McLaren driver Lando Norris is convinced that playing video games helps him prepare for Formula 1 racing.

Norris is having a great season until now. He occupies a high fourth place in the World Championships, and this season he also stepped on the winning stage of Formula 1 for the first time. Despite his age, he shows a lot of racing skills and speed. He is not afraid to fight, both on and off the track, and the young Briton believes that playing video games also helps him prepare for racing.

When I play games that require a lot of brain activity, I am maximally focused and it gives me the same feeling as when I drive a Formula 1 car. How can I do it better? How can I take this corner better? Where can I overtake the car in front of me? These are questions that require a lot of thinking.

Driving a car and playing games like Call of Duty is very different, of course, but there are also a lot of things that are simillar. The way you think about certain things, the strategies you’ve come up with to defeat the enemy: what do I have that the other person doesn’t have? Achieving perfection, practicing memory and managing a large amount of information so you can make decisions quickly.


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