(Motorsport-Full.com) – On November 1st, Imola will take place for the first time since 2006 a Formula 1 race takes place. For many drivers, the track in Italy is new, so every little advantage could make all the difference. Pierre Gasly and Daniil Kwjat could have such an advantage, because both are already in the context of a film day on 24. June 2020 drove a few laps on the course.

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The two AlphaTauri drivers were in Imola in the 2018 he -Cars on the road, but not driven at the limit. Nevertheless, the time on the track could ultimately be a small advantage for the duo that the structure and the key points on the approximately five-kilometer circuit have already been memorized. In addition, the first data was also collected, which was evaluated by the engineers.

“I’m not sure, but yes, we could have a small advantage because we will only have one free practice “says Kvyat. The condensed layout for Imola only provides for a one and a half hour training session on the Saturday before qualifying. The drivers and teams hardly have any moreover opportunities to improve the cars over the course of the weekend.

“If it were a normal weekend, I wouldn’t speak of an advantage because it was just a movie day “, Kvjat continues. “It wasn’t a test day at the limit. We may know the structure and timing on the track a little better and we have more data available. But that’s not a lot. It’s difficult to assess that. For a Formula 1 driver 1.5 hours of practicing are actually enough to learn a route. “

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Ferrari tested for filming earlier in the year in Mugello and completed the first meters on the course that was later added to the calendar of the premier class. Charles Leclerc told Gasly that Ferrari therefore had important information ready in the first practicing, according to the French.

Gasly is therefore sure that the film day in Imola could make the difference. He says: “I think we didn’t expect an advantage, and in the end it is intestine that we have it now. We collected some data and spoke to Charles. For Ferrari it was probably an advantage to come here before [Mugello] come, just for the first practicing. I think it will be moreover for united states of america. “

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