(Motorsport-Total.com) – “Of course I would like that”, says Fernando Alonso when asked whether he 2022 will win the Formula 1 World Championship. “I didn’t come back to go to restaurants in every city or to do many flights in a year. I come back for one reason: I want to perform well and try to win.”

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Fernando Alonso returns 2021 Alpine back to Formula 1 Zoom Download

Because that is what sport is about for him: win or lose. “Being fifth is better than being seventh and being better than twelfth, but that doesn’t change that much. Either you win or you don’t,” says the Spaniard.

But he knows that he 2021 will definitely belong to the latter category. “We know that 2021 none other than Hamilton and Mercedes can win,” says he. “But for 2021 there is a lot of hope: Alpine, Fernando, Ferrari, Carlos, Verstappen , Crimson Bull. Many have hopes, but unfortunately not for 2021. “

He couldn’t guarantee anything for 2021, but he hopes that he will then be able to fight for the title. This is also what his idea envisages. Actually he wanted to fight for the championship immediately with the new cars 2021, but because that new regulations have been postponed, he must insert a transition year.

Photo gallery: Fernando Alonso visiting Renault: “Like on the first day of school”

Fernando Alonso is back! The Spaniard visited the Renault factory in Enstone for the first time in ten years. It is the starting shot for his Formula 1 comeback 2021. 1600944125 Photo gallery

“I was stuck in a predicament: I’ll wait until 2021 or do I use 2021 as coaching, preparation and work with the team? That’s what I made up my mind “, said Alonso.

” It’s not that I missed it or that I wanted revenge or after look out for a specific result, “he says. Alonso has ticked off all of his goals outside of Formula 1 for the time being. “And now I’m going back with new regulations. I love holding a steering wheel in my hands every few days.”

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