(Motorsport-Total.com) – To make Max Verstappen the youngest Formula 1 world champion, Red Bull can slowly say goodbye to the project. 77 Points deficit ( to the overall World Championship ranking ) the Dutchman already has Lewis Hamilton in the World Cup, but would have to win the title this season if he wants to set the record.

Christian Horner

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Christian Horner has for 2021 still vague hopes zoom Win

At Red Bull you dream of the title but so slowly written off – and because 2020 basically with the same cars the title for the coming season is the same With. “2022 is coming”, team boss Christian Horner knows that the new regulations will offer the possibility in two years to change the balance of power.

However, he does not want to 2021 either completely disregard: “There are a lot of parts that are taken away, but if we unleash more potential in our car and develop it effectively, then we can of course reduce the gap,” he says.

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Therefore, one does not want to let the development of the current car rest yet. “The car is of course the foundation for the coming year,” explains Horner. “Probably around 16 percent of it will be taken. So of course we work very hard about everything to understand and to tease out further efficiency. “

” Three months full of hard development are still ahead of us, and the whole group of workers is focused on it “, says the team boss.

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