Nathanaël Berthon, Gabriele Tarquini and Jean-Karl Vernay attended the Scuttle 1 virtual press conference at WTCR Scuttle of Slovakia. A transcript follows.

WTCR Scuttle of Slovakia, Slovakia Ring, October 9-11

WTCR − FIA World Touring Automotive Cup, rounds 5, 6 and 7 of 16

Circuit Lounge, Slovakia Ring, October 11, 2020

In attendance:

Nathanaël Berthon, Comtoyou DHL Crew Audi Sport, first arena

Gabriele Tarquini, BRC Hyundai N LUKOIL Squadra Corse, 2d arena

Jean-Karl Vernay, Crew Mulsanne, third arena

LISTEN TO THE AUDIO/WATCH THE VIDEO: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/lt5xcbkio7kjnrx/AAD66p0uH9cImAZBwjRzd0NHa?dl=0




Nate, congratulations. Discuss us through that trudge, in particular that aspect-by-aspect movement after the beginning with Nicky Catsburg.


Initially, I’m very joyful for the team and for myself needless to claim, but it’s a team effort and the guys did an fabulous job. So due to the your complete team. Positively this trudge became once now not easy even when we had a gargantuan gap at the tip. The beginning became once somewhat hard because it became once unheard of more moist on the left aspect than the finest. In the tip we managed to pause somewhat an sensible start and Nicky made the next start than me. It became once a extremely glowing combat, it became once one thing I’ve to be exciting about. You know, in the WTCR typically there is somewhat rather of contact and this combat became once surely glowing, so due to the him. I surely enjoyed it. After which, it’s fabulous, I’m very joyful, it’s my first relate in this championship. I’ve had about a poles, but this time I’m hoping I will relief the final result. We’re in any appreciate times fighting, pushing to the max in each effect and I’m very joyful for each person.


Presumably your trudge approach now’s to preserve out of hysteria’s manner as unheard of as that probabilities are you’ll presumably well mediate of, given that you start from the DHL Pole Plot for Scuttle 3 too?


Yeah, you in any appreciate times desire to be out of effort, but you by no technique know. Needless to claim, I will strive and pause the most easy trudge as that probabilities are you’ll presumably well mediate of and we’ve misplaced already quite a lot of functions [this season] so positively we’ve to be suave. I don’t know how the weather will alternate at the fresh time, whether that is more likely to be fully dry or whether we are able to have one other bathe. It takes an awfully prolonged time to dry out at this music. We’ll take into fable. To be true, it is as it is, each person is the the same, so we’ve to be tidy, don’t get mistakes and have a appropriate location-up as successfully, and grab some functions home.


You appear to have appropriate tyre management with the fresh Goodyears. What are you conscious from them to this level?


Now not a lot unfortunately because it became once the first time I venerable rain tyres. I tried on the warm-up lap sooner than the trudge, but I mediate it became once now not doable to make exhaust of the rain tyres on the entrance, so like 90 per cent of the grid we began with a mix solution, let me dispute the English solution because I observed it typically in England. And it surely works. In the starting it became once very hard, my car became once very appropriate, namely in the first fragment of the trudge. I tried to assault because I am now not attempting to search out the title. It is the first time I’m able to pause my trudge with out exciting about functions and approach, so I fully attacked. I enjoyed it a lot, namely in the first fragment. I tried to push to the tip, but Berthon became once unheard of faster than me. He had a gargantuan gap and I became once by no technique in a arena to assign apart him beneath strain because in these prerequisites it’s extremely easy to get mistakes. My approach became once to be closer, but it became once now not doable.


We heard from Nate that the combat became once very glowing, but we heard from you that practically the reverse became once appropriate. Discuss us through it from your level of view.


It became once now not unpleasant, but for particular he doesn’t get quite a lot of effort to suggest probabilities are you’ll presumably well breeze. He became once somewhat slack for some cause, I don’t know why. He became once enormous-slack and after Gabriele overtook us on the outdoors with a extremely fine breeze I mediate it became once the sport of Hyundai to slack me down so Gabriele may presumably well want a microscopic bit gap. However that’s all, it wasn’t injurious, it became all all over again like a laughable fable. However talking regarding the trudge, I mediate we is more likely to be very joyful. We began P3 but like I mentioned I became once rather timid starting on the left aspect, but in the end we didn’t lose arena and we saved peaceful. We stayed certain in the first two laps and tried to steer certain of a collision, and we’re on the rostrum so I’m enormous-joyful for the team, it’s a enormous effort, we had some microscopic anguish, and the guys worked surely now not easy remaining night time. It’s a appropriate podium. Scuttle 2 we’re going to initiate entrance all all over again and with rather of luck we can have one other one.

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