(Motorsport-Complete.com) – “It fucking hurts!” That sparked Romain Grosjean back to the Haas-Box in the Eifel-Colossal-Prix on the Nürburgring. He himself immediately provided the explanation: “I got a pebble from Kimi badly caught on the finger. I hope nothing is broken. In principle, I can no longer move my left index finger! “

Romain Grosjean

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Haas driver Romain Grosjean: A pebble caught him on the index finger Zoom Safe

Fortunately for Grosjean, this situation lasted only for a few laps. He got away with a blue ankle. And Haas team boss Günther Steiner explains : “He’s fine. He survived. “

Grosjean was even targeted during the race, says Steiner.” I immediately asked him: ‘Is the finger still on?’ We cease joked with him … “

Grosjean: He can laugh about it afterwards

Seriously, Steiner says: “You can see on your finger that something really hit you there. A stone chipping on cold hands, that can’t be pleasant. But he will survive. “

And Grosjean was able to move his left index finger again after the race. It was” a little better “, he said when asked the journalists on site.

“At first I really thought it was broken. I couldn’t move it for a while, “says Grosjean. Bottom line:” The finger is completely blue. But that’s worth it! “

Brave tactics work in the race

Event had the rockfall in the curve 11. “Kimi drove through the gravel bed and threw up stones. They got me, “says Grosjean. The onboard camera on the Haas VF – 20 has also captured the fame in the picture.

Grosjean bit his way through despite the incident, and he was rewarded for it: with his first points of the season for ninth place at the Nürburgring and thanks to a courageous one Tactics without an additional stop under safety car conditions.

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“[Dieses Mal] we did it well,” he says. We ha ben implemented a risky strategy, and the safety car helped united states a little. The car conflicted well enough. “

This last statement is surprising insofar as Grosjean was emphatically critical of the VF at the last race in Sochi – 20 and described the car as practically inaccessible, also on the radio.

Now Grosjean said: “We have had the car under control since Silverstone 1 and are getting better and better. I am happy for everyone who [dafür] made an effort. “

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