(Motorsport-Total.com) – Because Formula 1 is afraid of trying out ideas like reverse grid races on official weekends, Red Bull team boss Christian Horner suggested that Invitation events or non-World Cup races should be able to try out such ideas without consequences.

Andreas Seidl

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Andreas Seidl doesn’t need any gimmicks to make Formula 1 exciting Zoom Glean

With McLaren team boss Andreas Seidl, however, this suggestion is not at all well received: “I don’t see that we need it because I don’t see that we need things like an upside-down starting line-up, “he clarifies.

Because: Last year you saw great fights between the three top teams at the top, plus great fights in midfield. And you can see them again this year.

For Seidl, the fact that Mercedes dominates at the top this season is due to the fact that they have done an extraordinary job. “This is the reveal. But Mercedes has worked hard over the past few years to get there. That’s why they deserve to be so dominant and to win,” said Seidl.

# 10 Three skilled cars Group: As Formula 1 after the exit of Jaguar and Cosworth 2004 and faced problems with threatening bankruptcies at Jordan or Minardi, the Briton brought the idea of ​​three skilled group vehicles to the idea. A large starting field and more top cars would be guaranteed. Photo gallery

2021 is a transition year for Germans, but 2022 there are new requirements with the new regulations. “I’m very optimistic that we can create a much tighter field. In addition, the technical rules should help racing and improve the explain,” he says.

“So I’m not a fan of it to bring any artificial coincidences into Formula 1, “said Seidl. “Because for me this is not Formula 1.”


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