(Motorsport-Full.com) – The Formula 1 races on the Nürburgring have been taking place since 1976 on the Reliable Prix track, but the appeal of the Nordschleife also grabs today’s Formula 1 stars. ( Formula 1 2018 in the live ticker !) The above 20 Kilometers since 1927 The almost unchanged route attracts the drivers even on the race weekend when they should actually concentrate on their race.

Nürburgring-Nordschleife, Wehrseifen, Strecke

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The Nürburgring-Nordschleife makes even Formula 1 stars work up a sweat Zoom Download

McLaren driver Carlos Sainz, for example, admits to renting a car on Wednesday in the run-up to the Eifel Grand Prix gen to have amused in the “Green Hell”: “Every time I come here, I go to the Nordschleife. It is a must-have! It was three laps in a borrowed Audi A6. I shouldn’t really say that because that could get me in trouble! “

” I always do that. My father stayed here on 24 Hour races. He knows the route moreover very well. When I drove here 2008 in the World Sequence by Renault he taught me the route. “He wasn’t a 20 years old.

Also local hero Sebastian Vettel got to know the route early on: “The first time I was 17 years old and drove my private car on the Nordschleife. I had a terrible 2nd. After the Schwedenkreuz I would have had a speedy accident because I had brake fading. “

Photos: Reliable Prix der Eifel

His mistake: “I drove the car like a sports car, which once it was, but it was absolutely not designed for the Nürburgring-Nordschleife.”

Ricciardo with beginner’s mistake

Daniel Ricciardo had a similar experience on his first attempt: “2008 I drove it in my private Fiat Punto. And whether you believe it or not: I managed to slide off the track myself! “

Apparently he made the typical beginner’s mistake in the Adenauer Forest, who is well known from numerous tourist trips compilations on YouTube: “It went blindly uphill to the left and suddenly the curve closed properly. I wasn’t prepared for that. That’s why I steered over the curb and drove across the grass. “

Like most of the people at this point, he was able to prevent an impact, because it was one of the few places with a generous run-off zone. “That was my last time for the time being. But I will Come back. This time I’ll drive more slowly. “Ferrari ace Charles Leclerc also wants to explore the Nordschleife on this racing weekend.

Jackie Stewart, Nürburgring-Nordschleife, 1973


Formula 1 continued into the 70 years on the Nordschleife race (here 1973) Zoom Download

Teen Lando Norris, on the other hand, embodies the new abilities: personally, he has never driven the Nordschleife, but has completed countless laps on it in sim racing: “I don’t have a single one Turned the lap [in echt], but I know it by heart from online racing. I really want to drive it. “

However, he wants to concentrate on his job first:” I’m here for the race weekend. I don’t want to do anything stupid beforehand. Maybe I can do a lap or something on the Sunday evening or Monday before the flight. I think everyone in motorsport would like to drive on the Nordschleife at some point. That’s definitely on my to-create list and hopefully it won’t be long. “

Vettel: F1 on the Nordschleife not excluded

Of course there there is always the issue of whether Formula 1 will drive on the Nordschleife again should. 1976 found the last race took place there – with an inglorious outcome. The track is fantastic, as all drivers agree. “It’s narrow, it’s a veteran college,” says Ricciardo. Sainz and Vettel think it’s “really fun”.

Listen and be amazed: Vettel does not consider a return of Formula 1 to be ruled out. “I have that 24 – Followed the hour race and I’m a big fan of the Nordschleife. It would be fantastic if we did that. The route would have to be re-paved and smoother. It would be the ultimate challenge. “

Ricciardo, on the other hand, has no illusions:” Driving there with Formula 1 now [Rennen] is a bit unrealistic. “

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