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BWT Mücke Motorsport experienced highs and lows in the ADAC Formula 4 last weekend. At the Hockenheimring Baden-Württemberg, Joshua Dürksen first clinched his second win of the season before losing many places in the second race in a promising scheme. In the race on Sunday he made a conciliatory result with a fifth place. The two novices Josef Knopp and Erick Zuniga collected further points for the overall ranking.

Dürksen started the third event of the championship on Friday with promising results. After the best times in the two free practice sessions, he secured the pole scheme for the first run. One designate later, the young driver from Paraguay led the race with ease. Even an attempt by the runner-up to overtake him, which triggered a collision, did not disturb him. Despite the bent track, the 15 – year old his second win of the season.


In the second race on Saturday afternoon, Dürksen from Scheme started eight. With a dream start, he made up two places in the first few meters. In the course of the first laps he fought his way up to fourth place with determined overtaking maneuvers before he lost a lot of time in the second half of the race due to deteriorating tires. On Sunday he had a set of fresh tires available and used them with another good launch. Starting in twelfth place, he finished fifth after a few laps. In the final phase, Dürksen collided with a competitor while attempting to overtake.

Josef Knopp, who is contesting his first season in ADAC Formula 4 this year, again showed consistent performances. After nine championship races, the Czech is one of only two drivers who scored points in the rookie classification in every championship run. On the traditional route in Baden-Württemberg he continued his constructive performance development fortress. By place 14 in the first race he overtook a number of opponents with a successful start in the second race and took tenth scheme. After that he was involved in a collision through no fault of his own, which ruined his strong intermediate sprint. He came as 15. at the finish, used to be at the same time his starting position for the third race on Sunday morning battle. Once again, he managed to make some remarkable overtaking maneuvers. He finished the race in tenth place. With that he again fought for points in the overall ranking at the third event of the year.

BWT Mücke Motorsport fielded three vehicles in ADAC Formula 4 for the first time this year. Erick Zuniga joined Dürksen and Knopp. The Mexican will contest the remaining race weekends of the championship. He made a strong debut. The first race he finished in ninth place, which he secured points for the championship standings on his debut. In the frenzy of racing on worn tires, he also undercut his qualifying time. In the second race, the newcomer showed a strong comeback. From place 17 started, he fought his way up to twelfth place. He finished the championship run on Sunday on place 13. The result was due to the fact that he was traveling with used tires.

The racing team from Berlin has little time to breathe. The next race of the “Highspeedschule des ADAC” will take place next weekend as part of the traditional 24 – Hour race on the Nürburgring on the program. Most recently, the race track in the Eifel was fertile ground for BWT Mücke Motorsport. In August Dürksen celebrated his first victory in the ADAC Formula 4 there. With the races at the Hockenheimring, he shortened his deficit in the championship and is currently behind 46 points in sixth place.

Roland Rehfeld (Team Manager): “Joshua Dürksen’s first race was very, very good. Despite an accident in which his car was damaged, he won the race with confidence. In the second race he used the same tires again. This strategy has not paid off. In the third race he lumbered just behind fourth when he misjudged an attempt to overtake. It would certainly have gone a little further. Joshua has apologized to everyone involved. It’s incredibly mature and it takes size. We are also satisfied with the development of the two novices. We set small goals that we achieve. Erick Zuniga has improved by seven tenths of a second from one qualifying session to the next and thus managed to catch up with the field. In the first race, Erick even undercut the qualifying time. He stayed out of the fray. That was rewarded with ninth place, used to be a really good success for him battle. Josef Knopp has shown again that he is a good racer and has a good feeling for the traffic. He has to get a little calmer. Unfortunately, Josef lost a good position in the second race due to an accident through no fault of his own. We are all motivated and are looking forward to the race at the Nürburgring in the usa. We did well there recently. On paper, Erick has a greater lack of experience there. However, next weekend we will be driving a different route variant that many drivers are not yet familiar with. ”

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