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The Alfa Romeo F1 team has a great opportunity to put together a famous racing team next year and combine the legendary racing names under their roof.

Undoubtedly, the Raikkonen – Schumacher line-up is an opportunity that a team like Alfa Romeo should not waste. If they convince Raikkonen, who will turn 41 in the autumn, to stay for at least another season and at the same time become the team that will bring Mick Schumacher to Formula 1, they may be richly rewarded.

The obvious reason, of course, is of a marketing nature. Raikkonen has been considered one of the most popular racers in the world for years with a huge fan base. If we add to this all the supporters of Mick Schumacher, who are of course not few due to the legacy of the legendary Michael, we get a super attractive cast that will bring huge media interest to the small team and consequently much-needed sponsorship money.

At the same time, young Schumacher would have a hard time getting a better mentor than the 2007 world champion, who was already racing against his father. Raikkonen’s experience is invaluable for Alfa Romeo, and according to team boss Fred Vasseur, the Finn is the Swiss team’s first choice for the 2021 season.

In the event of Schumacher’s arrival, Antonio Giovinazzi would be out of the game, but in the last two years, he hasn’t been overly impressed. Alfa Romeo doesn’t have much to lose, while with a little risk, it can gain a lot.

Formula 1 has already written many amazing stories and this one would undoubtedly be one of them. When we once watched the fights between Michael and Kimi, probably no one thought the Iceman would become Schumacher’s son’s first teammate. This is Formula 1.

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