The former F1 racer and steward Mika Salo said that Lewis Hamilton’s claims about how the FIA ​​wants to stop him are full of sh**.

The former Formula 1 driver was part of the steward’s team in the race for the Russian Grand Prix, which decided to impose two five-second penalties on the six-time world champion for violations when testing the start before the start.

Hamilton made two illegal starts before the race, including one at the very end of the pit exit, contrary to the instructions of race director Michael Masi issued earlier last week.

After the race, Hamilton accused the FIA of trying to stop his dominance with fictitious penalties, and one of them, Mika Salo, vehemently rejected the British’s accusations and described them as “sh**”.

“Hamilton is full sh**!” , Salo told Finnish Ilta-Sanomat .

This is by no means true. The same rules apply to everyone. It is quite clear. Hamilton trained his starts where he shouldn’t and he did it twice.


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