Saw a pair of charts on right here comparing Schumacher’s and Hamilton’s wins, that got me wondering about their pick share.

MSC had his top after his 2004 Hungarian GP pick, his 82nd pick in 208 races (39.423%). After this he won one other 9 instances in 40 races nonetheless on the replace hand his pick share saved declining. His 2nd stint at Mercedes absolutely did no suitable as his pick share fell from 36.400% to 29.545%.

HAM is on the moment at his top, after a hit the Tuscany GP he has 90 wins in 259 races (34.749%). He is only 0.386% in the succor of MSC on the the same level in his profession. If HAM wins the next GP in Russia he’ll be level with MCS each at 91 wins in 260 races (35.000%).

For HAM to surpass MSC in the shortest time conceivable he would must pick the next 20 GP’s striking him at 110 wins in 279 races (39.427%).

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