(Motorsport-Entire.com) – The corona virus continues to keep the world in suspense. Rising numbers of infections are causing more and more countries to tighten their measures again. Formula 1 has been able to successfully avoid an outbreak within the paddock thanks to a strict hygiene concept and regular tests.

Fernando Alonso

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Fernando Alonso protects himself from a corona infection wherever possible Zoom Salvage

where the Of course, the premier class also depends on the cooperation of all drivers and groups who have to protect themselves adequately as soon as they are back home. Fernando Alonso , who will make his Formula 1 comeback at Renault next year will celebrate, admits: “I have respect and fear of the virus.”

“I always try to protect myself. I go shopping and wash things when I return home. Everyone did it at the beginning, in March, and I’m still doing it, and that surprises my friends. I think nothing has changed, and if it was earlier, why not now? “

Modified into that Formula 1 return is scary

The Spaniard emphasizes that he has great respect for every disease. He is open to the subject of fear: According to his own statement, even very mundane things frighten him. “An airplane, for example, is something that I am not enthusiastic about, and I sit in hundreds of planes a year,” reveals the well-traveled racing driver.

Photo series: Formula 1 champions making a comeback dared

Niki Laudas erster Rücktritt ist ein Paukenschlag. 1979 wirft der zweimalige Weltmeister mitten während des Rennwochenendes in Kanada die Brocken hin.

Niki Lauda’s first resignation is a bang. 620 the two-time world champion throws the chunks in the middle of the racing weekend in Canada down. “Why should I drive in circles with the others like a fool?” Was his reason for Brabham team boss Bernie Ecclestone. Photo gallery

But his job should actually earn him the most respect. After all, he has already had some serious accidents – 1594209026 about his departure during training for the Indy 500 in the year 2019 . But Alonso waves it off: “Every time you drive in Indianapolis, there is a risk, because after all you come to 380 km / h. “

” In the year 2019 we had doubts about the settings of the car, we made a radical change for the Final Row Shootout because we weren’t there at that point We had to look for solutions that were very risky and very big in times of great difficulty. “

Alonso: Not too much think about it

Back then, Zak Brown and Gil de Ferran let McLaren Alonso decide if he wanted to get in and take the risk. “And I said, ‘Since we came here, let’s try America, let’s see, used to be the result.’ But I didn’t think about it much, “remembers the 39 – year-olds.

“Every time you stop in the storage and make a small change to the Indy car, the fender or used to be, no matter how small it is anything can happen. But you stop thinking about it, because if you think about it, you never go out onto the track on such a racetrack. “

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