1 – Valtteri BOTTAS (Mercedes)

2 – Lewis HAMILTON (Mercedes)

3 – Max VERSTAPPEN (Red Bull)


(Performed by Paul Di Resta) 


Q: Max, P3, it looked like you were in the combat correct to the shatter however you narrowly uncared for out. How changed into once it?

Max VERSTAPPEN: Yeah, it changed into once an mesmerizing qualifying and after lacking your complete of the day outdated to this it changed into once very busy on the present time. Overall, I concentrate on no longer lower than in qualifying, correct in Q3, the build it in fact mattered, I changed into once understeering a microscopic bit too noteworthy. When it’s so frigid and you’re understeering, you’re graining the front tyres, so customarily heating up the rubber, which label me a microscopic bit of lap time. We’re getting closer against Mercedes, which I concentrate on would possibly be very decided, so in a ability, a microscopic bit upset, I changed into once staring at for a microscopic more, however it’s what it’s and total I will restful be rotten


Q: The decided, as you grunt, is that you’re closer to Mercedes. Does that indicate you’re going to tear better, because customarily you come closer to matching them on a Sunday?

MV: I am hoping so. It’s going to be even chillier the next day, so it’s going to be even more attention-grabbing seeing what the tyres are going to total, how they are going to be behave. So let’s ogle. It’s a fun phrase to force so I’m correct staring at for the next day and let’s ogle what we can shatter.


Q: Smartly done Valtteri. Three red sectors, simplest of anybody, received the job done. True time, crammed with self perception on the relief of that rob final time out?

Valtteri BOTTAS: Thanks yeah. It’s this kind of capable feeling must you salvage it on the final lap, your final likelihood. The final lap in qualifying for me changed into once field on, correct what I wished. It changed into once rather strong clearly with a short apply and with these conditions getting the tyres in a candy field on the out laps that changed into once potentially the supreme inform on the present time.


Q: Develop into once that the supreme inform to soak up qualifying – tyre preparation – since you were clearly in the relief of Lewis and he changed into once dictating the tear however you received the sectors nailed?

VB:  Yeah, needless to verbalize we were leaving more of the less the same time from the garage and it changed into once his decision to head first and there’s restful assorted assets it’s seemingly you’ll perchance strive to total on the out lap, whether it’s about braking or these forms of things, however in the shatter I received the tyres there and then the lap changed into once in fact tremendous.


Q: Earn you concentrate on it’s seemingly you’ll perchance earn this on and rob the next day?

VB: Pointless to verbalize I feel so. That’s essentially the most attention-grabbing purpose for the next day, so confidently we can accumulate a ultimate-attempting commence.


Q: Lewis, it changed into once a capable warfare your complete technique to the shatter, Max changed into once clearly in that as effectively. Is there any place you feel like it’s seemingly you’ll perchance perchance accumulate extracted a microscopic bit more to discipline Valtteri?

Lewis HAMILTON:  I’m decided after I witness on the facts there shall be one thing. It’s a whole lot of time, clearly it’s two tenths ahead, so he did a mammoth and congrats to him.


Q: Wait on on the Nürburgring. Is it a phrase you rob to force? It’s tremendous to witness the vehicles going spherical right here after a few years of no longer being right here?

LH: It’s a rare circuit. It’s one in every of the historical circuits now we accumulate, so it positively is mammoth to be relief right here.


Q: What’s going to develop the variation the next day, because clearly the conditions are no longer edifying, it’s assorted to what we are customarily extinct to? What’s going to be the supreme discipline?

LH:  I don’t in fact know if I’m ultimate-attempting. I assume I’ll discover tonight. Naturally the graining particularly in these conditions, being this frigid. How the tyres behave. Whether it’s a one or two-shatter. How long the tyres will journey. Clearly we’re all on the mushy to commence with in the starting up. Whether or no longer there’s a security automobile. Going spherical in the relief of a security automobile in these conditions goes to be tricky with these temperatures, so there’s loads to play for the next day. I favor to salvage my head down.




Q: Valtteri, many congratulations, mammoth lap in your final tear of Q3. How noteworthy did you luxuriate in that?

VB: Yeah needless to verbalize you luxuriate in it would possibly perchance you organize to place apart it on pole and particularly when it’s the final lap that in fact counts and must you salvage a ultimate-attempting lap and it’s ample for pole, it’s a extremely ultimate-attempting feeling, a sort of feelings and sensations why we shatter this.


Q: Of your three poles with this automobile this year, would you grunt that’s your most fulfilling?

VB: I don’t know. I don’t in fact earn into epic. It’s consistently a capable feeling, however yeah with that lap, that changed into once rather natty, and you know, I received your complete facts correct and you know, I changed into once also struggling a microscopic bit in the first sector thru qualifying however in fact in the final lap I managed to salvage all of it correct, so it changed into once a ultimate-attempting feeling.


Q: And attempting ahead to the tear the next day, Valtteri, eager to own the momentum going from Russia?

VB: yeah, needless to verbalize, however again it’s going to be a recent day the next day, so correct favor to focal point on the small facts which would be going to topic, so the first of these goes to be the tear commence, so can’t luxuriate in the pole too noteworthy because the next day is the day that in fact matters.


Q: Smartly done Valtteri. Lewis, correct pipped by your team-mate on the present time. You were slower in Q3 than you were in Q2, the build did the tempo fling away?

LH: I’m no longer in fact decided. I’d favor to return and accumulate a witness, however positively Q2 looked and felt ultimate-attempting however after I received to Q3 it correct didn’t feel ultimate-attempting either tear. Factual the grip didn’t feel the same.


Q: Are you able to uncover us a microscopic bit about the session? With the dearth of operating the day outdated to this, how noteworthy did that compromise your tempo and the build of abode-up of the automobile sooner or later of qualifying? 

LH: Smartly, I don’t concentrate on now we favor to be right here on Fridays so it changed into once utterly ultimate-attempting for me.

VB:  Unprecedented better with one apply.

MV: It’s though-provoking.


Q: Lewis let’s throw ahead to the tear. Valtteri has already pinpointed the commence, what are you thoughts on what’s going thru your mind ahead of the tear?

LH: Not too noteworthy correct this second. I concentrate on I’ll correct strive to bear what came about on the present time. Tomorrow is a protracted tear. We’ll ogle the next day with the climate. It’s loads cooler right here. Not essentially the most attention-grabbing field to overhaul either. But there would be an complete bunch opportunities, so I’ll be pushing exhausting.


Q: Max, you were quickest after the first runs of Q3 however these guys correct slipped ahead of you on that final lap. It be indispensable to construct up thru it changed into once on for a whereas?

MV: Yeah. It’s consistently strong to verbalize however total I concentrate on on the present time has been rather OK. The auto’s been handling somewhat effectively, quali as effectively. I felt somewhat overjoyed. Pointless to verbalize, there were a few microscopic steadiness things I’d accumulate loved to salvage improved however, needless to verbalize, immediate glance. Overall I concentrate on it changed into once a ultimate-attempting qualifying. I correct combat a microscopic bit with understeer – and I don’t like understeer however also this phrase, for the time being when it’s so frigid, with the tyres, yeah, it correct didn’t come against us, dry qualifying. I concentrate on from the starting it changed into once ultimate-attempting however then it correct slipped away a microscopic bit. For these who’re understeering, it’s seemingly you’ll perchance’t raise that mid-nook tear thru the corners, it would possibly perchance be indispensable to V-sort it a microscopic bit more and you lose a microscopic bit of time. Serene, a ultimate-attempting qualifying. To be that with regards to them.


Q: You guys were nearly two seconds sooner than the outdated qualifying file right here on the Nürburgring. Are you able to correct uncover us what it’s rob to force these vehicles around this phrase?

MV: I indicate any phrase! They are so rapid. We salvage extinct to it however needless to verbalize if we were to leap in a automobile of 2015 – 2016 it would possibly perchance also be a microscopic bit of a shock to us for decided. But yeah, these vehicles are extraordinary. You would possibly perchance perchance accumulate gotten so noteworthy grip – however restful must you’re pushing in qualifying you restful feel it’s seemingly you’ll perchance perchance be lacking grip. You largely desire to head sooner – however it’s restful impressive stuff, to be that noteworthy sooner on a phrase like this.




Q: (Christian Menath – motorsport-magazin.com) Seek recordsdata from for all three of you. With ultimate-attempting preparation to the qualifying session, how noteworthy would you grunt is restful in your equipment? One from the driver and also from the automobile?

VB: It’s so strong to verbalize a quantity however for decided no question that the more it’s seemingly you’ll perchance perchance honest accumulate apply, you salvage your complete ultimate-attempting facts correct and particularly Friday it’s seemingly you’ll perchance perchance honest accumulate your complete night between the sessions to witness at things and discover about things from the automobile and driver. So, I concentrate on with more apply would were a microscopic bit sooner. I will’t grunt a quantity however essentially, I concentrate on currently, in the typical weekend, I bear like there’s too noteworthy apply. Every person finds their ways and build of abode-americaand the optimal things when it involves riding and the automobile build of abode-up – however if there would be a microscopic bit less apply, perchance some groups can salvage it correct, some drivers can salvage it correct, and a few don’t. I sort of like it with a microscopic bit less apply.


Q: Lewis?

LH: The a connected. There’s no longer in fact device more to add to it.


Q: Max, one thing else?

MV: yeah, for decided. You would journey a microscopic bit sooner. Especially must it’s seemingly you’ll perchance perchance honest accumulate microscopic disorders or whatever, it’s seemingly you’ll perchance journey over it thru an complete night. You would possibly perchance perchance witness at it relief in the factory as effectively, work in the simulator and stuff however total, like Valtteri stated, now we accumulate somewhat a few apply. You furthermore mght earn your time y’know? To resolve in. Now, that’s it’s most attention-grabbing one session you’re straight away on it I concentrate on a microscopic bit more than what that you can customarily shatter in FP1 or whatever, so, it evens-out a microscopic bit however there are consistently microscopic things that would possibly perchance honest also be improved.


Q: (Scott Mitchell – The Scurry) Seek recordsdata from to Max. Max, right here’s clearly a extremely aggressive efficiency out of your self. What shatter you build that every particular person in every of the sort down to? On the engine facet is it a microscopic better for the reason that straights are a microscopic bit shorter so there’s no repeat of clipping or one thing else like that? And is the automobile correct working a microscopic bit better in latest races?

MV: I concentrate on the engine is an identical. We brought a few upgrades, so the automobile is working a microscopic bit better. Pointless to verbalize, with most attention-grabbing having tear on the present time there are restful somewhat a few things to battle thru and analyse and optimise as effectively, attributable to the understeer I had in the automobile – however it’s positively a ultimate-attempting step ahead, so we are on the actual device. I correct hope we can retain heading into that route and retain improving.


Q: (Phil Duncan – PA) The file is restful up for grabs the next day. Would it no longer indicate more to equal Schumacher’s venue at an iconic venue just like the Nürburgring – a phrase the build Schumacher has won five instances?

LH: If truth be told it wouldn’t develop any incompatibility. I’ve received my work lower-out the next day. It’s no longer one thing I particularly concentrate on about. If and when it occurs, it’ll be mammoth – however correct now these two are making it rather exhausting for me. I’m enjoying this warfare I’m having with these guys.


Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) Seek recordsdata from to the 2 Mercedes drivers please. We saw you out on the Medium tyres early on in Q2. Could perchance you correct shriek what the pondering in the relief of that changed into once – and were you ever in fact staring at for to salvage thru on that more challenging rubber? Thanks.

LH: I will accumulate received thru on that tyre. I wished to commence on it – correct because I wished to total one thing assorted – however the team chose for us to each be on the same tyre. We’ll ogle whether it changed into once the actual preference the next day. I’m decided it’s the actual preference. I concentrate on the a whole lot of one would were a microscopic bit exhausting.

VB: We tried clearly the Medium tyre this morning in the apply, once – however when he had it, it changed into once a rather green phrase and strong to salvage a ultimate-attempting read off the tyre, how it’s behaving. When the phrase gets better, we tried it and for me, that tear changed into once somewhat unpleasant. I couldn’t salvage ample temperature on the out-lap in the tyres. I’m utterly contented to be on the mushy.


Q: Max, correct whereas we’re when it comes to Q2 and tyre preference, were you tempted by the Medium?

MV: No, because we made a opinion to correct stick with the Soft tyre.


Q: (Ben Hunt – The Sun) Lewis, correct following the ask there. We know we shatter retain announcing you’re no longer centered on the file, however we shatter retain asking you about it. Is it a case of correct looking out for to salvage it done and dusted and then focal point on winning the championship? You correct desire to salvage that over and done with now?

LH: Not particularly, no. I correct no longer in fact troubled by… I know you retain asking me questions about it. I will’t uncover you. I don’t feel a particular device about it correct now. I’m totally centered on looking out for to total the one job I will. If that gets me to that rob then mammoth however needless to verbalize, I’m no longer attempting immediate term, I’m attempting further ahead, you know.


Q: (Edd Straw – The Scurry) Valtteri, you mentioned that in all probability some drivers thrive more on this device of discipline, when there’s less phrase time, and in response to history, going correct relief to Williams days, you’ve consistently been rather strong when the phrase’s green, so I presume you earn into consideration your self to be a sort of. What shatter you concentrate on the reasons are? It sort of plays to your strengths when it involves selecting up the phrase grip, correct getting on high of the automobile to a undeniable stage rather rapid? Why are you so strong in that house?

VB: I don’t know. I don’t know if I’m any better than any assorted driver adapting to things. I’m decided that each driver in Formula 1 needs to be hugely talented and hugely reactive and adaptive to assorted conditions and to learn rapid, nook by nook, lap by lap. I don’t know. I like it. I consistently just like the route of of discovering the small facts rapid and since an adolescent, riding assorted sort of things, whether it changed into once ice and snow and all forms of conditions, I’ve consistently like it and fortuitously from a younger age I stumbled on it in fact attention-grabbing, the route of of getting rapid to a undeniable tempo and then better. I will’t grunt more. I concentrate for your complete drivers listed below are talented, however I like it.


Q: Waiting for Imola?

VB: Yeah, for decided.


Q: (Andrew Benson – BBC Sport) Max, as you grunt, you’ve been getting closer to Mercedes in the outdated few races. I know you’ve been improving the automobile however has it improved when it involves anxiety which you were combating earlier in the year as effectively as correct downforce and one thing, three tenths is in most cases the kind of margin in qualifying the build you’re in the combat in the tear, so shatter you concentrate on it’s seemingly you’ll perchance earn it to them the next day?

MV: There are a few unknowns right here, needless to verbalize. We haven’t done ultimate-attempting long runs however yeah, the automobile has been improved all year long, needless to verbalize, like somewhat a few assorted groups needless to verbalize, however from our facet, it changed into once all about correct calming the whole lot down a microscopic bit and repair the rear with the front a microscopic bit more and that, to this point, seems to work this weekend. I in fact ended up understeering for once. That’s tremendous. We correct retain on working. We know that (at) the commence of the year a few things weren’t correct. We tried to address it, we tried to learn and we tried to develop it better and ogle what we can toughen, also for next year that we don’t develop the same errors.


Q: (Abhishek Takle – Midday) Valtteri, in the context of on the present time’s efficiency shatter you witness relief in your Russian rob as in all probability a turning point, shatter you feel like you’ve unlocked a higher stage of efficiency, to be capable to explain, following that rob?

VB: I will’t grunt that, clearly, and we haven’t raced on this tear however no longer lower than on the present time changed into once ultimate-attempting. I felt like I changed into once performing effectively and clearly being on pole is a ultimate-attempting achievement however it’s the tear that matters and I never had a doubt that I couldn’t be on pole however it’s… or rob races however needless to verbalize it’s a capable inform to salvage it, I will’t ogle it’s a turning point because I’ve been feeling upbeat all year long and I’ve been so close steadily, anyway, this season, to rob however it’s correct things came about come collectively. If I could perchance predict the long tear, I’d grunt, yes or no for that ask.


Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) To all three: I love, as Max stated, you haven’t had the likelihood to construct up any ultimate-attempting long operating however we are staring at for things to be even chillier the next day. How would possibly perchance that impact the tear, how will it affect your tyres and your tyre management riding? Will it accumulate any assorted impact to assorted races we’ve seen?

LH: If it’s… jeez, any chillier than this, we’ll favor to… tear with my scarf on, jeez. I concentrate on the same outdated results from the phrase getting chillier is the place apart on, customarily or the burden or the front tyres customarily endure a microscopic bit more, we customarily accumulate a microscopic bit more understeer doubtlessly. If there are safety vehicles, restarting our tyres goes to be a combat, that’s for decided however we’re all in the same boat. I don’t in fact know how a ways the tyres will journey however clearly when it gets a microscopic bit chillier, customarily it’s seemingly you’ll perchance journey a microscopic bit further as they work in a a microscopic assorted vary so yeah, I am hoping right here’s restful though-provoking the next day.

VB: I concentrate on there are many unknowns for every team with their lack of operating. There’s no longer noteworthy recordsdata, except for iciness checking out in these forms of temperatures, so I concentrate on yeah, must you’re going to favor to commerce the compound sooner or later of the tear from mushy it’s going to be unknown how it handles and in the first inform so confidently it would possibly perchance develop it attention-grabbing.

MV: How about we discover the next day?



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