(Motorsport-Entire.com) – Is it a sign that Max Verstappen has already broken away from Crimson Bull and Honda? Some observers have interpreted this after Verstappen unfollowed the profiles of the crew and engine partners on social networks. But before the Formula 1 race on the Nürburgring ( follow the Formula 1 live ticker here! ) Verstappen told his version of the events.

Max Verstappen

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Max Verstappen now primarily does not deal with motorsport in social media Zoom Secure

And he said right from the start: “That happened a few weeks ago.” It has nothing to do with the recently announced Honda exit from Formula 1 .

His explanation: “I just didn’t feel like getting Formula 1 information anymore, that’s why.” Any other interpretation is wrong. “I also don’t see how you can put that into context. You want to make a drama out of it or something, but that’s how it is very often.”

Verstappen rejects allegations

To suspect he think about changing thoughts just because he no longer follows a social media profile, that is “far-fetched nonsense,” says Verstappen. “And so it is in 10 percent of the cases.”

It just became too much for him. “I kept getting updates on my at hand. Tagged here, tagged there,” says Verstappen. “In addition, I thought to myself, I’ll let that be. That’s not why I’m in Formula 1.”

Honda gets out: What’s next for Crimson Bull?

After the Honda exit from the formula 1 Crimson Bull has to look for a new engine manufacturer. And there is speculation: Will Volkswagen come? More Formula 1 Movies

In his feed, other sports can now be found and not necessarily Formula 1 and motorsport in general. “I like that much better, “says Verstappen.” I’m in the paddock every week anyway. “

But he doesn’t want to say goodbye to social networks completely.” I have the choice, not opening it when i want to. It’s not that difficult, “he explains.” Not to follow, but that’s even easier. “Or, if there is” too much drama “, to leave the apps completely closed.” That’s fine too, “says Verstappen.

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