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Max Verstappen

12 capabilities · 1 hour ago

This, this is what I judge once I take into fable Formulation 1. 2007/2008 fashion vehicles and that top rev V8 sound, piquant.

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Alexander Albon

4 capabilities · 21 minutes ago

In my see the simplest technology in Formulation 1.

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Lewis Hamilton

3 capabilities · 6 minutes ago

No, the graveltrap made the variation. Second web 22 situation could well per chance be bigger than magnificent for Lewis.

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4 capabilities · 1 hour ago

Making the variation on the moist a part of the tune.

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4 capabilities · 58 minutes ago

Hamilton is the form of man you will also pit for original inters and he’ll construct up the time for the pitstop in short represent. Let’s recede him out though, appears to be admire there remains to be some rubber on 80% of that rear tire.

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1 point · 33 minutes ago

Did Kimi hesitate on the straight thanks to yellow flags?

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