(Motorsport-Entire.com) – Fernando Alonso has mastered some adventures in the past year and a half after leaving Formula 1 – the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the Indy 500 or the Dakar Rally. A camera team was present at all of these races. In the new documentary “Fernando” the Spaniard gives insights into the life of a racing driver, but also into his private life.

Fernando Alonso

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Fernando Alonso is currently shooting the second season of his documentary Zoom Download

“I thought that one a good time would be after I left Formula 1 to show people what the life of a racing driver is like and show them how wonderful all these races are – the Indy 150 or Le Mans “, he explains the diagram behind it during the presentation.

In the five episodes, the viewer accompanies Alonso into the sim ulator from Chevrolet, in which he takes on the challenge of Indy 500 prepared, or for a track discussion with his WEC teammates Sebastien Buemi and Kazuki Nakajima in Spa-Francorchamps.

First pursued other goals, then decided on F1

The Spaniard is mainly concerned with this about the Project of “driving a different car practically every week”. From the lone fighter in Indianapolis to the team player in Le Mans to a duo with co-driver Marc Coma in the Dakar Rally. “This is my normal life for me,” he grins.

One question he is asked over and over again during all the adventures is: When will he return to Formula 1? In the end, the comeback decision with Renault is dissolved. Alonso is already working with the film crew on the second season, which will highlight his return.

“We’re currently filming and it’s obvious what about will act – my return to Formula 1. You will see a lot that changed into you normally wouldn’t see the whole preparation. “The focus will be on the part from the time the decision is made until the return to the track.

At the beginning of the shooting of the first season, the Formula 1 comeback was not even planned, Alonso reveals. Due to the corona pandemic, the documentary was also delayed, which meant that the Return to be incorporated.

“There was only loose contact. I received the first call in June 2019 , they just wanted to find out whether I was getting bored at home. Then in August a crew wanted to change drivers, but at that point I didn’t want to go back, “reveals Alonso. He does not go into detail about which crew he means by that.

At first, however, he focused on other goals anyway. “Only then would I decide on Formula 1. The process went smoothly, it was improvised and not planned. “Only in November 2019 he finally started first conversations with Renault.

Alonso doesn’t want his characterize polish up

In the paddock of the premier class, the Asturian has a certain character. He is political, spirited and headstrong have scenes like in Hungary qualifying 2007 against Lewis Hamilton or in the Japan Extensive Prix 2007 (“GP2 engine”), did not contribute to a positive perception.

“Everyone can have their own opinion. But it always worked out for me that people didn’t have a very good opinion of me. Because many people were surprised when they got to know me personally, “laughs Alonso.

So with the film project he is not trying to polish up his character.” That is nothing I am about am concerned. As I said, everyone can have their own opinion. There are always people on social media who criticize everything about a well-known personality. Only the opinions of my crew and my family are really important to me. “

Photo gallery: Fernando Alonso visiting Renault: “Like on the first day of school”

Fernando Alonso ist wieder da! Nach zehn Jahren besuchte der Spanier erstmals wieder die Renault-Fabrik in Enstone. Es ist der Startschuss für sein Formel-1-Comeback 2021.

Fernando Alonso is back! The Spaniard visited the Renault factory in Enstone for the first time in ten years, marking the start of his Formula 1 -Comeback 2021. Photo gallery

And he adds: “If someone has a bad impression of me, then that person should probably e ask why this is so. After all, she doesn’t know me. I don’t really understand these people. “You not only get to see the racing driver Alonso in the documentary, but also the private man.

He shows himself in a relaxed atmosphere at breakfast with his friend Linda , at meetings with his manager, at work with his fashion label or while cycling with friends. Letting the camera team into the innermost circles was not easy.

“At the beginning there was I’m not comfortable with it. Cameras keep watching athletes in the paddock, but outside it’s like a shock. So it was difficult at the beginning. But the production team was fantastic, we understood America very well. So it was easier. “

Insights into internal most & dealing with the media

To 15 For minutes he forgot about the microphone and the camera in the room, says Alonso. “You tend to look at the camera or touches the microphone, but after a certain time the camera no longer exists. It becomes invisible. “

Due to the locations and positions of the crew, you get used to the project and behave naturally again.” If you had a camera right in front of your nose the whole time , the documentary would not be so intestine. Because then you would try to act all the time. “

Where did he personally draw the line, changed into can be shown and changed into not?” You asked me , changed into next thing I do and I said, I’ll go on a bike tour with a few friends and then go to a restaurant, “he describes an anecdote.

Analysis: Why Renault Alonso 2021 retrieved

After a two-year break Fernando Alonso has for the year 2021 signed with the Renault crew. The reasons for the comeback! More Formula 1 videos

“And [das Kamerateam] said: ‘Ok! We’ll put a Mirko on you and accompany you! ‘ But I refused because that’s my private life. So we always discussed whether or not they could come with me. In the end, they usually persuaded me to come with them. “

Because: If you don’t like it in the end, the passage will not appear in the documentary.” After all, you have me constantly accompanied. “For example after the bitter qualifying defeat in Indianapolis. His cooperation with the media has not changed as a result of this process.

” You have been with me since 25 years. “Alonso describes that the media interest is enormous, especially in Formula 1, and he complains about the high number of press appointments. “As soon as you have taken off your helmet, you have to go to a press conference.”

He doesn’t know any other athlete who has to give so many interviews. “So if you claim that a Formula 1 driver has an affirmation with the media or withholds his private life, then you should also remember that we 150 hold press conferences en. “

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