Der Start zum „Formula 1 Aramco Großer Preis der Eifel“ fand unter den Augen von 13.500 Zuschauern statt – unter Einhaltung des Nürburgring-Hygienekonzepts - Foto: Nürburgring
The Open for the “Formula 1 Aramco Großer Preis der Eifel” took place under the eyes of 13. 500 spectators instead of – in compliance with the Nürburgring hygiene concept – Photo: Nürburgring

The comeback of Formula 1 at the Nürburgring was a race of special events and will be remembered for several reasons: First, the British Mercedes driver equalized with his 91. Suitable Prix success the previous victory record of Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher. In addition, celebrated 12. 500 Spectators enjoyed a great motorsport festival at the “Formula 1 Aramco Großer Preis der Eifel” despite difficult corona conditions, and in the very last lap Max Verstappen placed 1: 28. 91 set a new lap record at the Nürburgring. The spectators went home satisfied after the sunny day of racing.

It got particularly emotional after the race: to the applause of the visitors, Schumacher’s son Mick gave the reigning world champion Hamilton his father’s helmet. “The setting of the record by Michael Schumacher and then also here at the Nürburgring means an incredible amount to me,” said Hamilton. “He’s my idol from my youth.” Second came Crimson Bull superstar Max Verstappen, who visibly enjoyed the race weekend in the Eifel: “The Nürburgring is a great track, and I was really happy to drive here. I had unbelievable fun and in the end even the fastest race lap jumped out for me. “


The round 13. 367 Spectators who – in compliance with the hygiene rules developed by the Nürburgring – an exciting race followed in the stands. Overall, the Nürburgring had 13. 00 0 tickets sold, but 3 came out. 00 0 ticket holders from risk areas in Abroad or from areas in Germany with a 7-day incidence from 30. These tickets all had to be blocked first. With enormous effort, for example through detrimental corona assessments, the Nürburgring was able to achieve around 1. 500 Allow followers to attend the race after all. “We are really very satisfied,” says Nürburgring Managing Director Mirco Markfort, summing up the weekend. “When you consider that we only had ten weeks to prepare for the weekend and only around two weeks to market the tickets, that’s a great success. My thanks go to all those involved who made this possible and especially to our entire Nürburgring team. ”

Also to This weekend the public order offices and the health department had comprehensively checked compliance with the spectator concept. The behavior of the spectators – whether at the ticket entrance, in the stands or at the snack stand – was perceived by the authorities as exemplary. “A concept is only as intestine as those who are willing to adhere to it. Our visitors deserve a big thank you, ”said Mirco Markfort.


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