1 – Lewis HAMILTON (Mercedes)

2 – Max VERSTAPPEN (Pink Bull)

3 – Daniel RICCIARDO (Renault)



(Conducted by David Coulthard) 


Q: Max, 2d space nevertheless crucially that fastest lap intellectual on the cease there. It changed into tight with you and Lewis, the Safety Automobile played a ingredient, nevertheless they had been true too speedily presently?

Max VERSTAPPEN: Yeah, I mediate overall it changed into an even lunge. I changed into true looking out to practice Lewis, once Valtteri of direction dropped out. I mediate the tear changed into intellectual. We had been true looking out to style our possess lunge a diminutive bit. They had been true a diminutive bit too instant. But last lap, I notion “I’m true going to give it a tear” and survey what happens and we true managed to catch that fastest lap nevertheless also that one extra point. So yeah, I changed into ravishing about that.


Q: Now we did hear you barely vocal on the radio within the assist of that last Safety Automobile. You in actual fact struggled with the originate at that re-commence, running wide within the last corner. Ethical focus on us thru that?

MV: Yeah, the computer screen is terribly chilly and the tyres are already chilly whenever you allow from the box. I true didn’t understand why the Safety Automobile changed into out for see you later. The automobile changed into cleared. I understand they wish to bunch up the sphere, nevertheless it completely’s ravishing unhealthy with these vehicles when the tyres are so chilly. We’ll peep into that nevertheless anyway we done 2d, the establish I mediate we belong presently, and that’s a very worthy thing.


Q: Daniel Ricciardo, welcome assist, 2018 changed into your last podium. You needed to work for that one?

Daniel RICCIARDO: Yeah, it’s been a whereas. To be supreme it feels fancy the predominant podium all over again. It’s been two and a half of years or something. The feeling is fundamentally effective. It’s new, so, wow! So jubilant and clearly to survey all americans in addition – we possess all waited a very long time for this, so I mediate all americans looks to be going to soak it up.


Q: Yeah, over my shoulder we had the entire Renault crew celebrating and I survey your crew-mate Ocon true to the left in addition. Here’s a colossal 2d for the crew as they manufacture in direction of to the future. Furthermore a colossal 2d for Cyril. We’ve bought to talk regarding the tattoo. It looks to be there is that this agreement the establish whenever you catch a podium he has to catch a tattoo. Is that true and what are you going for?

DR: Yeah, so it’s true. It’s going to occur. We’ll must style some thinking now. Doubtlessly something to style with me nevertheless I mediate with a German flavour. Here’s clearly the gap we did it so a diminutive tip of the hat to something aged in Germany in addition.


Q: Very supreme, tear and relish that 2d Daniel and welcome assist. Lewis, congratulations. Earlier than we catch into what a document equalling victory this has been, let’s focus on regarding the lunge itself. You didn’t catch it easy to your self did you, down at Turn 1. You didn’t inquire Valtteri to come assist assist at your as anxious? Can you focus on regarding the commence?  

Lewis HAMILTON: I had an even commence and acquired up alongside Valtteri and we both fancy understeered into the corner. So I attempted to give as noteworthy room as that it’s doubtless you’ll perchance well be additionally imagine after which he changed into in my blind space so I didn’t know the establish he changed into after that. I moved as wide to the skin nevertheless he got right here assist and he did an fabulous job and I be conscious popping out of that corner thinking: “Ethical on you, man. I’m impressed. That changed into intellectual.” After that I true needed to catch particular that… I attempted to hold on to him to this point as that changed into that it’s doubtless you’ll perchance well be additionally imagine. I managed to peep after my tyres in actual fact well, and I could perchance well survey he changed into graining his entrance tyres and I knew those subsequent couple of laps had been the time for me to push after which he had his lock-up. On the replacement hand it changed into no longer an easy lunge at all. The Pink Bulls are so instant. Max drove extremely well. I mediate the one space and probability he had changed into on the re-commence nevertheless I managed to blueprint back and pull a effective gap. But that it’s doubtless you’ll also negate their tear on the cease. We’ve bought a severe fight on our hands.


Q: You wouldn’t desire it every other manner even though, would you?

LH: No, completely. I’m telling you, I’m knackered.


Q: Smartly, Lewis, we must recognise that right here is your 91st victory, you equal Michael Schumacher in that success and we possess something that will be fitting to recognise this particular 2d. At the same time as you peep to your left, Mick Schumacher, Michael’s son goes to present you with regarded as one of Michael’s helmets?

Mick SCHUMACHER: Congratulations and right here is for you from all of us. It’s an unlimited success in actual fact.

LH: I’m honoured man.

MS:  It’s a lunge helmet from 2012.

LH: Thank you. It’s such an honour. I entirely worship that, thanks.


Q: That’s regarded as one of Michael’s Mercedes lunge helmets. What does that catch you feel Lewis?

LH: I don’t know even what to issue. You know, whenever you develop up staring at someone and you idolise them, no longer true when it comes to the quality of driver they are nevertheless that they’re in a dwelling to continuously style [it] 300 and sixty five days on 300 and sixty five days, lunge on lunge, week on week, with their crew. I be conscious playing [as] Michael on a sport referred to as Sizable Prix 2 I mediate it changed into. I mediate there changed into a time I changed into playing you at one stage too. Ethical seeing his dominance for see you later I don’t mediate someone, and especially me, would possibly perchance well imagine that I’d be wherever conclude to Michael when it comes to records. It’s going to opt me some time to catch venerable to it. Honestly as I got right here into the pit lane it changed into ideal then that I realised that I had equalled it. I hadn’t even computed it. I suggest I couldn’t possess performed it with out this fabulous crew, all americans persevering with to push within the assist of me and giving it their every part. So a colossal, colossal thanks and monumental admire to Michael.




Q: Lewis, many congratulations. That changed into a glorious fight with Max nevertheless within the cease an emphatic victory, drawing you stage on 91 wins with Michael Schumacher. You’ve had a short time for it to sink it. Can you describe your emotions please?

LH: It’s positively no longer sunk in, that’s for obvious. I don’t know the blueprint in which it’s for other drivers after they’ve these wins nevertheless it completely takes some time so that you just can analyse it and for it to sink in, to comprehend what it in actual fact blueprint. But fancy any of us, I grew up staring at Michael secure all of those grands prix and I couldn’t possess fathomed equalling him. I mediate attending to Formula 1 changed into the first step of the dream and clearly emulating Ayrton. But Michael changed into true to this point forward. It’s beyond my wildest desires to mediate that I’m right here presently having equalled him and I true feel in actual fact humbled by the 2d and the replacement I changed into given once I changed into 13 by Mercedes to join this crew and I possess in actual fact proud to continue to signify them and to possess brought this document to Mercedes. With rather of luck we possess bought more records to destroy and to catch. With rather of luck they comprehend it changed into an even funding!


Q: You’ve been given regarded as one of Michael’s lunge helmets from 2012. Can you give us some thoughts on him as a driver and on his space within the game?

LH: Naturally all americans is conscious of that he’s a legend and an icon of the game. I mediate what he done in so many areas nevertheless your know pushing the restrict when it comes to the physicality facet, he in actual fact changed into a pioneer in being the fittest driver on the time, and what he did at both the groups he changed into at, particularly Ferrari, changed into true excellent. I mediate for me, that quantity is so colossal it’s anxious for americans to, when it’s to this point away, it’s anxious for americans to seemingly completely know the blueprint anxious it changed into for him to possess bought those 91 wins, to carry weekend in weekend out, 300 and sixty five days on 300 and sixty five days on 300 and sixty five days, and pause so bodily in shape and so true. I keep in mind that now more than ever. I will ideal advise you that it doesn’t catch less complicated. From you first secure to your 91st I’m telling you it’s been a long anxious lunge. I’ve bought huge drivers around me who I’m playing racing. I’m hope that it’s closer between us transferring… Daniel did an unlimited job, nevertheless Max drove exceptionally well also presently and applied so noteworthy tension. But Michael is and for all time will be a legend of the game and I possess very humbled to possess regarded as one of his helmets and honoured.


Q: Thank you Lewis. Max, your fifth 2d space of the season, true how happy are you with the performance presently?

MV: Yeah, it changed into intellectual. I attempted to practice Lewis around your entire lunge. I mediate he changed into rather quicker your entire lunge nevertheless from our facet overall it changed into a particular weekend, so very happy with that. You true retain on working to study out to conclude the outlet extra.


Q: Attain you feel Pink Bull are closer to Mercedes now?

MV: It felt… yeah we brought new parts to the automobile so the automobile positively improved. So yeah, we’ll strive to retain studying more about it due to, of direction, the weekend changed into rather shorter than expected and we’ll strive to enhance extra and, of direction, the next lunge we can strive it all over again.


Q: Daniel, welcome assist, we haven’t had you in regarded as the kind of put up-lunge press conferences for a whereas – first one since 2018. Can you true describe what it feels fancy and the blueprint in which particular it’s?

DR: It in actual fact feels fancy the predominant podium. I’ll negate it all over again. These emotions. There’s fancy that feeling whenever you catch out of the automobile and tear and hug the crew, getting slapped on the helmet, getting a effective headache, it’s rather of a shock happiness nevertheless all americans is conscious of we did it. I mediate in addition, it’s the predominant one with Renault, so the predominant podium with a brand new crew nevertheless, as you touched on, it’s been two-and-a-half of years since I changed into in regarded as the kind of put up lunge press conferences, so it’s been a whereas. It’s a feeling I’ve overlooked. I possess we’ve been knocking on the door, particularly the last four-five races we’ve been so conclude and at last had the replacement and we took it. I felt it changed into coming and it’s effective to possess made it occur, so very, very jubilant for all americans. To peep Renault there down under the rostrum, I comprehend it’s a colossal day for all americans.




Q: (Ben Hunt – The Solar) Lewis, when all of us spoke the replacement day, said you weren’t enraged regarding the document. I don’t know whenever you had been striking a brave face on it or no longer – nevertheless can you true show cloak your reduction now that you just’ve got got bought this document and indeed is it now time to commence focussing on the replacement thing: the Championship. You style possess a wholesome lead. Obviously Pink Bull are pushing you nevertheless you style possess such a commanding lead it desires to be tempting to catch carried away with thoughts about that now.

LH: With rather of luck you realize me well ample by now to know that I never style. I mediate it positively doesn’t feel fancy a reduction. I mediate… I don’t know why. It doesn’t feel that manner at all. I mediate I true feel very… I’m true enraged about your entire of us which possess helped me catch to this space. At the same time as you survey on the rostrum with me, Stevo [Stephen Lord – Race Team Coordinator] had been with me each lunge in Formula 1. He moved with me from McLaren to Mercedes and he’s been with me thru each regarded as one of those 91 wins, which is… the stride that you just tear on with so many americans is what in actual fact issues and what in actual fact counts. Needless to claim the quantity is huge nevertheless I mediate what we collectively possess performed, I’m true unbelievably grateful to Mercedes for giving a young black boy a monumental gamble once I changed into 13 years venerable and supporting me your entire manner. Needless to claim we nonetheless possess many races to trip. I mediate Pink Bull in addition to Renault possess in actual fact picked-up their sport and closed the outlet so we’ve bought to continue to exhaust our heads down. I positively didn’t mediate coming into this weekend that I’d possess the lead that I now possess. Valtteri changed into extremely gloomy presently – I don’t know precisely what came about. I’m grateful that I purchased to possess that bit of a fight with him on the computer screen nevertheless I do know that he’ll… so many diversified issues in this loopy pandemic can nonetheless occur so I’ve bought to focal point on staying wholesome and continue to study out to carry weekends fancy this one.


Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) Daniel, how had been you discovering your tear on the susceptible Mediums sooner than the Safety Automobile got right here out. Attain you mediate you possess held off Pérez anyway, or would you possess needed every other cease to catch particular that of attending to the enact? Thanks.

DR: It changed into going to be tight. I changed into looking out to retain watch over a diminutive bit the tyres to possess something on the cease nevertheless he started to exhaust me, on some laps a 2d a lap. So, I changed into then looking out to comprehend up the tear and to no longer be susceptible too early. There changed into a discussion: will we pit or no longer? But, I mediate if there wasn’t a Safety Automobile, I mediate we’d possess stayed out and tried to possess held on – on the least assign aside up a fight. I mediate, you realize, whenever you pit after which don’t… if the tyres don’t possess noteworthy of an advantage and we don’t catch on the assist of Pérez, then some would possibly perchance well negate you had the computer screen space and you gave it up. So, I mediate in that space we’d possess taken the risk. And it would possess been very conclude. I changed into a diminutive bit blended to survey the Safety Automobile due to I knew it changed into going to bunch us up – nevertheless clearly it assign aside us all on the same tyre, so clearly it perchance helped us hold on on the cease. Something fancy that!


Q: (Christian Menath – motorsport-magazin.com) Ask for Daniel. I mediate it changed into just a few races ago in Spa whenever you said you hit that candy space and the automobile is a long way better now. Attain you mediate right here is the well righteous clarification why Renault is so noteworthy more aggressive now – or is it thru upgrades and tons others? 2nd share of the assign aside a question to regarding the tattoo for Cyril. Folks that tear on the Nordschleife assign aside a tattoo of the Nordschleife on the automobile. You’ve been on the Nordschleife this weekend, Cyril in addition. What style you mediate a tattoo of the Nordschleife for Cyril?

DR: Yeah. It’s an even point. I mediate there’s going to be a range of brainstorming to style for Cyril’s tattoo. I’m obvious he’s going to be enraged. The first one is for all time a fun one. We’ll mediate some issues – nevertheless yeah, would possibly perchance well additionally very well be this! The automobile. It’s completely, I mediate, from the commence of the 300 and sixty five days, it’s been a brand new automobile from last 300 and sixty five days when it comes to it’s been critically better. The rear of the automobile has picked up a range of downforce, so that’s given us drivers self belief to nail the throttle and catch off the corner better. It changed into around Silverstone I mediate we had just a few updates and that in actual fact true felt fancy we had been in a dwelling to fundamentally internet a long way more ease in atmosphere the automobile up and it wasn’t so hit-or-leave out. Final 300 and sixty five days I felt we, infrequently, would possibly perchance well additionally very well be very instant or well outside the cease ten. I mediate now we’re true in a dwelling to sit down down down in that candy space and clearly the performance is there. It’s confirmed now: we’ve performed it on low downforce, high downforce circuits. So, yeah, I mediate it’s an even equipment and we are going to must possess self belief now for the remainder of the season.


Q: (Andrew Benson – BBC) This assign aside a question to’s for Max and Daniel. What style you take into yarn the success Lewis has made presently and the establish style you mediate he stands within the roll call of most attention-grabbing drivers of all time?

MV: Merely swish!

LH: That’s an awkward assign aside a question to to assign aside a question to!

MV: It’s a swish success due to I mediate, fancy Lewis already said, 91 wins, all americans notion that changed into practically most unlikely to set, intellectual? To be there now, himself, it’s fabulous and extremely spectacular. And I’m ravishing obvious there’ll be some more victories coming his manner – and perchance also Championships. So, yep, true very spectacular. And anxious to beat.

DR: yeah, completely. Tip of the hat no longer no longer as a lot as. I don’t mediate that’s ample. Ninety-one is fancy… I don’t know… it’s true… even 91 years, you’re speaking nearly five years price of races, four and a half of. That affords perspective. How noteworthy success Lewis has now had. Obviously Michael in addition. To style it, week-in, week-out in addition, and 300 and sixty five days-on. His profession now has been well over a decade within the game and to exhaust coming assist and to picture that stage of consistency on the entrance. That’s also no longer easy. I mediate us up right here I mediate we keep in mind that. You would possibly be in a dwelling to possess a equipment and a automobile to style it, nevertheless it completely’s doing it every weekend when the lights exit. It’s less complicated said than performed. Absolutely colossal admire. I mediate also the current that he got: regarded as one of Michael’s helmets, that’s regarded as one of many ideal gifts I’ve ever seen within the game, so, it’s in actual fact effective to survey that presently.


Q: (Sandor Meszaros – Autosport es Formula Journal) Congratulations to Lewis, it’s an fabulous stride as you’ve true said, with so many highs. At the same time as you peep assist, can you please advise us what changed into the hardest 2d for you on this stride to the 91st?

LH: It’s been every decade in this sport. I mediate it’s ravishing most unlikely to issue what’s the hardest 2d due to fancy any of us, all of us as other folks, all of us plow thru multiple engaging moments, particularly when it involves making colossal choices. I mediate that whereas it looks to be huge now, when selecting to trip to Mercedes, all americans spoke so negatively regarding the resolution to trip and I don’t know the blueprint, nevertheless no longer for a 2d did I ever mediate… I knew that it changed into the intellectual resolution for me and I needed to be a ingredient of that stride. I’ve grown with a crew that’s hungry for success nevertheless I’d negate that’s regarded as one of many most attractive moments, due to I’d been a extremely loyal person, I mediate. I changed into with McLaren-Mercedes since I changed into 13 so that you just can amass to leave a crew that’s given me a space within the game changed into very, very engaging for me and to call your boss and advise him that you just’re leaving, it changed into unfavorable and true emotionally engaging. But then I’m nonetheless with Mercedes, every secure and every lunge that I’ve performed has been powered by Mercedes and for that I’m extremely grateful.


Q: (Rebecca Clancy – The Instances) Lewis, many congratulations on your victory. I true wished to assign aside a question to about Michael’s helmet. Attain you mediate you’ll internet a pleasure of space for it on your condominium, on your space?

LH: Sure, of direction. I in actual fact already possess regarded as one of Michael’s helmets. He and I… regarded as one of many in actual fact, in actual fact particular moments for me changed into in Abu Dhabi 2012. I went over to the Mercedes hospitality and met with Michael and we exchanged helmets and that for me changed into a 2d that I will always keep in mind, to stand with someone who I develop up staring at on TV and having the distinction of exchanging jerseys or helmets, it’s what us sportsmen style and it’s the very best tag of admire that I will mediate that it’s doubtless you’ll also in actual fact picture. In an effort to possess the legend of the game style that with me changed into in actual fact particular. But to possess his family honour me presently, I’m true extremely humbled. You know his son is such an unlimited shiny expertise and true a extremely pleasurable human being so Michael’s clearly raised an unlimited man in him and I peep forward to seeing how his profession will peep transferring forwards. Yeah, nevertheless now I even possess two particular helmets from Michael in my miniature lounge.


Q: (Phil Duncan – PA) Congrats again, Lewis. I true desire to know the blueprint you’ve been in a dwelling to come assist assist, 300 and sixty five days after 300 and sixty five days, to exhaust successful, successful now in 14 seasons and the blueprint in which noteworthy extra style you mediate that it’s doubtless you’ll also tear? Can you catch to 100 and transcend and dwelling a document that in actual fact cannot be overwhelmed?

LH: Ah, that’s an even assign aside a question to. In some blueprint I mediate you true must be jubilant about all that you just… to this point, what I even possess of direction I will dwelling goals and I’ll continue to charge on and compare out to survey what is feasible. I mediate I’ve bought the most efficient crew within the assist of me, who continuously inspire me. Yearly I come assist to the factory and survey these guys pumped up and centered and being extremely mighty and modern yearly. And in addition true so welcoming to me you realize. You would possibly perchance well perchance possess notion that finally this time we’d catch bored stiff with one every other nevertheless we don’t, there’s a true admire interior this crew and I’m grateful for that. I mediate for me, fancy all americans right here, I fancy doing what I style. I fancy the scenario. It’s miles so anxious and I mediate I could perchance well be willing to issue there’s potentially no longer ample admire that is seemingly to be given to all these drivers who dedicate their lives when it comes to preparation, the quantity of labor that goes on n the background so as to style what all of us style in this sport, previous and present, is fundamentally excellent and I fancy being a ingredient of that. I fancy that scenario, I fancy the scenario that Max gave me presently. I fancy seeing him within the assist of me, seeing the scenario that Daniel gave Max also, the game, the scent of it, your entire air of secrecy and ambiance it creates goes to be engaging to let it tear. But I style feel, whereas I’m older than these guys, I possess as young as them, on the least, in spirit. I’m nonetheless very noteworthy a diminutive one once I’m off the digicam. That can potentially replace once I commence seeing grey hairs and stuff nevertheless I’m intellectual for now.

MV: You would possibly be in a dwelling to dye it.

LH: Yeah, precisely.

TC: Lewis, of the 91 wins, style you possess a favorite?

LH: I mediate my first will for all time be a stand-out 2d for me due to in actual fact true… again, I for all time strive to expose it to all americans due to I mediate we can all understand what it’s fancy whenever you’re a diminutive one dreaming to be there and my Dad sacrificed so noteworthy to… and my Mum and my step-Mum… sacrificed so noteworthy to catch me to Formula 1 so that you just would possibly be on high of the rostrum, I felt fancy I’d at last reached the cease of the mountain, nevertheless your entire diversified slides and issues and adversity we faced, I true will always keep in mind that 2d, taking a look down at my Dad and to catch at last… I’ve made him proud, seemingly presently, so I will for all time be conscious that 2d, and also it solidifies the fabulous give a opt to and belief that McLaren and Ron and Mercedes had in me from the catch-tear.


Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) A assign aside a question to for all three drivers: I true wondered how did you internet the lunge presently within the chilly stipulations and with out the widespread quantity of notice? Used to be there the relaxation surprising along with your vehicles or with tyres?

MV: The lunge itself, in customary, changed into comely. You needed to catch the tyres to work, changed into a long way more engaging within the starting establish nevertheless the comfort changed into comely. For when we had a cold drink whereas riding. That’s effective. Customarily it’s barely warm. Moreover that, I even must issue it in actual fact went barely soft. Needless to claim we didn’t in actual fact possess a range of data regarding the tyres nevertheless I never in actual fact had a range of points all around the lunge, when it comes to ideas or that there changed into something queer going on with the tyres so it changed into ravishing easy.

LH: Smartly, I mediate the lack of notice, I mediate, made it more engaging, I mediate, for all of us, each regarded as one of us. I’m barely jubilant to no longer style a Friday. I fancy riding nevertheless there are a range of positives that come from it. One, there’s 22 days less of 20 vehicles bombing all the blueprint in which thru the computer screen and polluting the air, the planet, so that’s a particular nevertheless secondly, I mediate it true made it so noteworthy more difficult for us. We needed to in actual fact… most incessantly you possess two classes on the Friday, you catch time to catch hundreds diversified dwelling-up changes and whenever you’re on the assist foot you’ve bought time to exhaust up, you’ve bought so noteworthy diagnosis to style and staring at videos and all these items. At the same time as you commence on a Saturday, you’ve bought no time. You’ve bought that one session to in actual fact catch on high of it and the dwelling-up between notice and qualifying. It made it so anxious nevertheless the lunge changed into… for me, the lunge changed into extremely engaging, I mediate, presently, with stipulations being so chilly, the restarts. The tyres weren’t working for me, particularly once I got right here out after the pit stops. I had an even gap to you (Max) nevertheless then you definately practically had me, you had been catching me and I changed into struggling so noteworthy on the newer tyres. And then we bought the security automobile; I don’t know why it goes so leisurely nevertheless perchance it’s due to all americans’s bought to exhaust up, whatever it changed into. And then they let all americans by, and I’m jeez, I’m going to be right here a very long time…

MV: Did they’ve the profit of getting warm tyres?

LH: Yeah, it changed into positively engaging nevertheless we’re all within the same boat so I’m no longer complaining nevertheless it completely positively made it more difficult, these stipulations and temperatures we had presently.

DR: I agree on every part. I’m wearing two pairs of socks.

MV: Two?

DR: Yeah, I assign aside two pairs of socks on presently.

MV: Daniel’s no longer made for the chilly.

DR:  So I’ve bought two pairs of socks on.

LH: Smartly, they’re ravishing skinny anyway.

DR: Yeah, they’re skinny, so I saved my ft warm, nevertheless I mediate having the scenario of two day weekends, I fancy that. So jubilant, clearly, to style it again in Imola.

MV: It’s foremost to possess a gap on your nose box or something.

DR: I true feel the chilly.

MV: There would possibly perchance well additionally very well be a trick somewhere there within the nose.

DR: Please don’t express! Not presently!

LH: Are you allowed to assign aside on two socks?



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