1 – Valtteri BOTTAS (Mercedes)

2 – Max VERSTAPPEN (Red Bull Racing)

3 – Lewis HAMILTON (Mercedes)


(Performed by Johnny Herbert) 

Q: Max, 2d location. Attention-grabbing struggle going the total vogue down to Flip 1. You perceived to rating off the road correctly but then Valtteri bought in front of you. But needless to inform then you had Daniel Ricciardo at your aspect and likewise you made up our minds to struggle by that penalty chicane. What was it love for you?

Max VERSTAPPEN: Yeah, right very low grip on the inside, so as that price us somewhat but at the quit it was somewhat attention-grabbing the first few corners. For certain I had to preserve that other chicane and fortuitously bought by there with none issues. After that, after the re-initiate I used to be a runt bit slower on the medium, I used to be having somewhat of complications with the steadiness. But when we went on that laborious tyre I mediate we had been a runt bit extra competitive so aesthetic joyful about that. On the quit so as to slice up the Mercedes autos again, I mediate we would possibly perhaps well furthermore be cosy with that.

Q: Had been there any worries one day whenever you seen Lewis getting to third location. Did you mediate “now I’ve bought a struggle on my hands”?

MV: No, I used to be looking out out for to earn my have gallop there. If they’re sooner they’ll anyway creep you. I mediate we managed it correctly and I did every little thing I would possibly perhaps well.

Q: You’ve bought to be joyful even though, 2d location going into the Nurburgring next day outing?

MV: Yeah, I’m very joyful with 2d, especially after two DNFs. Any other time a factual quantity of parts.

Q: Well completed. Lewis, what a worrying day for you. What took location with the phrase begins and needless to inform then that 10-2d penalty you bought? What took location there?  

Lewis HAMILTON: First, I have to inform a mountainous thanks to the total followers that came this weekend. A mountainous thanks. Spasiba. Yeah, right no longer the finest day, but it is far what it is far.

Q: How did that creep ghastly? I know there had been some notes that had come out from the FIA; Michael Masi had mentioned about the assign you perhaps would possibly perhaps well and would possibly perhaps well no longer initiate? Why is it you ended as much as this point down the quit of the pit lane?

LH: It doesn’t topic. It’s completed now. I’ll preserve the parts that I purchased and transfer on.

Q: The gallop itself, even though, colossal runt comeback from you.

LH: No longer in particular. I didn’t definitely earn noteworthy. I right held my location so congratulations to Valtteri.

Q: Valtteri, gallop snatch but it was very advanced going the total vogue down to Flip 2 the assign you tried to creep spherical the exterior of Lewis but you bought stuck on that kerb. True talk us by that?

Valtteri BOTTAS: Yeah, obviously I attempted. I knew the initiate would possibly be the initiate would possibly be the first opportunity but definitely it was somewhat compromised due to there was love a extensive bee or one thing that hit my visor right forward of braking, so I couldn’t definitely explore after I earn to brake, so as that’s why I went too deep. I knew it was going to be a protracted gallop after that and with the medium tyre I had there would be alternatives but obviously Lewis had the penalty so after I used to be in tidy air I felt the tempo was aesthetic awesome and I would possibly perhaps well preserve a watch on every little thing.

Q: What about Max? He was obviously there a runt bit earlier on and he was pushing you very laborious. Had been you somewhat concerned in these early laps that he would possibly perhaps well arena you?

VB: I wasn’t concerned at any point, due to taking a study the [inaudible] for nowadays I knew how many alternatives there would be and yeah, never quit, it’s a factual day.

Q: Well, it’s your ninth snatch and your 2d right here in Russia, so going towards the Nurburgring you perhaps would possibly perhaps well earn to earn a host of self belief to preserve there?

VB: For certain. It’s good to rating a snatch again. It’s been a while. Surely factual. I earn to try and preserve the momentum. Any other time I managed to squeeze about a factual parts towards Lewis. There are soundless a form of races to creep. You right never know. I’ll preserve pushing and obtained’t quit and we’ll explore how it ends up.


Q: Man congratulations Valtteri. Your snatch in Austria appears to be like a while within the past. How factual did it definitely feel to hear the Finnish national anthem on the rostrum?

VB: Surely. It’s been a while within the past but it’s been so cease repeatedly and I definitely feel my gallop tempo, especially this season, has been somewhat lots better than any season forward of so I can’t enlighten it’s been worrying but you perceive it’s been somewhat traumatic that it’s been cease but almost there. But things positively did creep my contrivance nowadays, as I earn been announcing that things can’t creep towards you without end. So, positively definitely satisfying nowadays to rating the snatch. It felt love it was correctly earned. Clearly I mediate about myself lucky as correctly with Lewis’ penalty. But otherwise it was a robust gallop and definitely I definitely feel that it would give me a self belief enhance and factual momentum for the next races.

Q: Can you right talk us by the gallop somewhat? True initiate, you overtook Max and likewise you didn’t definitely witness again from there from what it looked love?

VB: Yeah, it was a factual initiate. I mediate Lewis has a factual initiate as correctly. But obviously I had the tow. I went exterior, braked, perhaps a runt too slack so went somewhat deep into Flip 2, so Lewis maintained the lead. But then I used to be right looking out out for to be there due to I knew that with the medium tyre I knew would earn the serve once Lewis had to terminate. When I used to be in tidy air it definitely felt aesthetic factual and the tempo was sturdy. Same with the laborious tyre. I would possibly perhaps well definitely definitely feel that I would possibly perhaps well preserve a watch on the gallop. I used to be definitely aesthetic joyful there had been no crimson flags or safety autos this time around towards the quit of the gallop.

Q: Fabricate you mediate you perhaps would possibly perhaps well earn crushed Lewis nowadays if there had been no penalties for him?

VB: Going to nowadays I knew that there would be alternatives. I knew that one of the most productive ones would possibly be the gallop initiate but I knew that even when I can’t fabricate it there it’s now over, due to obviously with the medium tyre it’s somewhat an serve in gallop time and in phrases of procedure, so yes, needless to inform I believed I would possibly perhaps well earn it. But who knows. He bought that penalty and that’s it.

Max, after two advanced races in Italy, how satisfying is it to earn a tidy gallop and to come again dwelling on the rostrum?

MV: Yeah, I mean that’s how it goes to be each weekend. So, needless to inform it was no longer factual, the last two weekends and I mediate now, to be again on the rostrum and in 2d, I mediate for us is a colossal consequence on a phrase the assign in general we’re no longer that competitive and we never scored a podium forward of as correctly. So, I’m very joyful with that. The gallop itself, the initiate was aesthetic snide but it was right so low grip on the inside, the righthand aspect, it gave the influence love each person had a terribly sad initiate, so right felt love… Even then right by the gallop, the first lap I had somewhat of a struggle with Daniel to come again into third and I had a good off-road ride by the bollards so… good. After which for there onwards, on the Medium tyre it was right no longer definitely having a colossal steadiness. A runt bit love I had in Q1 and Q2 the old day the assign I right couldn’t push the entries of the corners and I would possibly maybe no longer’ preserve up with them. So, right tried to no longer lose too noteworthy time. Then when we pitted, build the laborious tyres on, every little thing was somewhat extra stable and somewhat better balanced. I used to be cosy with that. The 2d stint was aesthetic OK. Very joyful with 2d.

Q: You enlighten the 2d stint was factual but did you ever mediate you perhaps would possibly perhaps well arena Valtteri for the snatch?

MV: No, due to he was already too far forward anyway. I mediate. After we pitted it was 12 seconds or one thing. That’s very laborious to cease – and anyway, following around right here on the same tyre, extra or much less the same tempo, I mediate it’s very advanced.

Q: Lewis, love the old day, it was one other eventful day for you. How earn you sum it all up?

LH: Uneventful. It wasn’t that eventful, to be correct. I started first, was in first, I came out third, so, no longer the most eventful day.

Q: Well it looked eventful from the exterior, in particular forward of the initiate. That’s when it began to resolve, must you had been doing your phrase begins in your procedure to the grid. Can you right talk us by your conversation with the team, and why you elected to earn the begins the assign you did?

LH: In general, whenever you witness at potentially every gallop that I’ve completed this 300 and sixty five days, no longer much less than, I consistently initiate additional down. By no contrivance, ever had a arena, completed it for years. Right here I haven’t completed that forward of, I’d enlighten, but it says or no longer it is crucial to be on the honest after the lights, it doesn’t enlighten how far, and so customarily… I don’t love to be on the rubber, that’s the assign each person has completed all their begins so it’s no longer representative of what it’s love on the grid, so I try and rating onto the bottom that doesn’t earn any rubber.

Q: Did you be in contact with the team, inquire of if it was OK to earn it the assign you did it?

LH: I did, and as far as we had been conscious, it was OK. It’s no varied to Brazil. You drive to the quit of the pit lane and likewise you earn your initiate. It’s definitely potentially safer the assign I used to be, when in contrast to Brazil, due to there was noteworthy extra space on the left… so attention-grabbing resolution.


Q: (Scott Mitchell – The Speed) Query for Lewis. Due to you bought the penalties for the phrase initiate, gallop penalties love that come with penalty parts in your licence, so you’re now as much as ten penalty parts in your licence in a 12-month duration, which contrivance you’re simplest two parts from a gallop ban till, I mediate, after four races from now. True wanted to know what you’re thinking that and if it’s the earn of ingredient that contrivance you alternate your procedure, preserve extra care within the approaching grands prix?

LH: It’s ridiculous the parts which earn been given other folks this 300 and sixty five days in stylish. Penalty parts in general are for – I don’t would favor to negate on my behalf – from a drivers’ point of look, whenever you assign anyone else at threat, you crash into anyone, needless to inform, you perhaps would possibly perhaps well must be getting penalty parts. I did no longer difficulty any one, did no longer build any one in difficulty’s contrivance so within the kill it’s a ridiculous rule – but it is far what it is far. I’ll right be tremendous I’m squeaky-tidy transferring forwards. Don’t give them an excuse for the leisure.

MV: It’s miles somewhat harsh. Whenever you causes a crash it’s distinction – however the penalty Lewis bought was already painful passable. I don’t perceive how many parts you bought – two parts? – it’s somewhat harsh, he’s as much as ten parts without definitely… I mean, it was no longer honest the assign he stopped but penalty parts for that… I’m no longer certain that’s honest.

Q: Max, at the same time as you’re commenting on this, what’s your working out of the assign you had been to earn the phrase begins right here in Sochi. Became it clear to you the assign you had to earn them?

MV: They right instructed me to earn it there. From the team aspect. We mentioned that forward of we went out. Love ‘earn your begins there’. I never questioned about going additional. I don’t know. Potentially was no longer allowed. It’s sadly.

Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) Lewis, you didn’t sound in particular joyful about must you had been called in to your pit terminate on the Relaxed tyres. How noteworthy additional did you mediate you would earn been ready to creep – and did that price you any time at all coming again towards Max, coming in somewhat early than you wanted? Thanks.

LH: It within the kill didn’t fabricate a astronomical distinction but my plan within the kill was to offset… to minimise the loss with the tyres. So, the usual terminate was supposed to be lap 16, fortunately we had a Security Automobile which took us to lap six, or one thing love that. So I thought that’s bonus parts, it contrivance I can creep six laps longer. I mediate they stopped me soundless on lap 16, or one thing love that but I thought I would possibly perhaps well no longer much less than earn one other five laps, which can perhaps earn right made it a runt more straightforward on that 2d stint – but five laps wouldn’t earn made a astronomical distinction. My tyres had been expressionless honest at the quit, so that they had been positively on the limit but yeah, it’s a dialogue we’ll earn afterwards and we’ll work on it.

Q: (Ben Hunt – The Solar) Lewis, you acknowledged on TV that they’re deliberately out to rating you – I preserve that’s a reference to the stewards. Fabricate you positively judge that they are concentrated on you to try and unhurried you down or to force you to earn this penalty, this one gallop ban, right to artificially brighten up the races?

LH: I don’t necessarily mediate that it’s for me, I mediate potentially most groups – each time a team is at the front, obviously they’re doing a host of scrutiny. Everything we now earn on our car is being checked and triple checked and triple checked. They are altering rules, reminiscent of the engine regs, numerous numerous things to rating in withhold the racing absorbing, I preserve. I don’t know if the foundations – in phrases of what took location nowadays – was the leisure to earn with it but naturally that’s how it feels, naturally it feels love you we’re combating uphill but it’s OK, it’s no longer love I haven’t faced adversity forward of so we right preserve our heads down and preserve combating and preserve looking out out for to earn a greater job and be cleaner and squeaky tidy, as I acknowledged forward of.

Q: (Laurence Edmonson – ESPN) Lewis, is this extra or much less ingredient you’re right joyful to flip a page and transfer on from or is it one thing that you just will preserve up with the FIA, with Michael Masi to try and rating readability if no longer some extra or much less justice?

LH: I haven’t made up our minds, but for the time being I’m taking a anticipate getting dwelling.

Q: (Alan Baldwin – Reuters) Lewis, whenever you definitely are concerned that anyone is looking out out for to terminate you, how concerned are you about the probably for a gallop ban, whenever you attain the twelve parts, due to you’ve bought simplest two parts between you and that and there are plenty of races to creep forward of any tumble off?

LH: I don’t know what to inform about that. I’ve bought to try my hardest to, you know, to… I sigh we’ll struggle by the rule of thumb book and secure areas the assign they will originate rules, areas the assign penalties earn never been given forward of and we’ll try and determine the total ones that they’ve and take a look at out to verify that we duvet ourselves within the ones that we’re attentive to. Love I acknowledged forward of, I don’t mediate anyone’s had the penalty for that forward of so we’ll right work laborious and… we’ve long past by seasons forward of without penalties so right must be tremendous I give them no motive, no longer even a sniff so as to earn one thing.

Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) Max, you mentioned the low grip on the inside off the road, so was it a case of had been you mostly anticipating to lose that location or was there one thing that can perhaps well earn been completed if every little thing had long past completely perfectly to preserve in 2d location on the gallop to flip two?

MV: I used to be right hoping that it was going to be somewhat grippy but definitely on my formation lap I had an anti-stall so as that was no longer good, but then within the actual initiate, as quickly as I dropped the grab you perhaps would possibly perhaps well right definitely feel there was no grip. After which I thought first and major I right had a snide initiate but then I looked within the earn and I would possibly perhaps well explore your entire line within the again of me as correctly had a sad initiate so yeah, I don’t know, if we would possibly perhaps well earn one thing varied. Well, Valtteri shouldn’t earn been in my contrivance in qualifying, then, with the tow. Then I’d earn been third!

Q: (Laurence Edmonson – ESPN) Valtteri, we heard your now trademark radio message ‘to whom it would also arena, FU after the gallop’. Who precisely was that geared toward? And about a other folks earn acknowledged that you just’ve been going by a host of criticism on social media so how earn you ever handled that, and has it been one thing which has definitely been having fun with in your thoughts?

VB: No, it’s no longer been having fun with on my thoughts but I right don’t… definitely I right (don’t) rating the these that has the must criticise other folks. You perceive, there’s been other folks telling me that I must never bother, I earn to quit but how I’m, I’d no longer ever earn that so I right wanted to, again, send my most productive wants to them. It right came out, you know, so, yeah. However the first ingredient is I’m confident, after I come to every gallop weekend, I’m confident and I judge I can earn it and that’s how I’m consistently going to be. Chances are you’ll perhaps well earn got to earn that mindset so yeah, I’m cosy. Even the old day was advanced, I didn’t quit, I checked out it positively, I knew there would be alternatives and things came to me nowadays, so yeah, I am hoping I can reduction other folks no longer to provide up due to that’s the finest mistake you perhaps would possibly perhaps well earn in your existence.

Q: (Scott Mitchell – The Speed) To all three: with regards the penalty parts which earn been applied right here, the truth that there appears to be like to be a runt bit of disagreement over how the foundations pertaining to to Lewis’s phrase begins earn been interpreted, and the disagreement at Mugello over the going by of the restart, how satisfied are you with how the FIA goes by stuff for the time being? Fabricate you mediate there is factual passable conversation between the gallop director, Michael Masi, and yourselves? Fabricate you mediate you’re all on the same page?

LH: Are all of us on the same page? I don’t mediate so. I’m potentially on a varied page of the book or I’ve skipped about a pages clearly.

VB: It’s a fancy one. It’s obviously… I don’t know the… even perhaps I earn to know the rule of thumb book phrase by phrase but I don’t. Clearly we consistently rating steering from the team what we’re allowed to earn and what no longer. There are such a extensive amount of different circumstances and I don’t definitely know what to inform. I mediate it’s advanced. For certain they try their most productive absolute self belief but yeah, I can’t enlighten extra.

MV: I’ve been up there myself, I mediate with ten parts or one thing so yeah, I acknowledged to myself I will right try and steer clear of the stewards at the phrase. Seeing them within the resort or the bar, that’s no longer too snide, but preserve out of their room right by the gallop weekend. It’s advanced. Love I acknowledged forward of, if it’s love a crash or no topic, you resulted in, I can perceive they need at hand penalty parts to perhaps light you down or no topic but with things love this, Lewis didn’t earn the leisure on plan to originate a arena or no topic. He right wanted to practise his initiate. Presumably it’s no longer allowed there, OK but he was penalised passable by having this penalty within the gallop so I don’t mediate you’d need at hand out penalty parts for that. But I sigh we’ll talk about it within the next briefing we now earn and explore if one thing will happen or no longer. It’s consistently factual, I sigh, to negate about it and be in contact. No longer much less than we know what we’re as much as fully after which we transfer on.


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