(Motorsport-Total.com) – Sergio Perez’s future is still uncertain. Since it became known that Sebastian Vettel 2020 will take the place of the Mexican at Racing Level (Aston Martin), he has to Ask questions about his future career path. “At the moment there is nothing to report, I haven’t signed anything,” he waves him away.

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Sergio Perez barely answers questions about his future Zoom Secure

Perez reports “progress”, but wants to do not specifically reveal which options are on the table for him. “I think it will take a while. Until you have really signed something, nothing is fixed in Formula 1,” he knows from experience.

He wants to keep all doors open and patient stay. “I have no stress, let’s see what happened over the next few weeks.” Perez also emphasizes that he is completely focused on the season with his staff. He can’t be elicited more.

Realistically, he only has a chance of a cockpit at Haas or Alfa Romeo 2021. However, Kimi Räikkönen and Mick Schumacher are highly traded among Swiss personnel. “As I said, I don’t really have much to say about that.”

Perez prefers to talk about the performance of his group at the press conference on the Thursday before the Eifel-Advantageous-Prix. “I think we have made good progress. We have found our way back on track on my side. I just want to deliver every weekend.”

The change package should be sent to his RP that Perez will have available for the first time at the Nürburgring. In Tuscany and Russia only Lance Stroll has had the pleasure so far. The Canadian describes his first impressions of the upgrade: “It’s all about the downforce.”

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With the large-scale change package, he felt more closing on the car and more grip. “That is better for the lap time. That is a small step forward. But unfortunately we were not able to fully benefit from it on the past weekends.”

In Mugello he survived a serious accident unharmed, his RP 20 was completely destroyed. And in Russia Stroll was the victim of a duel against Charles Leclerc and did not get past the first round. “We missed a lot of points there, but I’m looking forward to the next seven races.”

Stroll wants to strike back, but Perez also has a big goal in mind: “We’re close to place three in the constructors’ championship, that is the focus. Time will show where the future is going. “

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