(Motorsport-Entire.com) – After the mass crash at the restart of the Formula 1 race in Mugello, the incident was discussed again at a meeting of the drivers with FIA race director Michael Masi on Friday evening. On the sidelines of the Huge Prix weekend in Sochi, all drivers were given the opportunity to describe their point of view.

Carlos Sainz, Kevin Magnussen

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When restarting after the Safety Automobile fragment, several cars collided in Mugello Zoom Download

The Formula 1 drivers’ association GPDA had previously contacted Masi with a transient , in which she expressed her interest in working with him to prevent the accident from happening again in the future.

The question of how late the lights of the safety vehicle are switched off before a restart Should be was a major theme, as was the unusually late put of the control line at Mugello, where the race will resume. The pilots were quite satisfied with the results of the discussion.

Sainz: “Combination of different things”

“I have a feeling that we had the most important points and all the things that we had to discuss and clarify with other drivers and the FIA have addressed “, says Carlos Sainz, one of the victims of the restart chaos. “And I think we came to some really good conclusions.”

The McLaren driver emphasizes: “The FIA ​​and the drivers will support each other so that we don’t experience the same pickle again . So I am very satisfied with the conversation we all had and with the consequences. “

Photo gallery: In pictures: The re-start atomize at the Formula 1 race in Mugello

Der Re-Start-Crash beim Toskana-Grand-Prix 2020 in Mugello: Mehrere Fahrzeuge verunfallen auf der Zielgeraden, vier Fahrer sind auf der Stelle raus!

The restart atomize at the Tuscany Huge Prix 2020 in Mugello: Several vehicles crash on the home straight, four drivers are out on the spot! Photo gallery

Describes the accident Sainz as “a combination of some driving errors and the FIA, which the united states of America could have helped with the safety automobile”. At the same time, however, the special circumstances on site also played a role, because Mugello is “a very special route with a very special restart,” he analyzes.

Formula 1 drivers: Have everyone learned from it

“This scenario would normally not be repeated, for example in Sochi. It was a very special drop and I have a feeling we could all have done a better job. United states understand how dangerous the pickle was and I am sure we will all try to for it ensure that it does not repeat itself. “

Pierre Gasly from AlphaTauri has a similar view. He admits that there was “a bit of a special pickle” in Mugello, especially since it was the first time Formula 1 has held a Huge Prix there. “Probably things will be a little different when we go there again”, the Frenchman looks ahead.

“But I think everyone understood pretty well what happened. And for my part, I’m with Satisfied with what has been discussed. It’s something we’ve been discussing for quite a while. And I think all opinions have been heard. “

GPDA Director Romain Grosjean sums up:” We are all in line with what happened and what we can do better, Michael Masi, Ross Brawn, the drivers, I think we are all trying to find the best solutions to improve safety but we also keep one good expose going. “

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