Foto: Nürburgring
Photo: Nürburgring

It will be a very special weekend at the Nürburgring. Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel and Co will not give each other anything away in the battle for championship points on the Eifel race track. And at least since the news that Mick Schumacher is making his F1 debut as part of training, the motorsport world has been in a state of excitement. The followers can be residing in all classes – from the first coaching on Friday to the race on Sunday. The next 5. 00 0 tickets are available since Friday, October 2nd. From 199 euros, the personalized seat is available online. The booking is made via the direct ticket link nri.ng/f1tickets.

1995 the followers experienced Michael Schumacher’s first victory at the Nürburgring. He was then on top of the podium four times in the Eifel. 2007 was with the Michael-Schumacher -S a combination of curves named after the seven-time Formula 1 world champion and 2016 he even got the Nürburgring Award for his life’s work. These events show the special relationship between the Kerpener and the Nürburgring. The Formula 1 debut of his son Mick, which will now take place next weekend as part of the first free practice session, is therefore also a remarkable event for Nürburgring Managing Director Mirco Markfort: “This is an absolute goosebump moment. Everyone knows how connected their father is to the Nürburgring. That the followers can now be there when this story continues to be written makes me happier in the USA. “

Tickets from 199 Euro – perfect overview thanks to large screens

Up to 20. 00 0 followers will follow the route from the 9th to the 11. October line. Today, Friday, the Ahrweiler district administration approved the next stage of sales. From now on there are more seats in the cheapest ticket category 3 (199 Euro) on grandstands T7, T9, T 10 a and T 10 b and seats on the T8 (Category 2 / 299 Euro). All of these places offer a good view of what is going on. In addition, many large screens provide a perfect overview of the entire race. The tickets are again only available online, personalized and seat-specific. This also ensures contact tracking.

The focus is on the health of all visitors

To ensure the best possible health of all visitors, no guests from designated international and national risk areas are permitted on the event weekend. As early as this week, the racetrack began to attract ticket holders from these areas in Germany (from 7-day incidence> 30) and abroad. “We take infection protection very seriously and work closely with the Institute for Hygiene and Public Health from Bonn,” explains Markfort. “But it is also important to us that we maintain the usual service concept for ticket holders in the measures. That is why we inform early and transparently. ”The viewers, who are not allowed to come on the weekend due to their place of residence, will receive a data on the Thursday before the event – and of course their money back afterwards. A current, negative Corona-Take a look at can still make the visit possible. Employees in a data center set up especially for this purpose take care of these matters.


All tickets are available under the direct booking link nri. ng / f1tickets . A parking space in the corresponding parking zone for the respective grandstand should also be booked online.


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