(Motorsport-Full.com) – Will Formula 1 races get better if the field starts in reverse order, with a fallen starting grid? This question was re-discussed after the turbulent Italian Extensive Prix with surprise winner Pierre Gasly in the AlphaTauri . Has Mercedes sports director Toto Wolff changed his mind about such a format since then?

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After the Italian Extensive Prix, “Reverse Grid” is being discussed again zoom Download

When asked, Wolff said jokingly in Mugello: “I have a better idea! I would make an inverted starting grid, in alphabetical order of the team names. And then we would renaming united states to AMG. “

Without a wink, Wolff added that he was sticking to his previous position . He does not consider a fallen starting grid to be a suitable format in Formula 1. “And I don’t think we should play around with the format,” he says.

It is better not to change historical formats

Reason: Man do not want to offend the fans by changing historically grown and understandable structures. Because in Formula 1, the fastest from qualifying has always started the race from the pole instructor.

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“We shouldn’t do anything”, says Wolff. “Not because I’m only thinking of Mercedes, on the contrary. I like variability and unpredictability. And there will again be races that are difficult, like Monza. Nobody wants to see a winner who comes from a fallen grid.”

Formula 1 would do its best not to artificially fabricate extraordinary results “just because we believe that the pecking order should be different”, Wolff continues.

Formula 1 as a “performance society”

His point of view is and remains: “Formula 1 is a performance society, a sport in which the best man wins in the best car. That is not the [Wrestling-Plattform] WWE, where the result is is completely coincidental. “

” If we want coincidence, then we have to make a conceal out of it. But the DNA of Formula 1 is: It’s a sport, and only then an entertainment platform It’s not a conceal, it’s not a reality conceal, and it’s not a tremendous Brother. And I don’t think we should develop united states there either. “

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