(Motorsport-Total.com) – The test drives of the Ferrari Juniors in Fiorano were just the beginning. Another test awaits Mick Schumacher in the coming days: At the Eifel Extensive Prix on the Nürburgring, the 21 – year old German for the first time free coaching on a Formula 1 racing weekend for Alfa Romeo.

Mick Schumacher

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World Champion son Mick Schumacher is about to move up to Formula 1 Zoom Download

How Schumacher has prepared for it and used to be he expects from his commitment in front of the German fans, he describes in the video as well as his impressions of the Ferrari SF 71 H from the season 2018, which he moved in Fiorano.

And matching the show run at the Tuscany Extensive -Prix also raves about the Ferrari F 2004, which he pays homage to his father Michael Schumacher has already moved on a racetrack for the repeated time.

Surer : Schumacher ready for Formula 1

Soon, so is the unanimous opinion in the paddock, Schumacher will regularly be able to enjoy Driving Formula 1 cars. Because his promotion to the “premier class” should only be a matter of form after his recent very strong performances in Formula 2.

Mick Schumacher: F1 dress rehearsal at the Nürburgring

Ferrari youngster Mick Schumacher is in front his first participation in a Formula 1 Friday training session, at the Eifel GP at the Nürburgring! More Formula 1 videos

Formula 1 expert Marc Surer at least thinks with ‘Sport1’ : “In terms of talent, he is not the high-flyer, but he is very capable of improvement , he learns incredibly. “

” Every time he enters a new category, he was restrained at the beginning, learned something new and at the end of the season he struck. Exactly that he is now doing Formula 2 again, so of course he is recommended for a Formula 1 Vert rag. “

And so his Friday drive at Alfa Romeo at the Nürburgring is perhaps one thing above all: the dress rehearsal for a possible full-time engagement in the season 2021.

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