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So Bottas on his cooldown lap is rapid of Lewis’ 31.3 pole time and responds to his engineer with an “I plan no longer gain it”. I wonder what Bottas’ most modern mindset is esteem, because he used to be outqualified no longer easiest by Lewis again, but this time by Max (Through partial fault of his have by giving Max a tow). I rewatched his fats qualy lap and utterly different than a slight lockup in the important sector, it looked trim.

I’m weird and wonderful how continuously being #2 to Lewis is affecting Bottas on a week by week foundation. I have been a critic of his for a while now, and mediate that although he is an improbable and fixed driver, he does not have what it takes to beat Lewis (So controversial, I do know).

From the commentary Bottas makes it sounds esteem he is extracting the total lot he can gain out of the auto, but there’s clearly one thing left that Lewis finds week after week. If that you just’re giving it your all and unexcited come up brief, what does that plan to his morale on no longer easiest qualy day, but wander day as successfully? I plan no longer have any doubt that he thinks he can beat Lewis, and works extraordinarily no longer easy to be on high, but in any appreciate times falls brief. We saw it final wander when he dominated all sessions but then misplaced out in no longer easiest qualy, but in the wander, no longer once, but three times thanks to restarts.

I’m no longer a huge fan of looking too deep into radio messages since it easiest reveals an extraordinarily very minute image of what’s of direction going on, but I belief it used to be of interest thanks to the tone and habitual response. Anybody else earn it attention-grabbing?

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