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65 facets · 1 hour ago

He’ll correct wake up one day and pronounce, “yea I inform I like f1”

After which he’ll signal hahahaha

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19 facets · 1 hour ago

So assuredly he has told the personnel that he wants to proceed however correct hasn’t signed the contract but. Despite the reality that nothing’s definite sooner than it’s real I quess.

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Alexander Albon

9 facets · 59 minutes ago

peaceable hasn’t decided whether to proceed in F1 subsequent season

It actually says in the title.

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Kimi Räikkönen

9 facets · 43 minutes ago

Guess he’ll signal on the identical day as FP1 on the following season opener. /s

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3 facets · 40 minutes ago

Right here is Kimi, identical particular person that used to be sleeping 30 minutes sooner than his first bustle, so its no longer out of the interrogate

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Rubens Barrichello

4 facets · 1 hour ago

Kimi must defend in F1.

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-7 facets · 57 minutes ago0 adolescents

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