Here’s what the winning crews from the four classes talked about after the 88th version of the 24 Hours of Le Mans.


Sebastien Buemi – no8 Toyota Gazoo Racing Toyota TS050 Hybrid

“I’m feeling vast after winning Le Mans for the third time.  My teammates beget executed an superb job.  We truly tried to prepare ourselves effectively in the final three weeks, spending rather about a time in Cologne riding the simulator to compare out and receive some small tricks as we’ve been here with this automobile for loads of years.  To get better is by no technique very easy, so we pushed no longer easy and I’m very delighted with them.

“As soon as extra it shows that the if truth be told handy fortune can flip here in Le Mans because when we began the bustle, I had the sensation that every little thing changed into as soon as against us – late zone, puncture, problem with the brakes.  Then all of a surprising issues began to accelerate effectively and we found ourselves leading the bustle and winning by five laps.  You by no technique know unless the bustle is over.”

Brendon Hartley – no8 Toyota Gazoo Racing Toyota TS050 Hybrid

“As Seb talked about, I’m delighted with my teammates and the whole crew around us. It’s been a steep studying curve for me coming into this programme, changing Fernando [Alonso] and these two guys beget truly helped me stand up to speed with this very complex and lickety-split bustle automobile.

“This day, other than about a little issues in the beginning when issues didn’t accelerate our technique, we did a if truth be told handy bustle.  There are an superb community of engineers at the lend a hand of the scenes attempting to help get across the brake problem, giving us setting changes to compare out and get the steadiness proper and every little thing changed into as soon as executed truly effectively.  

“This hasn’t truly sunk in yet; the emotion is no longer rather such as sooner than with out the followers.  The message to the followers is that we pass over you and to boot you are an ideal section of the bustle for us as effectively.  We hope to gape you lend a hand here subsequent 365 days.”

Kazuki Nakajima – no8 Toyota Gazoo Racing Toyota TS050 Hybrid

“It’s special to be in the automobile for the final victory at Le Mans and its three times in a row, so it’s an awfully special ingredient.  As my teammates outlined, the bustle changed into as soon as truly up and down. In actuality, extra down then I up I will beget to clean dispute!  I take into account everyone did a terribly vast job, the whole crew, including the automobile 7 guys.  

“In a map, we had a little extra if truth be told handy fortune that the loads of automobile.  This time since the bustle changed into as soon as very long for us, as soon because the automobile 7 had concerns we had to do sure we received for Toyota.  It changed into as soon as rather sophisticated in the conclude, but I’m truly tickled to be section of this crew and having a gape forward to the future.”


Harry Tincknell – no97 Aston Martin Racing Vantage

“Le Mans is the if truth be told handy bustle on this planet for a factual reason!  Clearly, it is a disgrace we don’t beget the whole followers with us this 365 days but a minimal of shall we clean put the spectacle on.  I’m very thankful to beget this opportunity with Aston Martin Racing to piece the automobile with these two legends.  All week we’ve been very assured and in the bustle the automobile didn’t pass over a beat.  The crew did a vivid job and I appropriate can’t judge that we did it.”

Alex Lynn – no97 Aston Martin Racing Vantage

“How enact I bring collectively? To be proper this feels superb.  It’s no longer easy to construct into phrases.  I if truth be told were section of this crew for the reason that beginning of this recent Vantage and I’ve been riding alongside Maxime and here is our third anniversary, so here’s a varied occasion for us.  

“Harry is also an awfully factual buddy of mine as a map to be ready to retract this bustle with this crew is vast, I’ve by no technique had loads fun in this week, we’ve been laughing, having fun and, obviously, working extremely no longer easy.  It appropriate shows there changed into as soon as an accurate chemistry to retract this bustle at the present time.  The automobile changed into as soon as superb, and I’m extremely proud to retract Le Mans for Aston Martin.”

Maxime Martin – no97 Aston Martin Racing Vantage

“The sensation to face on the head step of the podium at Le Mans is qualified, notably after that extra or much less fight for presumably 22-hours the build we were separated by five seconds with the Ferrari, it’s appropriate superb to retract Le Mans.  It’s something special, it’s the ideal bustle on this planet.”


Phil Hanson – no22 United Autosports Oreca 07-Gibson

“What a technique to retract at the conclude.  I believed we had thrown it away because we didn’t know if the JOTA changed into as soon as going to discontinue or no longer, so it changed into as soon as a anxious final ten minutes and that made the bustle for me.  It’s no longer as interesting if you’re coasting dwelling, it’s better if you’re pushing treasure enraged to bring it dwelling in P1. So, it changed into as soon as a terribly interesting technique to conclude the bustle.”

Filipe Albuquerque – no22 United Autosports Oreca 07-Gibson

“This changed into as soon as my seventh Le Mans, I’ve been here rather a while and while now we were going for the retract, but something repeatedly took location. This day, in this bustle, many stable autos, who had the speed to purchase the retract, fell by the wayside.  Le Mans is ready consistency, making no mistakes and pulling every little thing collectively. 

“Even leading by one or two minutes something can occur, it is repeatedly a gamble with the safety autos.  We were so tickled for the final safety automobile when Phil changed into as soon as on Security Car A and they were on the B.  Within the conclude for the final 10 minutes it clean wasn’t granted the retract, even with 50 seconds ahead. We had to pit for the fuel and we didn’t know if they had to come lend a hand in.  I treasure the quote – ‘It’s no longer you that chooses Le Mans, it’s Le Mans that chooses you’. 

“I changed into as soon as wondering when it changed into as soon as going to be my day in Le Mans and I truly wished to retract this one for obvious.”

Paul Di Resta – no22 United Autosports Oreca 07-Gibson

To retract four WEC races in a row is out of the ordinary, notably when one of them is Le Mans, and outlandish. I take into account we understood that if we came here and did an awfully factual job we’d been in a factual location to retract this bustle but it is a ways the icing on the cake to purchase the Hyperpole as effectively on this superb track and purchase the lap tale as effectively.

“It’s no longer been the same expertise with out the followers, an awfully varied environment, but it’s been a vast bustle, the whole technique to the conclude.  LMP2 has been the toughest class to retract, on the sting of your seat the whole technique to the conclude and now we can revel in it this evening with the crew.  They’re the actual warriors, they put in the effort, working all evening, drowsing in the motorhome and they’ve been servicing the automobile. An real job by them and they don’t get sufficient credit ranking for what’s due!”


Salih Yoluc – no90 TF Sport Aston Martin Vantage

“We’ve had some aesthetic horrendous if truth be told handy fortune coming here over the past four years and this match we were decided to the if truth be told handy fortune the other map up.  A form of no longer easy work went into the preparation of aesthetic much every little thing. I’m very tickled to be here as section of the crew and to be the first Turkish winner at Le Mans.”

Charlie Eastwood – no90 TF Sport Aston Martin Vantage

“It’s superb to retract Le Mans. Here is my third time here and the final few years we’ve been neutral a little unhappy, and I take into account if you bustle at Le Mans you wish the paddle but also some if truth be told handy fortune and we had each.  It changed into as soon as a vast bustle, but the final two and a half of hours changed into as soon as potentially the longest of my lifestyles appropriate ready for the flag to drop.

“It’s miles this type of procedure for nearly every driver on this planet, notably a GT driver, to retract at Le Mans. It’s so, so special to face up on that podium.”

Johnny Adam – no90 TF Sport Aston Martin Vantage

“This changed into as soon as rather varied to the retract in 2017 but here’s a vast end result as Salih talked about.  The crew beget executed this type of vast job sooner than this weekend making ready the automobile, pitstop apply etc. Puny aspects treasure which beget undoubtedly come into play this weekend.  We’ve had a little of suited fortune come our technique, but we also need the paddle, and we had the paddle from the beginning.  It’s a vast feeling to face on that podium yet as soon as more but to face there with these guys is further special.  This has build of abode us up effectively in the WEC championship but to retract Le Mans is an ideal feeling.”

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