Nach nur rund zwei Stunden waren die 5.000 Tickets der ersten Verkaufsstufe vergriffen. Weitere Tribünen für den
After only The 5th was around two hours. 02 0 tickets of the first sales stage sold out. More grandstands for the “Diagram 1 Aramco Großer Preis der Eifel” will go on sale next Friday – Photo: Diagram 1

The followers can hardly wait for Formula 1 to return to the Nürburgring. Twenty minutes before the start of sales, which is for Tuesday, 12 clock was announced, the website of the Nürburgring had been paralyzed by the gigantic rush. The racetrack had to use social media to guide users directly to the ticket page. Then it went very fast: After only about two hours all 5 were. 00 0 tickets of the first sales stage out of stock.

The next stage is waiting for next Friday, 25. September. If the infection rate remains stable, the next 5 will go in consultation with the authorities. 00 0 tickets on three other grandstands on sale. These are only available online, personalized and seat-specific at www.nuerburgring.de/formel1. Followers experience the entire weekend from 199 Euro.


“At the fan announcement on Monday, we already felt the great interest based on the number of hits on our website. We immediately increased server capacities with our service provider as far as possible, ”says Nürburgring Managing Director Mirco Markfort. “Even so, we were literally overrun. This is of course good news for united states of america and Formula 1, but it also shows that we have to make some improvements in terms of providers at this point. ”In order to provide those interested in Worth with an infrastructure that is more stable for this rush in the next sales stage offer, the capacities will be further increased.

In the next step the grandstands T4 (category 1 / 360 €), T 12 a (Category 2 / 299 €) and T6 (Category 3 / 199 €) go on sale. Further information on the exact start of sales on Friday will follow.

More tickets are available from Friday, 27. September, from 199 Euro under nuerburgring.de/formel1

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