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Journalist Heikki Kulta’s new book tells the story of Kimi Räikkönen’s special night in Sao Paulo, where the celebration of Finn’s title ended in the back seat ancient Lada.

When Kimi Räikkönen in 2007 in Sao Paulo became the world champion, Ferrari held a private celebration and Heikki Kulta was the only Finnish journalist to be invited to the party.

In his book, Kulta tells how the party is actually took place. It says that teammate Felipe Massa tried to teach Räikkönen some basics of samba, but the results were not the best.

According to Kulta, Räikkönen wanted to go elsewhere before midnight, joined by Kulta and his racing engineer Chris Dyer. They ended at the final party of the F1 season, hosted by the Red Bull team.

At five in the morning, the bar began to close. I found Kimi in the middle of a cloud of smoke on the corner table, where he and Vitantoni Liuzzi were talking loudly and we decided to go back to the hotel.

Eventually, Räikkönen and Kulta moved to a taxi queue in a “yard that seemed like car waste.

“ Kimi was impatient at the time and suggested we take a rusty moped or light motorcycle that looked abandoned, but I advised him to wait.

in the end we just waited for our taxi and it was an ancient Lada. Kimi noticed a McLaren-era mechanic who introduced him as Elvis and invited him into our cab. So the three of us crowded into the back seat of the Lada. “

The mechanic was sitting on the left , Kimi in the middle and I on the right. The spring protruding from the worn bench was visible through the fabric in the middle and supposedly pressed straight into Kimi’s buttocks. It was truly a championship ride. Usually, the world’s mega stars ride in limousines. We arrived at the hotel on the night of the victory with probably the same old car with which Kimi started his car hobby in Espoo as a little boy. We arrived at the hotel at seven in the morning and then I congratulated him for becoming world champion.

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