There would possibly be been an excellent deal of focus on who the correct starter on the grid is nowadays, with Steiner asserting Magnussen is the correct starter on the grid, and posts declaring that Giovinazzi has been the correct in the discipline at gaining positions on the 1st lap.

Many of us are immediate to cover both Giovinazzi or Magnussen, so I made up our minds to bring collectively a peep on the overall onboard footage from the the overall races of both drivers this year, to discover which is greatest starter of these two. The end result changed into surprisingly obvious.

Table of relevent stats

Move Starting Grid Location Location after 1st lap Positions gained
Mag Gio Mag Gio Mag Gio
Austria 16 18 13 14 3 4
Styria 15 19 12 15 3 4
Hungary 16 18 18 17 -2 1
UK 14 15 14 13 0 2
70th (UK2) 17 19 13 15 4 4
Spain 16 20 14 19 2 1
Belgium 20 18 15 14 5 4
Monza 15 18 20 14 -5 4
Mugello 20 17 12 14 8 3
Russia 18 17 9 12 9 5
—- —- —- —- —- —-
Full 27 32
Life like 16,7 17,9 14 14,7 2,7 3,2

So clearly the correct starter between Magnussen and Giovinazzi in 2020 is: Magnussen… Why, you inquire of?

Numbers can explain a unethical memoir, and the posts which simply demonstrate the absolute top form of gained positions surely discontinuance explain a unethical memoir.

Going over each traipse:

Austria: Magnussen starts extra ahead, and arguably has the larger initiating up, with more impressive overtaking. Giovinazzi benefits from Vettel ramming Magnussen. Even supposing, as a replace of Russell, both drivers overtake the a related folks.

Styria: Magnussen starts 4 spots sooner than Gio, and overtakes a Leclerc and Kvyat on merit. Giovinazzi benefits from a fracture and positive aspects 2 positions, that did not profit Magnussen.

Hungary: Magnussen pits on formation lap, which costs him 2-3 places (reckoning on how you depend Kvyat in pit at stay of lap). This hurts in statistics, nonetheless clearly paid off, with Magnussen scoring Haas’ handiest level. Giovinazzi misplaced 1 place of residing not off course, nonetheless gained 2 from Haas pitting. Appears to be like indifferent in statistics – wasn’t too gigantic in spite of the entire lot.

UK: Each and each drivers produce 1 place of residing from Hulk not initiating. Magnussen overtakes Albon not off course (and Kvyat, nonetheless will get overtaken in a straight line by the sooner AlphaTauri), sooner than being punted across the finishline by Albon (which led to a penalty for Albon). Giovinazzi did not produce positions on merit, nonetheless gained Magnussens place of residing, on legend of he crossed the line sooner than Mag skidded across. Another time, this surely muddies the portray in statistics.

70th/UK2: Each and each drivers profit 1 place of residing from fracture, and produce 4 full. Then yet any other time, Magnussen overtakes an AlphaTauri, whereas Giovinazzi overtakes a Williams.

Spain Magnussen overtakes 1 Renault, and makes a gigantic overtake on Kimi. Giovinazzi starts 4 spots extra support, nonetheless handiest manages to overtake 1 Willams.

Belgium Giovinazzi starts 2 spots extra ahead, where he will get a neutral correct commence at initiating up and overtakes Grosjean and Kimi. Magnussen moreover will get overtakes Kimi at initiating up, and Grosjean going into Eau Rogue. Except for the, the handiest distinction is that Magnussen will get previous 1 extra Williams (and that they had been indifferent overtakes price a search).

Monza: This one has the supreme impact on the statistics. Magnussen will get squeezed going into T1 by Giovinazzi and Grosjean. Giovinazzi takes off Magnussens entrance hover, and in a technique avoids a puncture. Magnussen loses 2 spots in the incident, and 3 spots getting in to pit. Giovinazzi will get a neutral correct commence and overtakes a Ferrari, and moreover makes a neutral correct overtake on Albon.

Mugello: Giovinazzi loses 1 place of residing old to the gigantic fracture in T2. Magnussen stays same place of residing. Each and each drivers to properly to tell a long way flung from the fracture. Giovinazzi positive aspects 4 positions due to the fracture, Magnussen positive aspects 8 positions.

Russia: Magnussen if truth be told overtakes 5 (alongside side Gio), and benefits 4 positions from crashes/chaos. Giovinazzi loses 1 place of residing not off course, nonetheless positive aspects 6 in the chaos.

I’d bring collectively prefered to discontinuance this as a video comparison, nonetheless for the explanation that FIA/F1 actively tries to tell a long way flung from folks the use of their footage, this would possibly also favor to discontinuance.


Magnussen has made an excellent deal of if truth be told gigantic overtakes, and overtook sooner autos than the Haas. He moreover suffered from plenty more “execrable success/statistics-twisters”, a lot like pitting on the formationlap in Hungary, dropping a entrance hover whereas being squeezed from either side and being rammed.

Giovinazzi began from extra support, and basically benefited from overtaking Williams and Grosjean. He had no “execrable success/statistics-twisters”, basically, he had indifferent success for fending off a puncture in his greatest initiating up, nonetheless did discontinuance properly to tell a long way flung from an accident at Mugello.

Overall, there changed into no query in my mind that Magnussen has been the severely larger starter of the 2 in 2020. In the occasion you would treasure to bring collectively a peep at Magnussens 1st laps, you would possibly well presumably well also search a compilation here.

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