Source in Finnish: https://www.iltalehti.fi/formulat/a/458f4525-76a7-44f2-be0d-eb22ae298411

Reddit thread in regards to the supposed leak: https://primitive.reddit.com/r/formula1/feedback/j0trh9/fia_steward_mika_salo_reportedly_leaked_the/

Translation of Salo’s feedback:

Salo gave his feedback on the discussion to Iltalehti.

– I even don’t own the rest else to affirm diversified than that it be full bullshit. On-line, any individual can write whatever they need. They’ll own to unruffled check the facts and fasten a inquire of to them (commentators) where they purchased their details.

– On-line discussions are tiresome anyway. Of us win alive to about things they place no longer own any info about.

In step with Salo, the field with working as a steward is that you just may presumably no longer please everyone.

– Then folks that win offended initiate writing shit. As an instance, after a call engaging (Max) Verstappen two years within the past within the US, I purchased loss of life threats for a yr. That’s just appropriate fashioned bullshit.


C Extra commentator Niki Juusela additionally denies getting details from Mika Salo. Source: is.fi

– It is no longer Mika Salo. As , as a result of source protection I may possibly additionally simply no longer commentary on this topic anyway.

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