Foto: FIAT / Alfa Romeo
Photo: FIAT / Alfa Romeo

With great anticipation, but also with Race driver Mick Schumacher goes into his Formula 1 debut on Friday at the Nürburgring with respect. This is what Michael Schumacher’s currently leading son in Formula 2 said in an interview with the RTL / ntv editorial team. Of the 21 – year old will do the 1st free practicing on the Eifel course in an Alfa Romeo. ntv transmits reside 10: 55 clock, also the 2nd free practice from 14: 55 Clock. RTL.de and TVNOW also stream both sessions reside.

Mick Schumacher about …

… his anticipation for his Formula 1 debut:

“The anticipation is of course very great for the first free practice, the first real one, where you drive together with all the drivers and under the eyes of home , became as soon as is of course a lot more special. “

… his expectations:

“I think it would be unfair to say that I have expectations by not knowing became as soon as comes to me. And yes it seems that it will be wet. So far, every time I’ve tested a new car, it has been wet. Always! So we have to see if we can drive. Unfortunately, you only get very few tires. Hopefully it won’t get too wet so that we can drive out a bit, otherwise it will be more waiting than driving. Hopefully everything will be fine and we can do a few laps. “

… his respect for the debut:

“Of course I have respect for the whole thing. It’s the first time we’re driving in front of the big eyes: In front of all the team bosses, in front of all CEOs, in front of all teams – so I’ll try to do it as soon as I can, where I know it’s good running and concentrating on myself and trying to deliver my best

… the advantage of having already driven in the Alfa be:

“Yes, of course that is helpful. I know the crew, I know the people and I work with the same group that I got to know in Bahrain back then. So it’s something that I don’t have to get used to anymore, but only to the car and to driving. “

… the importance of the debut for his career:

“It’s the greatest Step so far. From Formula 2 to Formula 1, it is the largest in terms of time: We have approx. 11 to 12 seconds difference between the two categories. So it will of course be very big. But the preparation in the crew is a lot more intensive. The days are longer. The work is more divided between the various employees. That means you have to be able to work with different individuals. This is of course something that is completely new to us. “

Source: RTL / ntv


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