Buttons clockwise on left hand

  • Yellow “DRS”: Glide Reduction System

  • Purple “+10”: Driver Defaults — quantity entry +10

  • Gentle Blue “N”: Honest

  • Blue “OT”: Overtake, absolute most engine strength

  • Purple “X”: ??? Assassinate / back out of menus?

  • Sunless “BB-“: Brake stability regulate down

Gorgeous hand counter-clockwise

  • Orange “PC”: Pit inform, signals the auto is coming into the pits

  • Purple “+1+: Driver Defaults — quantity entry +1

  • Yellow “PL”: Pit Lane walk limiter, limits the max walk to 60 or 80 km/h reckoning on the track

  • Sunless “MARK”: Sends a signal to the pits, ragged to designate telemetry graphs to listen to what’s taking place on a definite corner, etc.

  • White “TALK”: Radio push-to-direct button

  • Sunless “BB+”: Brake stability regulate up

Rotary switches clockwise on left hand

  • Purple “ENTRY”: Differential entry switch

  • Orange “BMIG”: Brake migration

  • Grey “MID”: ??

Rotary switches anti-clockwise on factual hand

  • Blue “HI-SPEED”: Differential entry switch

  • Orange “BBAL”: Brake stability

  • Green “EB”: ??

Bottom Knobs:

Lots of strength unit tuning and walk technique settings. Striking the engine and strength unit into the mode that’s appropriate for the likelihood. Turn up the boost, flip up vitality restoration,

  • Yellow “STRAT”: Straggle technique / engine mode

  • Purple misc, diverse settings alongside side snatch chunk accumulate mode,

  • Aqua “HPP”: ???

Encourage of the wheel:

  • Upshift spin

  • Downshift spin

  • Snatch spin

Based entirely mostly largely on Evan Short’s description here:


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