1 – Lewis HAMILTON (Mercedes)

2 – Max VERSTAPPEN (Crimson Bull Racing)

3 – Valtteri BOTTAS (Mercedes)


(Performed by Stoffel Vandoorne) 

Q: Valtteri, it used to be taking a peek so correct after Q2, what came about in Q3? Recount us about qualifying?

Valtteri BOTTAS: Yeah, it’s been taking a peek pretty correct all weekend, you know. I felt the tempo being essentially correct and moreover Q1 and Q2 used to be fine and aloof nonetheless Q3, to be exact I don’t know. I discovered some beneficial properties nonetheless obviously my opponents found some more. I mediate right here is pretty aloof with the tyres, getting them exact. The main in Q3 my tyres had been too cool. 2d bustle, I don’t know, I exact couldn’t glide any faster. Some inquire marks nonetheless I mediate in truth it’s a reasonably correct field to begin third right here and I mediate I’m on the exact tyre as effectively.

Q: Exactly. Starting from third, it’s a long scheme as a lot as Turn 1. What discontinue you seen regarding the speed day after at present?

VB: Yeah, I be aware as soon as I started third right here and I know what came about then, so for particular I could strive to discontinue the linked and I essentially mediate I could rep a bonus with the medium tyre within the major stint, so mild all to play for.

Q: Max congratulations, P2 on the grid. What an unbelievable restoration from the day gone by?

Max VERSTAPPEN: Yeah, we had been struggling quite to rep the exact steadiness with the vehicle on this observe, it’s slightly slippery spherical right here. Even this morning I was no longer fully tickled and through qualifying we had been essentially engaged on attempting to nail the steadiness and within the Q3, the last bustle especially, it used to be no longer faulty. So that you will most likely be 2d on the grid, I didn’t ask, so very, more than proud of that.

Q: And it’s a correct negate for day after at present as effectively. 2d is no longer a faulty negate right here as with the draft to Turn 1 possibly there is an opportunity?

MV: Yeah, fully. If we are in a position to rep a correct begin then the tow discontinue is amazingly mammoth around right here so if I’m in a position to rep a correct draft who’s aware of what will occur into Turn 2. It’s going to be attention-grabbing anyway with the tyres as effectively day after at present.

Q: Lewis, congratulations, what an very edifying force. I mean, involving qualifying for you; you had that crimson flag in Q2 which place you a limited on the back foot, nonetheless what an very edifying force in Q3.

Lewis HAMILTON: Effectively, within the muse, I rep to assert a mammoth, mammoth hi there to the complete followers that are right here. I’ve uncared for the followers so great throughout the three hundred and sixty five days. I’m in a position to’t uncover you the scheme huge it’s to peek of us. I am hoping each person has their mask on and staying pleasant. This morning after I left the lodge I had about a followers there with their Sad Lives Topic masks on and I’m exact so humbled by each person’s enhance and the scheme each person has labored this three hundred and sixty five days. So it’s essentially huge to peek everyone. The session used to be… oh, it used to be one in every of the worst qualifying classes; it used to be sinister. Coronary heart in your mouth the complete scheme. The main trouble, I mediate I purchased the time taken away. It’s the major time I’ve long past wide there the complete weekend. I needed to stay out and discontinue one more lap and rep a banker, nonetheless they stated arrive in and rep new tyres and then the crimson flag got right here out. It used to be a right threat as soon as we bought out on that subsequent tyre on the discontinue. In a roundabout scheme, I’m initiating on the soft tyre, which is no longer correct. It’s fine being on pole nonetheless right here is doubtless the worst field to be on pole, with the draggier vehicles we now rep got this three hundred and sixty five days. So, unquestionably I’m doubtless to rep dragged past day after at present and each and every the vehicles I’m racing in opposition to, they’re each and every on the medium day after at present, so unquestionably it’s going to make it laborious to scheme discontinuance the speed day after at present. Nonetheless on the opposite hand I’m going to stay obvious and take a look at out to resolve out how I’m in a position to navigate my scheme through, rep a correct begin possibly, and we’ll peek.


Q: Lewis, many congratulations, that used to be an eventful session for nonetheless will we exact begin by talking about Q3? The vehicle exact bought faster and faster – two huge laps.

LH: Yeah. You’ll want to begin with Q3 first? It’s plenty to skip over and exact to movement straight to Q3, on the opposite hand it used to be one in every of the hardest qualifying classes I will most likely be aware having being that all the pieces used to be exact so rushed and there used to be horror and there used to be exact all kinds going on. After which obviously timing whilst you’re available, as soon as we went out for the 2d bustle, sorry in Q2, and then exact having to silent myself down and rep my centre, you know, silent my heart down and attempting to raise in Q3. I was adamant. I had no more than a few. I needed to place on these two laps. Valtteri had been doing huge all weekend. Nothing new in that appreciate nonetheless I knew I needed to rep a supreme lap, in particular on the major bustle to rep the pole. Clearly pole negate is no longer huge right here; it never has been. Silent, going for pole is what we discontinue. The main lap used to be essentially huge. I believed it used to be going to be very refined to bolster on it, nonetheless I mediate I managed to exact strengthen exact a shrimp bit I mediate on the 2d lap. I’m trim grateful to each person for exact about maintaining their wintry. And it’s going to be plenty, lot worse. I will most likely be out of the stop 10, so I’m essentially grateful I glide to compete.

Q: Staunch yell us through these last moments of Q2 now, ought to you crossed the line with one and a half of seconds to spare?

LH: It used to be sinister! I needed to begin on the medium. I didn’t desire to movement to… I mean the complete session used to be exact no longer huge. I went wide out of Turn 18, which used to be my fault, nonetheless the major time I had completed that every person weekend. Then I was like, “let me stay out and exact rep a banker lap in”, and they requested me to reach back in, which within the kill… I mean, hindsight is often a correct thing to rep, nonetheless I don’t know if it used to be the exact call. Nonetheless then we went back out and then the crimson flag got right here out and all of us waited on the discontinue of the pit lane. And I almost spun at Turn 1 since the tyre temperatures had been so low. I mediate I overtook one vehicle going into the 2d to final corner or two vehicles I mediate it used to be, nonetheless then I purchased blocked by the Renault, and I was dull slack right throughout the final corner about to begin the lap and I could doubtless well well exact hear Bonno asserting “Dart, glide, glide, glide, glide, glide!” so I was exact gunning to strive to rep right throughout the line, so very, very fortunate. I don’t mediate that used to be exact success, I mediate it used to be exact the exact timing for us.

Q: Staunch a handy e book a rough be aware on strategy for day after at present. You’re going to be on the entrance row on the Relaxed tyre alongside Max who’s going to be on the Medium.

LH: As I was asserting sooner than, it’s no longer a correct field to begin at all and I mediate this three hundred and sixty five days you’re seeing our vehicles are more draggy and there’s more tow this three hundred and sixty five days than we’ve seen in other years, so… yeah. I most frequently ask one in every of these two to reach back flying by in some unspecified time in the future. So, I mediate I’m exact going to focal point on my speed and exact strive to bustle the quickest speed I’m in a position to. Clearly I’m on the worst tyre to begin on the speed nonetheless most frequently it’s a correct tyre to discontinue an right begin on the opposite hand it doesn’t rep… it has the ideal degradation, ten instances more than every other tyre, I mediate it’s. In remark that’s going to be a fight. I don’t know if that puts me onto a two-pause, I don’t know, no longer going since the pit lane is simply too slack, so I’m exact going to rep to nurse these tyres as a ways as I’m in a position to. These guys, if they rep by, they’re going to be pulling away so going to sit down down tonight to strive to resolve out if there’s a varied rep of speed I’m in a position to discontinue day after at present to hang my negate.

Q: Max, coming to you, your 13th entrance row begin and your first right here in Sochi, with that marvelous last lap of Q3. Became that one in every of your ideal?

MV: Yeah, I mediate so. It felt essentially correct. Hunting for the exact steadiness because I was in truth struggling slightly quite throughout qualifying to essentially nail the complete entry speeds, because I was oversteering plenty. So, step-by-step I mediate we had been doing a greater job. Q3, bustle one used to be quite greater nonetheless the 2d bustle, made about a adjustments and that exact gave me a limited bit more grip and, on this observe, you essentially desire a lot of entry grip, so yeah, that used to be very gratifying. It used to be a extraordinarily fine lap to force. It’s no longer pole negate nonetheless for me, to be on the major row, I unquestionably didn’t ask that going into qualifying.

Q: Like Lewis, you had a drama-crammed discontinue to Q2 nonetheless for diverse reasons since you made the likelihood to abort your last lap and you exact made it through to Q3.

MV: Yeah, I mean, I needed to begin on the Medium nonetheless the discipline, unnecessary to assert, is amazingly, very discontinuance on lap time so it used to be very laborious. I did my absolute ideal to discontinue the ideal lap I could doubtless well well on that tyre on the opposite hand it used to be no longer easy because I was already struggling for grip and then going onto a more durable compound used to be great more refined to rep that grip. Then going into that final corner, after the crimson flag, after I was back onto the Relaxed tyres, they told me ‘abort, abort’, so I stopped. Nonetheless unnecessary to assert the attain line is rather quick after the final corner. For fine tickled that we did it, and we exact made it through.

Q: Lewis has exact told us that he’s bought a cosmopolitan speed sooner than him day after at present. Are you feeling confident initiating on the Medium tyre?

MV: Yeah, I mediate for us it’s the ideal scheme going into the speed. For fine I’m initiating quite on the dirty aspect so I’m no longer particular how great that’s going to impress it nonetheless yeah, total I mediate the Mercedes guys are quite faster in speed tempo so I’ll strive my absolute ideal to stick with them and peek what occurs nonetheless initially I mediate we… effectively, I could doubtless possibly wish to rep a correct begin, and by begin I mean as soon as I glide beefy throttle to rep beefy energy, that could doubtless well well be fine and then no longer rep taken out. After two retirements I mediate it’s correct to safe some aspects again.

Q: Valtteri, coming to you, how refined is it to hang a watch on a session like that when there’s so great going on?

VB: Effectively, for me there used to be no longer so great going on. It used to be in truth pretty straightforward from my aspect, so I mediate I was slightly fortunate that every person the happenings didn’t essentially impact me. Q1, Q2 from my aspect used to be pretty correct. Automobile used to be feeling correct and the tempo appeared as if it could possibly doubtless well well be there – unlike in Q3.

Q: Effectively, yell us through Q3, in particular that last lap.

VB: Q3 used to be a cosmopolitan one, so within the major bustle I didn’t essentially feel my tyres had been ready, so out of the final corner, initiating the lap, I had a mammoth snap so misplaced about a tenths on the bustle the complete components down to Turn 2. Turn 2, huge oversteer and tyres finest got right here in in direction of the discontinue of the lap. So yeah, I was exact waiting for the 2d bustle then and, you know, there used to be no errors as such, Turn 2, possibly there used to be a shrimp lock-up, went quite wide nonetheless, to be exact, I don’t essentially rep it why I couldn’t match Lewis’ instances in Q3. Staunch didn’t essentially feel I was gaining great grip from old classes. I mediate even Q2 felt greater, so about a inquire marks from me about what essentially came about – or even I was exact playing video games and wished to begin third.


Q: (Christian Menath – motorsport-magazin.com) Inquire of for Lewis, we exact bought a story from the stewards that you failed to rejoin the observe within the exact scheme, as it’s stated within the speed director notes. Can you exact account for quite on that negate and discontinue you ask some considerations thanks to that?

LH: The place’s that?

Q: Turn 2. Four minutes after the begin of the qualifying session.

LH: I don’t know. I went throughout the obstacles and throughout the bollards… in Q2 you mean?

Q: It says at four minutes past three, so Q1 I command. Failure to apply the speed director’s instructions in Turn 2 at three o’clock and 4 minutes. Breach of article 12.1.1.

LH: I don’t know. I put no longer need any concept what that is. There’s often going to be something, isn’t there. I don’t be aware ever… I don’t mediate… I had a lap time deleted.

Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) Lewis, I exact puzzled, you mentioned this being a sinister session for you, a limited bit of horror at one stage. What used to be the conversation like between you and the team? Became it often silent or had been things a limited bit  – no longer out of hang a watch on – nonetheless exact a limited bit below tension? And used to be there any discussion about you mild taking the mediums for that final bustle in Q2 after the crimson flag or used to be there something advise that prohibited that?

LH: Our conversations are in overall reasonably silent, I could doubtless possibly dispute. We had a debate. I needed to stay out in Q1, as I mentioned. I needed to stay out and exact discontinue one more lap exact to rep a banker and then we had a mammoth discussion, backward and forward, backward and forward. I stated ‘I desire to stay out, I desire to stay out, I desire to stay out’ and they known as me in so I listened to them. After which obviously we went back out and we bought stuck with the crimson flag. Became that Q1 or Q2? I’m in a position to’t be aware. It used to be Q2, yeah, Q2. After which in Q1 I had a flat problem so I couldn’t return out again so that used to be quite of a mess so that used to be quite much less prepare. After which on the discontinue of Q2 I needed to return out on the medium, thanks to direction I don’t desire to begin on the soft tyre nonetheless we needed to wait on the discontinue of the pit lane for two minutes and we had… the tyre temperatures would rep dropped down massively, already exact on that original tyre, on the soft, I had a mammoth crawl into flip one so it unquestionably wasn’t huge and I did plead to rep the medium tyre nonetheless they weren’t having it. So naturally I mediate we are in a position to rep a discussion on the discontinue, whether or no longer it used to be exact or spoiled, doesn’t topic now. It’s came about so we are in a position to exact make discontinue with what we now rep got.

Q: (Scott Mitchell – The Race) Lewis, you talked about having to silent yourself down and centre yourself for these runs slack on. How did you pause yourself from letting that session spiral, because with the deleted the lap instances and then the crimson flag, the moment ought to you stated you almost spun at flip two, ought to you went back out for that bustle on the discontinue of Q2, it must were every rep of stress and tension, so how did you pause it from working away with you?

LH: If I told you I’d rep to fracture you so I mean… No, I mediate each person, we’re all below immense tension and I could doubtless possibly dispute doubtless expertise helps massively in repeat to know solutions about how to rep your focal point. On yarn of exact one millimetre out and you’re scheme off, you’re making errors otherwise you’re locking up. It is miles a right, right trouble and I don’t often rep it exact nonetheless I was essentially grateful this day I was in a negate to… and I mediate in standard that’s doubtless been a right energy. I don’t know if it’s often been it nonetheless in particular this three hundred and sixty five days obviously qualifying, Q3, I’ve managed to essentially be in a negate to centre myself and raise essentially impactful laps that depend when it essentially matters, so I’m grateful for that. Perhaps in some unspecified time in the future I could uncover you the scheme I discontinue it in a e book.

Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) To all three drivers, exact regarding the observe stipulations and the quantity of grip available. How did you rep it throughout Saturday? Clearly things appeared quite chillier coming into qualifying. There had been a quantity of off-observe moments for diverse drivers up and down the grid, so how did you rep these laps?

VB: Yeah, right here, slightly in overall on the begin of the weekend it’s pretty low grip and the wind changed for this day slightly quite so it’s nothing new essentially. It’s slightly a peaky tarmac throughout the scheme it affords the grip so ought to you lose the rear discontinue or ought to you rep a locked up it’s pretty penalising so the stop of the grip is rather a minute window. So yeah, that’s why we peek tons of errors on the opposite hand it’s one in every of these rep of tracks and no longer essentially an negate nonetheless varied.

LH: I don’t know if the followers that are searching at… I don’t know if the commentators discuss it great nonetheless the surfaces that we now rep got on these tracks are slightly plenty varied. Some are the linked, you rep some that are very, very aloof, some very grainy and some that place on the tyres more, some that place on them much less, some that overheat the tyres, some that work the tyres. There’s a right science within the back of it, naturally, nonetheless right here, this day, the grip stage is rather heart-broken right here I could doubtless possibly dispute. It’s slightly a aloof surface nonetheless this day into qualifying the wind direction switched 180 degrees on the least and up slightly plenty, 20 miles an hour or 20 kilometres an hour winds, so that would rep intended that you had a tailwind into flip one which we didn’t rep beforehand. It intended that we had a tailwind into flip 5 and about a other varied corners so what we had practised in P3 and one and two used to be varied as soon as we bought to qualifying, which takes quite of fixing. So it unquestionably wasn’t easy. Nonetheless each person’s within the linked boat.

MV: Yeah, this observe… it’s moreover because I command no longer often it’s been bustle on, like other tracks we glide to there’s a lot of activity so the observe exact gets old plenty more and around right here with all these 90 level corners and then I mediate the outside they went for, it’s exact… yeah, a cosmopolitan combination on the opposite hand it’s the linked for everyone on the discontinue of the day, so you exact rep to accommodate it nonetheless yeah, with these vehicles as effectively, they’re so mammoth and so wide that whilst you lose it, it’s essentially laborious to essentially hang it if it goes, thanks to the wide tyres. It’s quite more tantalizing, I command, for the viewers, this three hundred and sixty five days’s trail and stuff nonetheless, yeah, it’s an enticing observe to space up the vehicle for as effectively, and then discovering the exact steadiness from entry to mid-corner, to movement fleet.

Q: (Scott Mitchell – The Race) Max, the flip around from Friday to this day is pretty extraordinary through lap instances and competitiveness. Did it shock you at all, and discontinue you seen you’ve place yourself in a identical negate to the 2d Silverstone speed where conditions are aligning and it’s doubtless you’ll doubtless well well moreover trouble the Mercedes?

MV: I mediate initially Friday used to be a limited bit messy because had been attempting downforce phases and we never essentially had a supreme lap, let’s dispute like that. There had been often about a moments and stuff so I knew that we had been going to be, let’s dispute, more aggressive than where we had been on the opposite hand it’s a shock to be on the entrance row, that’s for particular, nonetheless I in truth don’t ask it to be like Silverstone. I mediate we had been a limited bit more aggressive within the long runs there and moreover the compounds, I don’t mediate it’s as mammoth an negate as what it used to be there, so I don’t ask the linked to occur nonetheless I’m exact tickled with the enhancements we did make overnight. I mediate even initially of qualifying it appeared slightly refined to be P3 on the opposite hand it used to be more because I mediate we exact didn’t essentially rep a correct steadiness an negate thanks to the wind alternate, like Lewis stated. It regarded prefer it used to be very refined for me to rep rear grip in some corners nonetheless in Q3 we made about a adjustments and it appeared as if it could possibly doubtless well well work quite greater so yeah, I was overjoyed for that.


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