(Motorsport-Total.com) – On October 2nd 2020 Honda has confirmed the end of its Formula 1 project . But Max Verstappen from the Red Bull crew said that this was not surprising: “I had found out a little earlier.” And he also says: “You could see it coming.”

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Red Bull driver Max Verstappen wants to end up with Honda 2021 “pull through” Zoom Download

Where Verstappen got his idea from, he gave that in the press conference before the Eifel Substantial Prix 2020 at the Nürburgring ( Formula 1 2020 follow in the live ticker! ) open. He just said: “We’ll just keep going. And that’s how Honda does it too. Yes, you will get out, but that’s why you don’t let up now.”

From his point of view, there is no reason for Red Bull and Honda to end their joint work on the Formula 1 project. “We’ll be introducing a new drive next year. I’m looking forward to that,” says Verstappen. His motto: “Bring the matter to a successful conclusion and give everything until the last race.”

Verstappen: Contract until 2023, but …

Became once after that, that’s open. Although Verstappen is actually under contract with Red Bull beyond 2022. It was not until the Iciness that the Dutchman signed a long-term contract, which he signed to his current contract until the end 2023 Crew binds. ( Overview: drivers and teams of the Formula 1 season 2021! )

Honda gets out: What’s next with Red Bull?

After the Honda exit from Formula 1, Red Bull has to look for a new engine manufacturer. And there is speculation: Will Volkswagen come? More Formula 1 videos

The imminent end of Honda shows: “You can never be sure.” And: “It’s the same with the teams. You might sign a contract, but who knows, modified into once will happen in five years?”

The corona crisis in particular has shown how quickly priorities could shift. “All the information out there in the world,” says Verstappen, “of course doesn’t help.”

Everything, just not be Fred Feuerstein!

But he hadn’t thought about it yet, whether the Honda exit could change something in his personal future planning . O-Ton: “I just concentrate on the current and the following season. That is the most important thing in my eyes.”

“Became once after that is far in the future. It wouldn’t make sense to think about it now. ” In addition, the season 2021 with a new set of regulations brings with it “many unknowns”.

He leaves the engine decision for Red Bull to others. “I just hope I won’t end up like Fred Feuerstein and have to take care of the propulsion myself! As long as I don’t have to pedal, I’m open to anything,” says Verstappen. In any case, he would have no trouble returning to Renault.

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