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Formula 1 world champion Jenson Button has called for a life ban from racing for Italian racer Luco Corberi after his attack on a competitor during a FIA World Championship race in karting.

Footage of Corberi’s behavior after a collision with rival Paolo Ippolito immediately flooded social media, and it all started after he 23 the annual racer resigned in the ninth round of the finals of the World Karting Series.

In the live broadcast of the race it was possible to observe Corberi waiting by the track with the bumper of his go-kart, then throwing it in the direction of his rival, blaming him for his resignation. It all continued after the end of the race, when Corberi started a fight, and his father, who is also the owner of the racetrack where the race took place, joined him in the fight.

Meanwhile, the whole world of motorsport has already expressed disgust at the event, and the incident was also strongly condemned by the Formula 1 world champion Jenson Button:

“With this disgusting behavior, Luca Corberi has just ruined all chances of ever having a racing career. His father, who owns the racetrack, then threw the young racer against a wall. Please a life ban for both idiots. “

Video: He threw a bumper into it during the race, followed by a fistfight after the race



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