What are all of your ideas on a hypothetical four-session qualifying?

So other folks contain continually talked in regards to the difficulty of the fastest Q2 lap tyre being veteran for Q3 contenders, and the plan in which that puts at a downside the finest of the midfielders who create successfully. So I assumed, what if there were four lessons, where 5 drivers would be eradicated in each, developing a Q4 with 5 drivers fighting for pole (with fastest Q3 lap tyre to be veteran for the shuffle).

This could well relieve the faster midfield drivers, and as an different of 5 – 6 of them getting caught out with the Q2 tyre, most efficient 1 and even 2 would, meaning more midfielders would contain a shot at fighting the frontrunners to start with, as these in sixth or seventh on the grid would be on free different tyres, and be nearer to the frontrunners. And naturally it formulation that Pirelli would contain to invent no decrease than yet yet every other tyre effect.

Personally I’d powerful rather take a look at this format than the horrifying qualifying-shuffle/reverse-grid/whatever it’s shuffle format. So what are all of your ideas and doable worries in regards to the premise? (And honest take into account, or now not it’s most efficient a hypothetical)

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