establishing the automotive for this weekend, in comparison with any other weekends where we indulge in been reasonably extra away where I became as soon as no longer totally chuffed with the automotive so yeah, I comprise we if truth be told more or much less maximised so a long way what we could presumably attain this weekend. We started straightaway with a obvious balance in the automotive, I comprise the ideal drift stage for our automotive so I say that explains reasonably. Perchance the notice characteristic as effectively reasonably of bit – we appear to be reasonably better on higher downforce tracks with the automotive, so yeah, I comprise that could presumably indicate four or no matter tenths it is.


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