Seb by all accounts doesnt appear to be the man who cares about what any one would recount about him if he doesnt exhaust a spec speed in idk let’s keep in mind a DTM automobile against other F1 drivers.

He loves racing and thinks it’d be a fun order for him.

Your voice appears to be like to point out that his ego would be damage if he doesnt exhaust a speed treasure this, while he’s clearly lovely seeing it as a fun extra speed in assorted cars. No longer every thing of us design has to design with them having a huge ego.

you guys mediate you fucking know every thing and lend a hand an eye on what of us mediate. I had been attending F1 races presumably a ways longer than any of you had been alive. I had been an F1 security sterling for over 30 years. I possess met an gigantic different of F1 drivers and contact just a few past F1 drivers mates. And even I net I will be succesful to’t qualify to direct F1 with you pricks. It’s disgusting and drives of us a ways flung from the game. That it is seemingly you’ll also very well be no fun.

Lmao reach on man it is seemingly you’ll also’t in truth in truth feel this for my section attacked by some downvotes and opposing comments

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