(Motorsport-Complete.com) – Charles Leclerc is “quite surprised” by his performance in the qualifying for the Eifel-Huge-Prix on the Follow Nürburgring ( Formula 1 1000 in the live ticker ! ). Because he hadn’t expected fourth place on the grid. Therefore he is “very satisfied”.

Charles Leclerc

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Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc placed his car on row two in qualifying Zoom Get

” Mainly because we thought we would get into trouble in these cool conditions, but it was pretty good, “said Leclerc. Indeed: With 1: 26. 035 minutes the Ferrari driver held a Crimson Bull and both Renault behind, with a gap of 0, 766 seconds Valtteri Bottas’ best time in Mercedes.

“The lap,” says Leclerc, “was very good. I got to the point in the last attempt, and that, although the conditions in Q3 worsened. There was more wind overall, and that made the car unpredictable. Nevertheless, I managed to get the lap. I’m very happy with P4. “

Vettel and Leclerc disagree on update conclusion

Leclerc’s Ferrari team-mate

Sebastian Vettel, on the other hand, got along less well and only achieved P 11 , with the reference to a weak first sector . Leclerc thinks that he himself was particularly strong in this section, but did not want to go into more detail with the 0, 498 seconds apart enter very clear team duels.

Sebastian Vettel’s helmet design homage to Michael Schumacher

Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel shows and explains his Formula 1 helmet design for the Eifel-Huge-Prix 2020 on Nürburgring, with a homage to the sieve More Formula 1 movies

The assessments of Ferrari drivers when using the latest updates on the SF 1000. Vettel states that he only drove it in the afternoon. His conclusion: “A bit difficult to say, but not a big difference. That is also what changed into we expected.”

Leclerc, on the other hand, explains that the current Ferrari innovations have “works properly”. He goes on to say: “United States of America is not so much about updates that would bring united states of America a lot of time. We rather try to implement small changes every weekend. At the moment it is working fine.”

Now a “good result” for Leclerc

“Every time we use something new, it works. That’s the most important thing. And that has not been the case in the past,” says Leclerc. “That helps united states of america to find a solid foundation for the car.”

Leclerc wants to use this very foundation to achieve a “good result” at the Eifel Huge Prix retract. However, there is no concrete target. Because: “The race should be difficult. There are a lot of unknowns there because we have practically not completed any test laps with a lot of fuel. So let’s see.”

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“It will be important,” says Leclerc, “to protect the tires and anticipate which ones wear out first. In any case, we will try to make the best of it. “

Leclerc does not write to Vettel ab

And Vettel? Leclerc does not write him off, but says: “Seb is a four-time world champion. He’ll be back where he belongs. At the moment I am concentrating on myself and on pushing the car to the max every time. That works very well for me at the moment. “

The statistics underline this: In the current season Leclerc in the Ferrari qualifying duel against Vettel with 9: 2 clearly ahead. He only failed to get out of the high three times 10 go, Vettel on the other hand only three times the high 10.

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